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Way back when it was spring, I was planning on submitting a piece for Somerset Studio’s ‘winter’ theme. I started creating this paper that I was going to use as a background for….something.

I wasn’t able complete the background paper, let alone the project itself, in time to submit it. As a matter of fact, I only just finished my background paper within the last couple weeks.

So here it is….

layered paper

layered paper

And a couple close-ups…

layered paper

layered paper

layered paper

layered paper

I wanted to create a spare but layered look using black, white, and ivory as my palette. I started with a piece of watercolor paper, and sprinkled some coffee on it to start (gets rid of that blank white paper staring back at me). Next came pieces of paper I tore from a pamphlet from Opera Philadelphia, which was ivory, black, and grey, with a little red. After that I added layer upon layer upon layer of paint (Liquitex Basics), stamping (using found stamps like corks, pencil erasers, and small plastic lids), pretty tape (Tim Holtz), glitter glue (Tim Holtz), German scrap, and lace. Lots of layers. I think I got a little carried away….

I had always intended for this background paper to be cut into smaller pieces, so I added the German scrap and lace with that in mind.

Here are a couple pictures…these show the paper I tore from the Opera Philadelphia pamphlet:

beginnings of layered paper

beginnings of layered paper

layered paper - beginning

layered paper – beginning

I’ve now decided to make an accordion book, which I have never done before. For years now I’ve wanted to make a project incorporating some of the lines from Tori Amos’ song Winter. I thought that would be fitting with this paper and its original intention.

So that is my current project. At least the one that I am focusing on, since I have at least five other projects started!

Thanks for stopping by!


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This post is rather late, seeing that my birthday was over a month ago, and we’re on the verge of spring, but I really wanted to share this necklace, so…

Last year when I turned 40 I decided to buy myself a gift (or gifts) and I ended up buying a few pieces of jewelry from different artists on Etsy.

I thought this would be a good tradition to continue, so this year for my 41st birthday I bought this necklace from Wearable Art by Jude

a tree in winter

I had contemplated buying this last year but didn’t. So I decided to get it this year. I really love it!

me in the winter

This necklace reminds me of a teaching by Joyce Meyer. She said there are times in your life when it seems like nothing is happening. You’re not getting anywhere, things are not working, and you’re ready to give up. Like a tree in winter, you feel bare and dull, empty and lifeless. But don’t be deceived! Inside, there is new life preparing to burst forth at just the right time.

So just hang in there!


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new sparkly bits.
I have new treasures to share from Artbeads. The theme this time was “winter”. After thinking for a bit I decided to design some jewelry inspired by the simplicity, austerity, and colors of winter.

First, here are some of the beads I used – sparkly Czech fire-polished beads and gleaming pearls.

These are 4mm crystal and white porphyr Czech fire-polished beads.
beautiful beads

These are 4mm jet twilight Czech fire-polished beads. I just love that name – jet twilight. How could I resist a bead with a name like that? And they are so gorgeous! Black with a metallic bronze finish that has flashes of purple and blue. yummy!

And here are the pearls – white, rice-shaped, freshwater. They’re so lovely – pearls add an instant touch of elegance and classic style.

To these wonderful beads I simply added a focal bead, strung them all on thread, added a clasp – and voila! Practically instant, perfectly pretty necklaces. I wanted to make choker-style necklaces, so these are all about 13″ long from end to end.

Here are the crystal & white beads, with a Tierra Cast black-finish pewter bead. I love this black-finish bead – it is so gorgeous! Definitely will be getting more of those.
bead necklace

Here are the yummy jet twilight beads, with a Bali sterling silver bead.
jet twilight necklace

And here are those luscious pearls, with a stunning (although my photo certainly does not do it justice!) Swarovski dark indigo ab facetted bead.
pearl necklace

As far as the findings go, the jump rings and bead tips are also from Artbeads. The lobster claw clasps are from my own collection. I really love that fact that from Artbeads you can order however many of a certain item you want – instead of having to buy a pack of 50 jumprings, I can buy the quantity I actually need (plus a few more, just in case! Once a jump ring falls down into the sofa it’s usually gone forever!). Definitely more cost-effective.

I hope you have enjoyed these little necklaces.


Disclosure: I have received the above products (all of the beads, jump rings, and bead tips) from Artbeads free of charge. I am posting an honest review of said products and have not been paid to endorse said products.

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