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It’s been months since I’ve created anything. I find when I don’t create for a while, I have trouble getting motivated to do it again. I’ve been working a lot and have been more tired than usual too, which does not help get the creative juices flowing. But I managed to finally 1-find time and 2-rouse myself to do something…anything!

I picked up where I left off with my magazine-page bows. These are so cute, and easy to make. I ripped out some magazine pages and painted each side with a gesso wash. Then I stamped on top with a variety of rubber stamps. The stamps are the clear cling-type; I have a large acrylic block and I stick as many stamps as I can to it. That way the stamping looks random-ish but doesn’t take as long as individually stamping each stamp. I used Staz-On ink, which is a new product for me, and I have to say I am becoming a big fan. Definitely need to get more colors of Staz On!

I’ve made these before, but I did not do anything additional to the magazine pages. This time I decided to step it up, and make some vintage glam bows. With sparkle of course! Courtesy of my beloved Glimmer Mist.

Here is a magazine page that is ready to cut into strips.

glam magazine page

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The first few weeks of January are so busy for me at work….I finally now have time to post again. I feel like it’s been forever! For some reason when I don’t post for a while, I always find it difficult to get motivated again…

But here I am!

I mentioned in a previous post an article in Somerset Studio by Kate Crane, featuring her beautiful calendar journals, and how inspired I felt to make my own.

That was in December, when I was too busy with holiday preparation to start anything. I started working on it on New Year’s Eve; it was very slow going and I was afraid it would be February before my January page was done!

But I finally finished it…and here it is.

bonne annee

I’m very happy with how it turned out. I wanted the colors and feel to be wintry, but not just white. I wanted a little color. The photos don’t quite do it justice.

The background is several layers of paint and rubber stamping. The squares are 1.5 by 1.5 inches, and are scrapbook paper, dry-brushed with gesso and edged with gold or silver ink. I used German scrap along the edges and corners; it was originally gold but I painted, stamped, and inked over it.

As I was working on my journal, I made notes as to what I wanted to write in it for each day. After a couple days I started to worry a bit about how much I really had to write about. Let’s see, I woke up, exercised, went to work, came home, made dinner, did some laundry…exciting stuff!

Then one night as I left work I caught a glimpse of the full moon – it was huge and orange and looked so cool. And it occurred to me that I could write that in my calendar journal. The journaling doesn’t necessarily have to record what I did that day; it could be a thought, an observation or impression, song lyrics, or whatever I feel like writing.

I was relieved, because otherwise I might have a lot of blank squares in my journal!

And I’ve started the February page. Hopefully it will be done before February starts!

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it's the great pumplin, charlie brown

I love this inchie – it turned out so cute! Originally I was going to go with another idea (which I now forget), but then I remembered that I wanted to use this pumpkin rubber stamp (by Hot Fudge Studio). I can’t do Halloween inchies without a pumpkin, right?

Lily assisted me with this one. I started working on it in the afternoon, and of course she wanted to see what I was doing (normally I do my arts and crafts after she’s in bed, for good reason). She asked if she could help, so I said sure. We started with a piece of ivory cardstock (I just love ivory cardstock – it’s so versatile). She applied the antique linen Distress Ink, and helped to spritz it with walnut ink and Glimmer Mist. And then she stamped a whole bunch of pumpkins. We experimented with several different inks (Versacolor black, Colorbox copper, and walnut Distress Ink). The pumpkin I chose was done in the Versacolor black ink.

I cut out a piece of decorative paper and heavily applied Distress Inks. I also spritzed the inchie blank with Glimmer Mist before adding anything. The words of course have Distress Inks applied (I have such a newfound love of Distress Inks that I have in the past couple weeks purchased them in fired brick and peeled paint).

I am just so pleased with this inchie. Every time I look at it I smile. I wish I could find that Charlie Brown special on tv. I know I looked for it last year too and I couldn’t find it then either.

Have a wonderful Halloween!


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a still night

First I took a piece of ivory cardstock and lightly rubbed a Distress Ink pad (antique linen) over it. Then I generously spritzed it with Glimmer Mist (pearl). It’s very glimmery, but it’s difficult to capture in a scan. I stamped on top of that with a Halloween-themed stamp in black Staz On ink. I cut it out, ran the edges along my trusty walnut Distress Ink pad, and thought about adding a word or a crystal. But I really liked the simplicity, and it has a bit of elegance to it that I felt would be destroyed with the addition of any further embellishment. So I left it alone.

These inchies are so fun to make! I hope you enjoy looking at them!


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a chill wind

I used a branch rubber stamp on a piece of decorative paper, and glued it onto the inchie blank. I cut out the words and spritzed them lightly with walnut ink (very lightly – that stuff is dangerous!) and then ran the edges across a Distress ink pad (walnut). I wasn’t totally happy with the placement of the words, but I thought the addition of a black Swarovski crystal made it better. And finally I used Stickles glitter glue in black diamond around the edges.

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Someone, I tell you, will remember us. – Sappho

A little late, but here is a picture of my inchies I made for the Artella Inchies Swap.

Inchies made for the Artella Inchies Swap

I must admit, I’m rather proud of them. I used photos from the vintage children photo cd by Digital Imagery Plus that my mom lent me, and used various scrapbook papers as the backgrounds. I wrote a phrase for each girl, choosing words that I felt best described the feeling I got from looking at her picture. The one on top, ‘thought-full’ (spelled that way on purpose) I kept for myself. They were then finished with Swarovski crystals and glitter glue. Because of course, nothing’s done until there’s glitter glue on it.

I also stamped the back of each inchie, with this really cool rubber stamp I bought a couple years ago. It’s a large stamp, so I just used a portion of it on each inchie. I forgot to scan the backs before I sent them, but here is the back of the one I kept:

Inchie - the back, rubber-stamped

I love them all, and it was so hard to send them off. But send them off I had to do, so of course I sent them in style. I put each inchie in a lovely organza bag, sandwiched the bags between two pieces of chipboard for safekeeping, and slipped that into this envelope:

Envelope, inked and rubber-stamped.

To do this, I took a plain white envelope, pressed VersaMagic teardrop-shaped inkpads in three colors of blue all over it, then stamped on top of that with the same rubber stamp I used for the backs of the inchies, in Versacolor brown.

I then put that into a plain mailer, and off they went. I hope they arrived safely.

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