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My mom gave me this locket I don’t know how many years ago. Originally it was on a chain. At some point (10 years ago or so) I made a new chain for it with amethyst chips, round purple glass beads, and sterling silver wire. I liked it at the time, but hadn’t worn it in years.

So a few weeks ago I decided the chain needed reworking – I wanted something more elegant and beautiful. I searched through my bead stash and found some faceted amethyst beads and round Swarovski crystals.

When I had the chain completed I dipped it into a liver of sulfur solution to darken it. What a difference that made! Before I dipped it I thought it was pretty, but once it was darkened it was gorgeous! I love it. I think sterling silver is so much prettier when it’s not so bright and shiny.

I just love my “new” necklace…

amethyst necklace

amethyst necklace

Has anyone else reworked a piece of jewelry? It’s so much fun!

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shrink away
I don’t know what it is about shrinking Polyshrink that is so utterly enjoyable – it always brings a smile to my face. Watching each piece curl and shrink into a miniature version of itself is just so much fun!

Here are a few practice pieces I’ve done so far. These are intended to be used in either a bracelet or necklace.

Example of Polyshrink

The larger pieces are the Polyshrink in its pre-shrunken state, and the smaller pieces are the shrunken version. The large oval is 1&1/4″ by 2″ before being shrunk. The Polyshrink shrinks about 55% once it is heated.

To make these pieces I first sanded both sides of the Polyshrink in a crosshatch pattern. Then I applied pearlescent chalk to one side, stamped that side, and let it sit overnight. I applied the chalk to the other side and stamped it as well. I punched out the shapes with various paper punches, and used a hole punch for, well, the holes! And finally the really fun part – using my heat tool to shrink each piece.

I did end up dabbing the wet areas with a paper towel, and you know what? It turned out just fine. I was worried too that punching out shapes after I had already stamped it would smear the ink, but that didn’t happen.

I’m really pleased with these pieces – I think they turned out great. Polyshrink has so much possibility – as long as you keep the shrinkage in mind!

purple pen perfection
I had to go on a search mission to find more of my most favorite Pentel RSVP purple pens. It took several attempts but my determination paid off and I finally found them at a Staples. Panic was (barely) averted. I was, however, forced to use a pen with black ink at work for several hours until my precious purple pens could be located.

I get extemely attached to my pens. I have no idea why, but I do. I take my writing instruments very seriously.

~writing from purple paradise~

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