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Way back when it was spring, I was planning on submitting a piece for Somerset Studio’s ‘winter’ theme. I started creating this paper that I was going to use as a background for….something.

I wasn’t able complete the background paper, let alone the project itself, in time to submit it. As a matter of fact, I only just finished my background paper within the last couple weeks.

So here it is….

layered paper

layered paper

And a couple close-ups…

layered paper

layered paper

layered paper

layered paper

I wanted to create a spare but layered look using black, white, and ivory as my palette. I started with a piece of watercolor paper, and sprinkled some coffee on it to start (gets rid of that blank white paper staring back at me). Next came pieces of paper I tore from a pamphlet from Opera Philadelphia, which was ivory, black, and grey, with a little red. After that I added layer upon layer upon layer of paint (Liquitex Basics), stamping (using found stamps like corks, pencil erasers, and small plastic lids), pretty tape (Tim Holtz), glitter glue (Tim Holtz), German scrap, and lace. Lots of layers. I think I got a little carried away….

I had always intended for this background paper to be cut into smaller pieces, so I added the German scrap and lace with that in mind.

Here are a couple pictures…these show the paper I tore from the Opera Philadelphia pamphlet:

beginnings of layered paper

beginnings of layered paper

layered paper - beginning

layered paper – beginning

I’ve now decided to make an accordion book, which I have never done before. For years now I’ve wanted to make a project incorporating some of the lines from Tori Amos’ song Winter. I thought that would be fitting with this paper and its original intention.

So that is my current project. At least the one that I am focusing on, since I have at least five other projects started!

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too busy.
The first two weeks of April are very busy for me at work – I have to put in a lot of overtime, with the result that I get very little accomplished at home. I’m still trying to get back on track! I’ll try to get caught up here…

chocolate beyond belief.
Marc and I celebrated our 6th anniversary a few weeks ago. He bought me a box of John & Kira chocolates. Or, I should say, a box of heavenly deliciousness.

heavenly chocolates

Have you ever had John & Kira chocolates? If not, I highly recommend them. They are utterly divine. On the surface they appear ordinary – squares of chocolate filled with flavored ganache. Raspberry, mint, anise, bergamot, coffee, strawberry – simple flavors. But – oh my! Words fail to describe the experience of eating one. The flavors are delicate yet intense; the chocolates are light, yet creamy and decadent.

The garden mint is to die for. I think it is the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever eaten.

And lucky for me, because the chocolates are freshly made with no preservatives, it is recommended to eat them within a few days. And that, my friends, is a recommendation I am most happy to oblige.

marie paper!
I was in Michael’s the other day searching for some antique silver jump rings to finish my Polyshrink jewelry (my never-ending Polyshrink jewelry project!) and of course I had to look around a bit. And guess what I found?

Marie Antoinette paper!
marie antoinette paper!

I know it’s hard to see in this photo – Lily was assisting me with my photo shoot – but the papers are gorgeous! It’s called the Mademoiselle stack, by DCWV. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. At first I wasn’t going to buy it because it was $20 and I didn’t have a coupon and I refuse to buy something at a craft store that’s more than $10 without a coupon. But then, I noticed the sale sign – all paper stacks 40% off! yay!

And this one was the last one they had. Obviously it was meant to be mine.

a plethora of supplies
I realized the other day that I have purchased quite a few art supplies so far this year. What I am going to do with them all, I am not yet sure.

Aside from the Marie paper, here are a few other items I’ve purchased recently.


From lower left we have Tim Holtz keyhole thingies (that’s the technical term), the Tim Holtz mini attacher, Liquitex paints, and Tim Holtz typewriter letter charm kit. ok, I can explain all the Tim Holtz stuff. See, AC Moore just recently got in all this cool TH stuff. How could I resist? umm, I couldn’t.

Some other items I’ve purchased – TH sanding block, charcoal pencils, canvases, and a couple other TH products.

Now if I could just find the time to use all of these wonderful things….

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and the french fairies make a grand debut

Let’s start the new year right, shall we?

I bought the new Somerset Studio yesterday. The ‘aubergine’ issue.

Please turn to page 114.

My little French fairies! They look wonderful, don’t they? Very nice (big!) photograph.

I also like the artwork underneath, by Eileen Terhaar Clark. La Danse des Papillons. Lovely!

I will take this as a harbinger of what is to come. I’m really excited for this year. I expect good things to come my way, certain things/situations in my life to improve, lots of personal growth, and I think this will be the best year of my life.

And yes, learning to solder is (again) one of my goals.

i wish i had a belle armoire
I also bought the Dec/Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

I skimmed through it and it looks great. I saw a couple techniques I thought were really cool – particularly the earrings on the cover, where the artist used a wire form to create a resin-filled bezel. I would love to try resin some day (I should add that to my list!) and it’s so clever to use wire to form the bezel.

must use gift cards immediately.
I received a Michael’s gift card for Christmas so of course I had to use it immediately. One of the things I bought was this cool set of clear stamps by Tim Holtz.

tim holtz stamps

I was surprised to see that Michael’s had a nice selection of Tim Holtz products. I like his line of art stuff – he always has interesting and different supplies. I particularly like his inks and glitter glues. As soon as I saw these stamps I knew I had to have them. I love that chandelier!

I hope this new year brings all sorts of wonderful things for everyone!

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girls rule
I’ve been working on my Mother’s Day cards. I’m so happy with how they have turned out – I wish I had made one for myself!

I have a new idea concerning Mother’s Day, inspired by my Girls Rule stamp by Tim Holtz, which I am implementing through these cards.

an official proclamation
I decided that Mother’s Day is too exclusive. We need a day to celebrate all women. Therefore I am renaming this year’s Mother’s Day. It will now be known as Girls Rule Day.

Here are some pictures of the cards.

This is very close to life-size.
Girls Rule - Mother's Day card

And the inside…
Girls Rule - Mother's Day card, inside

Each card features that adorable little girl, and inside I have written five reasons why the recipient rules. Each recipient has her own list, since each has her own particular strengths. Although I did put that last item on each card.

back to basics
I’ve also been working on a simple necklace with the leftovers from my bronze pendant necklace. I have an idea for a bracelet too, if I have enough of a certain bead. We’ll see!

~happily creating~

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