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the teacups were not my cup of tea
We went to Knoebel’s a couple weeks ago (I’m a bit behind here – meant to publish this post last week but didn’t have time to before leaving for Ocean City!) – Julian had to work, so it was just me, Marc, and Lily. It only took Lily about an hour this time to warm up and start going on rides. She loves the rides – and she certainly doesn’t get that from me! I tried to be more adventurous this time – we all went on the Whip, which was fun. We all went on the torture cups – I mean Teacups. That was not fun. Not even close. Let’s just say that I prayed a lot on that ride, and I didn’t feel well for a while after disembarking.

But Lily and Marc love it all. Lily’s favorites were the Flying Tigers (which I went on with her and had no problem!) and the kiddie roller coaster. Next year Marc wants to take her on the big coaster. I’m a bit nervous about that, but I think she might be ok. She wanted to go on the Italian Trapeze, but I said no, because I was afraid she would fall out of the seat! I don’t like the idea of her being alone on a ride. At least if Marc is next to her he can hold onto her. Maybe next year.

I forgot the camera, so I have no pictures to share. bummer.

I have been continuing my exploration with Polyshrink. I tried embossing, both on an already-baked piece and an unbaked piece. Neither worked out. I tried Ranger’s Alcohol Inks. I found that I couldn’t get the colors as vibrant as I wanted, although it did look nice anyway. In the end though it wasn’t really the look I was going for. I’ve never used the Alcohol Inks before – they’re fun!

I also tried Ranger’s Pigment Pearls – again, I couldn’t get the look I wanted, but I would love to try them on other surfaces.

After these experiments, I’ve come to realize that for my Polyshrink fragments, I prefer the simplicity of the rubber-stamped designs, with no additional colors (except of course glitter chalk!).

So now I’m trying out some different sealers, and then I’m done. For now. Then I need to make some actual jewelry pieces!

and in other creative news
I’ve also been working on a couple projects to submit to Somerset Studio for their “simple pleasures” theme. One project consists of three tags, each featuring an antique photo of a lovely woman engaging in some sort of pleasant activity. Originally I wanted to make a book depicting leisurely pasttimes of yore, but reality was kind enough to smack me on the head and say, “um, do you seriously think you have time to make a book, in a month?” So the book turned into tags. Here are the photos I’m using – these are from digitalimageryplus.com

in my garden



The other project is a set of three cards (I love the number three – it’s a very good number for sets of things!). Each card has an encourgaging, hope-giving sentiment (“you are beautiful”, for example). Each card will also have a handmade paper flower embellishment – I want the cards to be very simple, and elegant. The idea is that creating a card for someone, giving someone a card, and receiving a card are seemingly simple things, yet contain much potential for pleasantness!

So that’s what’s been cooking in the kitchen here. The creative juices have been bubbling away!


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