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I decided to take a few of my Polyshrink fragments and make some necklaces. Just simple designs – I don’t like to make the pieces too complicated or fancy because the fragments are so small and delicate. I want them to be the focus.

I’m creating a necklace set for each fragment. One necklace will feature the fragment and the other will be complimentary, with just beads.

Here is the one I’ve finished so far….


And on me…

fragment necklace

I might keep this one for myself! But I’m working on others for my currently non-existent Etsy shop. I wish I could think of a good name for my shop…I’m not so good at coming up with clever names for things. oh well!

Have a lovely day!


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My contributor’s copy of Belle Armoire Jewelry…the one with my Polyshrink article in it!

Check it out…

belle armoire jewelry

shrink plastic jewelry

shrink plastic jewelry

shrink plastic jewelry

shrink plastic jewelry

And, to make it even more exciting, my article was mentioned in the editor’s letter!

Thanks for stopping by!


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fragments in the wind
Guess what? I finally finished my Polyshrink Fragments jewelry and mailed them off to Belle Armoire Jewelry! yay! It only took, you know, forever to get these done. I’m so glad though. I feel a new sense of freedom now!

Here are the pieces I mailed:

fragments bracelet

fragments bracelet

fragments bracelet

fragments bracelet

garden fairy necklace

amulet necklace

I haven’t seen anything like these in Belle Armoire Jewelry before, so I hope that the editors see these pieces as something new and interesting, and want to have them in the magazine.

In other exciting I-can’t-believe-I-finally-have-this-project-done-that-I-have-been-working-on-for-years news, I also finished a scarf that I started almost four years ago. In my defense it was my car project, meaning that I mostly worked on it in the car when we were driving somewhere. That’s why it took so long to finish. Plus it’s quite long – at least five feet. I wanted it to be long and narrow. I knitted it with Bernat boa yarn in black, and I used size 3 needles. It’s dense and luxurious, and I can’t wait to wear it when the weather gets cold!

Now I’m turning my attention to my blog, and making some changes. I’m working on a new banner, and a background, and some other things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Thanks for stopping by!


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birthday jewelry
I finally got around to taking photos of the other two pieces of jewelry that I bought myself for my fortieth birthday.

This is my “garden” ring, by For the Cross Jewelry

glitter garden!

Isn’t it so gorgeous? Of course the photo doesn’t do it justice. I love all the details. I chose this ring because to me it represents new life and new beginnings. And it’s really sparkly.

And this is Paris Perfection, by Jealous Cat….

ooh la la!

Lovely as well. There is a ribbon too that ties the ends together. I chose this necklace to represent my dreams of going to Paris (and the rest of France) one day, but also to represent dreams in general. And possibilities.

The necklace came in this beautiful box:


I love when items are presented beautifully. And I just adore polka dots!

creatively speaking
So what have I been working on lately? I have a new Artbeads project going, which I pray I finish this weekend! Hopefully it will turn out pretty cool.

I am also working on something for Somerset Life’s challenge, “the magic of paper bags” – what can you do to make an ordinary brown paper lunch bag into something spectacular? I was intrigued when I first saw the challenge, but decided not to do it because I didn’t have time (the due date is May 15th). Or an idea. Then I got an idea, and am making the time.

And of course there is my poor Polyshrink projects, which constantly get pushed aside for other projects. I simply must get those finished. I am tired of them taking up space on my work table, taunting me, “when are you going to finish us, when are you going to finish us? it’s been a year!” Poor things!


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bookmark this.
I’ve actually been working on projects! I feel I’ve been so uncreative lately. My printer issues have been resolved, and my bookmarks are finally taking (a little) shape. I’ve worked on the background papers so far and I really like how they’re coming along.



Each bookmark has a front and back and then another piece of cardstock in between, for added strength. I started with pretty scrapbook paper, then ran it through the printer to print some text from the books onto the paper. Then I dry-brushed gesso on top and ran it through the printer again, and applied more gesso. Then I misted each with water and blotted with a paper towel. And to top it off, a generous misting of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (this stuff is great! I need to get some in metallic colors).

I still have quite a bit of work to do, and of course time is not on my side. Is it ever?

and some jewelry.
Also I have been working on this necklace, featuring one of my Polyshrink fragments.


It’s not quite done yet – I have to finish the chain, and I think I will switch around the pearl at the bottom and the garnet just under the Polyshrink fragment. My eye keeps being drawn right to that pearl, so I think it will look better closer to the fragment.

the big one.
In just a few days I will be 40 years old. I am very much looking forward to this birthday. Usually I don’t pay much mind to my birthdays – just another day to me. But this one is special. I feel like this is the beginning of a new (and much-needed) season in my life, and I’m excited about what the future holds. There’s a strong, confident, determined, mature, sophisticated woman in me somewhere, and she’s about ready to make her appearance. This mermaid is ready for a transformation!

