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For the last few years I have wanted to be more creative for the holidays, and to do holiday crafts with Lily. I was trying to figure out something for Valentine’s Day when I found this great idea for Valentine vases on Pinterest. Take a Mason jar, stick a doily on it, and secure with a ribbon. et voila! Simple, quick, and oh-so-cute vases. Lily and I made a bunch last weekend. I was so thrilled for such an easy project – I had everything we needed, and even threw in some K&Company embellishments I had purchased last Valentine’s Day (and wondered what I would ever do with!). I bought flowers Wegman’s and set up my Valentine vignette on the dining room table. It looks so pretty!

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I joined Pinterest about a week ago. I had thought about it a few times previously and decided, no. But…I saw this really cute & clever idea for how to use a wooden craft tree in a Stampington email. I wanted to remember it but I need something a little more permanent than my memory! The “pin it” button was under the photo, and I thought, you know what? I’m joining Pinterest. How else am I going to remember all these lovely things I come across?

You can follow me if you like – the link is in the sidebar. I don’t have many pins yet, but I’m working on it! Almost every time I open my laptop I just have to check out Pinterest for a few minutes. It’s addicting – there are so many beautiful and clever things!

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