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One Polyshrink bracelet. It was under my keyboard at work. I must have taken it off and set it by the side of the keyboard, and then it got pushed underneath and I completely forgot about it. I’m surprised I didn’t think to look there, because it is not unusual for me to put my rings there when I take them off, but I was so sure it was at home somewhere. Anyway, it’s found, so I’m happy.

murphy’s law
But of course I found it the day after I finished assembling its replacement.

Polyshrink bracelet with antiqued brass findings

Although I needed to test some new components anyway, so it all works out in the end. I have one component that I sprayed with the Krylon Workable Fixatif – we’ll see how that holds up. I also put in a couple pieces I sprayed with the regular Krylon Matte Spray.

an ever-expanding existence
One of my most favorite TV shows is The Universe on the History Channel. It is truly a fascinating show, about one of my favorite subjects. The universe is indeed a strange and wondrous place. It’s amazing that we mere humans can ever manage to discover anything about it or explore its vastness. The variety of phenomena it contains is difficult to fathom, but that’s one reason I love it – it pushes my brain to comprehend (or attempt to!) fantastical things.

image is everything
And then there is Peter. Peter Perfect, that is. This show has quickly become one of my favorites. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I just adore Peter. He is so enthusiastic, optimistic, caring – watching his show inevitably leaves me feeling happy and enthusiastic myself. I just love him!

tatting 101
I completed my first piece of tatting the other day. Check it out:

finished tatted medallion

It’s hard to see the details in this picture. It’s also hard to find tatting patterns that appeal to me. I don’t want to make doilies or clothing embellishments. For now I just want small items that are good for practice, and that I could potentially use in my paper art. I’ll just have to keep searching, or better yet learn how to design my own patterns.

and finally…
I know I said I’d open my Etsy shop on the 28th. I say a lot of things, don’t I? Let’s make it the 7th instead. I like odd numbers better anyway.

~ready for sweet dreams~

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I finished my ATCs for the Artella Holiday Memories ATC swap. Overall I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. This is the first time I have made ATCs. Each one is 2.5″ by 3.5″. Here they are (the tree background paper is by Basic Grey – I love everything Basic Grey!):

Artella Holiday Memories ATC Swap - 1

Artella Holiday Memories ATC Swap - 2

Artella Holiday Memories ATC Swap - 3

Artella Holiday Memories ATC Swap - 4

Artella Holiday Memories ATC Swap - 5

As usual the crystals did not scan well. It’s a shame, because they add just the right touch of sparkle to the cards, but you can’t tell from these pictures.

I made these using the watercolor paper ATC blanks I ordered from ArtChix. I direct-applied red ink around the edges, front and back. I used scrapbook paper for the backgrounds. I used pictures from the Memories of a Lifetime – Christmas book, resized them and toned down the color a bit in Photoshop, and printed them onto white cardstock that I first treated with the coffee technique.

I originally wanted to use ivory cardstock, but found that I had none, so decided to try out the coffee technique on white cardstock. It turned out pretty cool. I only did light splatters, because I wanted the pictures to be clear.

I ended up having to trim quite a bit off the pictures after I printed them out. I did measure them pre-printing, but I misjudged how they would look, and they were simply way too big. I wasn’t happy about that situation but most of them turned out well anyway.

I used German scrap paper and Swarovski crystals for embellishment. The larger crystals are topaz and the smaller ones are garnet.

The only card I’m not thrilled with is the one with the man and woman by the tree, with Merry Christmas along the side. Why I thought putting the Merry Christmas along the side was a good idea I don’t know. There is so much space at the bottom under the picture, and it just doesn’t look quite right. oh well.

Not sure if I previously mentioned this, but I took a class at AC Moore today on tatting. Bead & Button occasionally has articles featuring tatted jewelry, with beads of course, and I always thought it looked neat. Then I was at AC Moore a few weeks ago (well, I’m there every week. I wish they would stop giving me those 50% off coupons!) and I just happened to pick up the November class schedule, which I never do, and saw a bunch of tatting classes. Most were during the week in the daytime when I’m at work, but one was today, and seeing how I had requested the day off from work, I thought surely this is a sign that I must take this class! Plus it was only $15.

So here is my half-finished, first attempt at tatting. It’s hard to see the stitches because of course I had to use black thread (this is size 10 cotton crochet thread). I know very well when you’re first learning anything that involves thread or yarn you should always use a light color so you can see your stitches easily. But I knew that I would use black again, whereas I doubt I would use white.

First attempt at tatting.

The teacher, Leigh Ann, was kind enough to give me her finished sample, so that when I work on it at home I can see what it should look like.

Leigh Ann's tatted lace.

Isn’t that pretty? She used a thinner thread and needle. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. And quick, which I’m all into these days. It’s relaxing too – there’s something about wrapping the thread around my finger and bringing it onto the needle that I find very soothing.

Obviously from the looks of my sample I need a bit more practice, but I’ve already ordered a set of needles and a book from Handy Hands Tatting, so in about a week I should be good to go. I plan on making this my portable creative endeavor.

And I also ordered a bunch of punches that I need for my Polyshrink jewelry. So I’ll be able to work on that soon too.

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