I don’t see 40 as the end of my youth; I see it as the beginning of a wonderful, exciting new phase of my life. Many many people in this world do not make it to 40; I am grateful to still be here and am determined to make the most as best I can of all the days I am given.

And quite frankly, you couldn’t pay me to be 21 again!


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has it been that long?
It has been forever since I last posted, or feels like it, anyway. I was so busy with Christmas preparations that I couldn’t take time for my poor little blog. I wanted to post something on Christmas day – photos, well wishes – yeah right. I don’t know why I think I’ll have time to post on holidays.

Christmas was lovely and wonderful – truly one of my favorite times of the year. This year I developed a new appreciation for Andy Williams’ Christmas songs. Lily got a ton of stuff, as usual – some of which I have hidden away for now.

Marc gave me a Kindle which I have slowly been exploring (a couple days ago I bought the complete works of Jane Austen for $1.00!). I never thought I wanted a Kindle, which is usually the case with me and new technological forms of media. But I have to say, the Kindle has awakened in me a renewed enthusiasm for reading. Lately I have hardly read anything; my bedtime habit of reading for ten minutes or so before sleeping has been laid aside for the past couple months. With my Kindle however I’m feeling excited about reading again. Of course there’s still a question of finding the time to read, but the Kindle is so light and slim, so portable, and so perhaps will offer possibilities for fitting reading into my daily life that I didn’t have before. So anyway, I really love it.

over in the arts and crafts room
The only thing I’ve been working on, arts & crafts-wise, was a jewelry set (necklace, two bracelets, and a pair of earrings) that a woman I work with asked me to restring. The beads were just my style – black and crystal facetted glass and silver beads. I threw in some beads from my collection too. It was enjoyable to rework the jewelry because she pretty much let me do as I pleased with it. Most of the beads had fallen off the wires, so it was impossible for me to know what the pieces originally looked like.

I didn’t take any pictures of the pieces, but I thought they turned out lovely, full of sparkle, and most importantly, my co-worker seemed very pleased with them.

So now it’s back to my Polyshrink jewelry, which I would love to finish in time to submit for the summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. The deadline is January 15th, which is iffy. I have to take mail time into consideration, which means I need to have the pieces done and packed for mailing on January 5th. yeah, that is not happening. oh well. There’s always the fall issue!

That’s ok though, because I probably should work on my submission for Somerset Studio’s literary theme, which is due in February if memory serves me correctly (which it often doesn’t). Always another project waiting in the wings!

goals – good and bad
I did terribly on my goals for 2010 – both my personal goals and my artistic goals. As usual I gave myself way too much to do (I insist on thinking I am super woman. not!) I’m disappointed that I didn’t accomplish more. But 2011 is a new year, and a new opportunity, and I will happily take every opportunity that comes my way.

I’m going to attempt to be more realistic in what I can accomplish in a year.

And in 2011, I will absolutely, positively learn how to solder!

$8.47 for a year of organization
Along with having my 2011 goals prepared, I have purchased my new calendar book. I love it – it’s just like the one I had for 2010 but smaller. Filled with fresh, clean, unwritten pages – who knows what this year holds? What will my pages be filled with?

I can’t wait to find out!


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bits & pieces
I have been diligently (but slowly!) working on some Polyshrink pieces to send off. I have two bracelets almost completed – I just need the clasps, which I have to order because I am out of the one I want to use. (Why is it that every time I make a piece of jewelry I always discover that I am out of something I need?)

I started working on a necklace too.

Here is one bracelet….


…and here is the other.


This is the pendant for the necklace. It’s challenging to use the Polyshrink pieces as pendants – they are so small and light! So I thought adding some dangly things would help – it adds more interest, some more length, and a little more weight.


more slow but diligent attempts
I made a new digital vintage paper lace piece. For this you make the basic shape first, then use a scan of paper as an overlay. Some blending, brushwork, and layer styles finish it. I decided to get fancy and used some sheet music as an additional overlay.


I also made a piece of “toile” fabric. I don’t think it really looks like toile, but it was fun to do. And simple too! I added the dots for fun, and because I just really like dots.


I started with the picture and place it on a transparent background. Then all the white was deleted. A red overlay is placed on it and then I copied that layer, and added the background color and the dots.

Lest you think I am doing these things on my own – I have a bunch of tutorials on digital art. Otherwise I’d be lost! Since I have no clue what I’m doing with the digital art, I thought going through some tutorials would be helpful. That way I can learn more of the basics. The key is to consistently set time aside every week; if I don’t, then I forget what I’ve learned and the next time I work on a tutorial it’s like starting all over again.

It’s fun though. I don’t particularly have any ideas of my own yet. I’m not sure where I’m going with the digital art. Hopefully somewhere!


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