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designer painted pumpkins.

This one I did.
shabby-chic pumpkin

An appropriately-themed pumpkin by Marc.
pumpkin by marc

Lily’s pink glitter pumpkin.
pink-glitter pumpkin

This one is mine…
pumpkin - pink&black

And this one too.
spotted pumpkin

These are two of the tags I made.
wicked - pumpkin


trick or treat

My Mom and the girls.
mom and the girls

My mother-in-law and the girls. Lily was Dorothy, in case you couldn’t figure it out from the blue shirt and pink jumper. She did have red glitter shoes, at least! She was her own version of Dorothy. And Gwen was a very adorable pirate.
mom and the girls

Not sure who these two dreadful characters are…
two silly moms

~trick or treat~

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a pumpkin adventure

Last autumn in Somerset Life was an article by Carla Buchanan about her designer pumpkins – pumpkins that she had painted in a “way cool, shabby-chic” fashion, to borrow her words. I made a note in my calendar book for September 2009 – “consider designer painted pumpkins as in Somerset Life”. That way I would be sure to remember.

Miss Buchanan’s pretty painted pumpkin.
Painted pumpkin by Carla Buchanan

So dutifully last weekend I purchased two small pumpkins (from Wegman’s, alas, not a local pumpkin patch. But I figure they’re good enough). I haven’t painted them yet. I’m a little nervous, since I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m afraid I’ll mess them up! Plus I need to get some paints.

And I need to get more pumpkins, too, because my husband and son want to paint some as well.

So my pumpkin adventure has begun!

and a birthday card
Here’s a little birthday card I pretty much threw together for my mom. I think it turned out cute, n’est-ce pas?

Birthday Card, 2009

Birthday card, 2009

~sweet dreams~

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Life never becomes a habit to me. It’s always a marvel. – Katherine Mansfield

imaginative ideas for inspired living
I finished reading the Autumn 2008 issue of Somerset Life. What a lovely, inspiring magazine.

My favorites:
1. The paper stockings by Connie Govea Stuart. They would make darling party favor bags, on a smaller scale of course.

Paper stockings by Connie Govea Stuart

2. The article by Madelyn Mulvaney on her desire to learn how to play the cello and how much the instrument means to her. I would love to play the cello myself, so I especially enjoyed her article.

3. The designer pumpkins by Carla Buchanan are out of this world. I’ve already made a note in my calendar book for September to buy some pumpkins so I can paint and decorate them.

Painted pumpkin by Carla Buchanan

4. Nancy Burns’ Confections de Marie paper shoe line is incredible. Words cannot express how delicate and beautiful these shoes are.

Paper shoes by Nancy Burns

5. And finally, I simply adore the Wee Little Dolly necklace by Lisa Guerin. I think this is my most favorite.

Wee Little Dolly by Lisa Guerin

Isn’t she just the sweetest little thing?

~dreaming of my own wee little dolly~

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