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Wednesday’s online class – Digitally Altered Books Revealed, Part 2 – was fun, inspiring, and helpful. Having the opportunity to watch someone actually alter a digital book was the best part – Marney added photos, resized embellishments, changed the colors, and used layers to full effect. I now feel better equipped to make my own book. Marney worked in Photoshop, so I have now decided that I too must work in Photoshop. It was the transform function that did it for me (there’s that word again). I want that! I’ve been working in Photoshop Elements, but I think I’ve gotten all I can from that. It’s time to move up.

I did start to work on my own book on Saturday night. It was a bit difficult, being a new medium and then I’m certainly no Photoshop expert. But it was so enjoyable, and easy in the sense that there’s no mess. You don’t like something, you just delete it. Self-contained art. There’s something to be said for that, although I’ve always been a proponent of the art-is-supposed-to-be-messy school of thought. Luckily there’s always room for new thoughts.

The digital book I chose was a how-to on writing letters. I decided to use that as my inspiration. I myself happen to have an old book on writing letters, so I am now creating my own guidebook to letter-writing, borrowing heavily from the book I own, while adding my own twist to the letters. I’m also incorporating old family photos, to serve as the letter writers, the letter adressees, or the subjects of the letters. Here are a few:

I feel very lucky and priveleged to have these photographs. I love them and use them, hopefully respectfully, in my work. I may poke fun at times, but I do see these people as human beings, who once lived and had adventures and dreams and thoughts of their own. I most definitely find myself intrigued by them.

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