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I am still painstakingly slowly moving along with my soldered pendants. Well, they will be pendants eventually, anyway. One of them I started last year! oh well. Such is the snail’s pace that my arts and crafts move at. (Don’t even ask me about my calendar journal – it’s still trapped in May).

Anyway, here they are.

This is the first one I soldered. I was in despair as first because my soldering was awful! I haven’t done it in a while and I certainly wouldn’t say I had achieved any level of competence.

But I kept working on it and it turned out ok. I was not originally going to make this one into a pendant, because I ended up not being happy with the collage. Then I decided it would be a good practice piece. I trimmed the collage to get rid of the part I didn’t like, which is why it doesn’t really fit the glass pieces. However, I love the back, so the back is going to now be the front.

This is the original front, which will now be the back.
drawn to the sea

And here is the back, which is now the front. Got all that?
drawn to the sea

This is the one I started last year.
known luminosity

I’m a big Marilyn Monroe fan.
emptied of beauties

This is from a verse in the Bible.
prisoner of hope

I still need attach the jump rings and then file and clean them. I’m happy with how they are coming along, and I think I did well with the soldering considering my (small) level of experience. Soldering is hard! I can see it will take some (a lot!) of practice.

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I’ve been working on some mini collages to make into soldered glass pendants.

Here are the collages, so far…

mini collages

The one at below left is Star of Known Luminosity – this one is done. The next one clockwise is The Sea. And the last does not have a name yet; it’s a photo of Marilyn Monroe, very early in her career (a photo taken for The Asphalt Jungle). I’m using a line from a Sylvia Plath poem for her. She’s my favorite!

I apologize for the not-so-great photo…it was the best I could do at the time!

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So my third soldering attempt is way better than the first two.

soldering attempt 3

Pretty good, just a few lumps and bumps that need to be filed smooth (and who doesn’t have a few lumps and bumps that need fixing?).

I’m still not quite there with the adding a bead of solder – I have a hard time getting a thick layer on there. And I’m still having issues with the jump rings; I just can’t seem to get them on securely. But practice, practice, practice, and I’m sure it will come.

I thought my soldering skills were decent enough to work on an actual project – how exciting! Here it is…

kooky & meticulous

kooky & meticulous

Not too bad. I will not add the jump rings however until I practice some more and can do it well.

Another project I have been working on is a “Beribboned Bulletin Board”, from the April/May/June issue of Somerset Life, by Amber Demien…

by amber demien

Isn’t that so pretty? I really wish I would have looked at the picture again before I started mine, instead of relying on my memory. Whatever was I thinking!

Here’s mine so far…

memo board project

Ummm, I’m not loving it. The colors are way too bright. Ugh. The only thing to do is throw more paint on top of it and see what happens.

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new goodies!

I have new treasures to share from Artbeads – this time we were allowed to choose from anything on the website, in celebration of spring. So hard to choose! I ended up going with antiqued-brass base metal components (I’m going for an antique sort of spring!).

As soon as I saw this leaf chain I had to have it. It’s fabulous! It feels wonderful against one’s skin, and has a nice drape and weight to it. And all the little leaves make a delightful rustling sound.

leaf chain

Here we have a beautiful filigree flower pendant. I love how there is a hole in the center – this is perfect to add a bead for a little color. This pendant is very detailed and has a lot of dimension and interest to it. You will definitely get noticed with this around your neck!

filigree flower

I love this chain – it’s the coolest! It needs no further embellishment. You could put a couple of these around your neck and you’re good to go.

3-oval chain

And finally, here is a sweet little bird nest charm. The perfect thing to welcome spring!

nest charm

Disclosure: I have received these products from Artbeads free of charge. I am posting an honest review of said products and have not been paid to endorse said products.

~sweet dreams of spring!

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more & more new jewels
I made this necklace to showcase the beautiful Russian pendant I got from Artbeads.

Emerald - russian pendant necklace

Emerald - beautiful pendant necklace

I used one of my favorite types of beads, Czech fire-polished, as well as antiqued-brass chain and findings. Artbeads has a great selection of beads, including lots of beautiful Czech fire-polished.

I’m really pleased with the necklace, and of course I’ll be making a pair of earrings to go with it.

Emerald - necklace

oh aubergine
I decided to make a second aubergine project – a small (approximately 7″x5″) canvas. This will allow me to use the sealing wax and seal, as was my original intention. It will have a photo of a vintage lady on it and be French-themed, and other than that I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing with it. I’ll just find a photo I like and let that be the inspiration.

still playing with the fairies
I worked some more on my digital art piece:

fairy play

It’s getting there. I want to add some words, maybe something about playing with dragonflies.

a spoonful of sugar
My daughter has been watching Mary Poppins (on repeat!) for the past couple weeks. I had bought it for her maybe when she was one, as part of my effort to build up a nice library of Disney movies for her. I’d never seen the movie myself, and I still haven’t seen the entire thing, but I must say I adore that Miss Poppins.

It’s a wonderful movie, with great songs (which are now lodged permanently in my brain) – it’s fun and uplifting. You cannot possibly be in a bad mood after watching the delightful Mary Poppins.

life’s in the details
Enjoying a bowl of delicious cold cherries. Wandering the aisles of AC Moore. Watching Lily play at daycare before she realizes I’m there.

~looking for a carpet bag of my own~

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new toy!
I received my latest bead delight from Artbeads – this stunning Russian handcrafted pendant, based on Alfons Mucha’s painting Emerald.

pendant - Alfons Mucha

Isn’t it beautiful? I love Mucha’s work and the Art Nouveau style. It measures 1&3/8″ long and just about 1″ wide, and is backed with black onyx.

The details in the painting are amazing, and I love the gold metallic paint. I already have a plan for this pendant – I knew what I was going to do with it when I picked it out. So hopefully in about a week I’ll have a completed piece to share.

Artbeads is a great resource for jewelry supplies – they have all the usual supplies as well as some really cool stuff (like this pendant!) that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

small moments
Having the house completely to myself for a few hours. Delicious cold sweet watermelon. Sunshine!

~happy beading~

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my new jewels
I finished my new necklace featuring the lovely bronze pendant I got from Artbeads.

The Heart Has Reasons - necklace

I used antiqued-brass findings, freshwater pearls, red and bronze Czech fire-polished beads, and antiqued-brass beads.

I wanted to go for an antique, asymmetrical look, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. These pictures really don’t do the necklace justice – it’s much prettier in real life!

The Heart Has Reasons - necklace, close-up

It’s surprisingly difficult to design an asymmetrical necklace because balance between the two sides still needs to be maintained. It took me about 2 to 2&1/2 hours to design and complete this necklace, and probably half of that time was spent staring at it and trying out different combinations of beads and chain.

The Heart Has Reasons - necklace, close-up

I also wanted to be careful not to draw attention away from the pendant, but to use the beads to add subtle additional interest as well as a bit of color and sparkle.

Of course I had to make a matching pair of earrings – just something simple to complement the necklace.

The Heart Has Reasons - earrings

And here I am, wearing my new jewels.

My new jewels

there’s no escape from mother’s day
I was not planning on making anything (as gifts) for Mother’s Day. Then my Muse said, “um, no. Here’s an idea. Now do it.”

My Muse is very bossy. I better do what she says! (And to be fair to my Muse, it is a good idea!)

~following the Muse~

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