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In all things of Nature there is something of the marvelous. – Aristotle

rainbow outside our house

rainbow outside our house

The weather has been crazy the past few days – sunny and warm one minute, cloudy and cool the next, then it rains for ten minutes, then it’s sunny again. This evening it was sunny, cloudy, and raining all at the same time, and we were lucky enough to have a rainbow as the result. It was beautiful; there were two rainbows, but one was quite faint. The other one was so bright though it was amost glowing. We stood out on the porch and took pictures, and Lily called them me-mo, and the rain was falling very gently. It was lovely.

In one of the Beading Daily newsletters from last week there was a discussion of music and beading – what kind of music beaders listen to while beading and how music can provide inspiration for beadwork. I always listen to music if I am beading in my studio. My favorite music artists are Rasputina, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell, and my absolute favorite, Tori Amos.

Listening to music is like being in another world (a much more pleasant one, sometimes!). There’s passion, drama, love, joy, sorrow. When I sit down at my worktable and put in a cd and pick up my beading, I turn off the regular world and I can be, for a short time anyway, an Artist. It’s my time. And the rhythm of the music definitely influences the speed at which I bead – songs that have a lot of energy get my fingers flying!

Music also offers inspiration – I get ideas for jewelry and collage pieces from the songs. I have some bracelets in mind that are inspired by a couple of Tori Amos’ songs, and I have a book in mind based on a Rasputina song. I always thought maybe it was a little strange to want to turn a song into a bracelet, but several readers in the newsletter showed their works that were inspired by music, so I’m not alone. I guess inspiration is everywhere.

My mom recently bought a cd from Digital Imagery Plus that contains thousands of vintage/antique children’s photographs. They are mostly girls and most of the photos are quite lovely. She lent the cd to me so I started going through all of the photos and copying the ones that I like best. Of course being the obsessive person I am I have to look at every single photograph because God forbid I miss anything. Here are a couple:

vintage photo of little girl

vintage photo of little girl

These photos are just what I need for my above-mentioned book idea. I got this idea from the song “Girls’ School” by Rasputina, from their Frustration Plantation album. The song is about a Victorian girls’ school where the staff is severe, the girls are taught dancing tips and scorn along with math, and several girls make a daring escape. I want to turn this story into a book, using the vintage photos for the students and teachers. I plan to write a little story about each person, while incorporating the song’s lyrics as well.

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