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don’t mess with the t.
Tabatha is back. I love Tabatha. She is one tough cookie. I admire her integrity and her high standards of salon excellence. And I like her clothes too!

off for an affaire
Tomorrow (of course at the last possible minute. Here I go paying a fortune for overnight shipping yet again! I don’t know why I can’t get it together to get this stuff mailed earlier.) I am sending off my pieces to Jewelry Affaire. Here is the last set I made, called Sea Dreams.

Sea Dreams Necklace

Sea Dreams Earrings

I think these two pieces turned out really well – very elegant, but not complicated to make.

I’m still not sure if this is what the editors are looking for, but the idea of the magazine is elegant jewelry that a beginner can make. All the pieces I am sending are, I think, simple for a beginner. The wrapped loops do take a bit of practice, but I made certain in the instructions to say that you could make simple loops instead. I hope the editors like at least something!

Artbeads discount
I have a coupon code to share for Artbeads – SCF10P-ARTBEADS-0424. This is good for 10% off and expires 12/31/09. Artbeads carries some unique jewlery-making supplies, as well as the more typical ones. Enjoy!

cookies for a cause
I found a great website dedicated to providing a bit of comfort to those serving in the military – bakinggals. These baking gals bake cookies and other treats and send them off to a designated military personnel. If you want to do some good with your baking skills check it out.



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