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let’s celebrate!
We had Julian’s graduation party last Saturday, at the clubhouse where my Grammom lives. Our house is smiply too small for more than 15 people, and even that is pushing it. Anyway, it turned out quite nice – everyone enjoyed themselves (I think!) and Felicia got to meet the rest of the family (poor girl!). I made most of the food, and then we bought hoagies, tomato pie, and soft pretzels. My Mom of course had to make a speech. Some photos…oh, and I never did make Julian’s scrapbook – I realized about two weeks before the party that there was no way it was going to happen. I decided to focus on making a photoboard instead, with the plan of finishing (and starting!) the scrapbook at a later date.

my little boy

my little boy

my little boy

my little boy

my little boy

To make the photoboard, I bought a foamcore poster board and covered one side with white cardstock, folding it over the edges to make it look nice. My Mom had jotted down notes about Julian when he was a baby and then a toddler – things he did, things he liked. I typed these in Word and then printed them out onto blue and green cardstock. I trimmed these and glued them on top of the white cardstock. I gathered my photos, scanned them, edited them in Photoshop, and printed them onto white cardstock. Then I glued them on the photoboard – most of them I glued flat down, but for several I used foam squares to give the photoboard some dimension and extra interest. Silver star stickers were the final touch. I like how it turned out, and besides gathering, scanning, and editing the photos, really did not take that long to put together.

not a fan of country, but…
I recently bought Jewel’s last album Perfectly Clear. This is her foray into country music. Now I am not a fan of country music, although I have tried it out from time to time (I like to try out different musical genres occasionally – you never know what might strike your fancy!). But Jewel is one of my favorite artists, so I figured I’d give it a try.

I’m not loving it, but it’s not too bad. It’s just…country music. Which to me seems to be simpler in terms of lyrics and messages, whereas I prefer music that is poetical and metaphorical and the more complicated the better.

I do think her songs on this album are simpler than on her previous albums – I miss the political edge and social commentary from her other work. The songs on Perfectly Clear are pretty much all about relationships, which does not do a lot for me.

Jewel has a new album – Sweet and Wild – again a country album. I’ll get it eventually. I’m willing to give it a chance, only because it’s Jewel.

Lately I’ve been listening to The Beekeeper by Tori Amos. I purposely chose to listen to this album when the weather got hot – it’s a very “summery” sort of album. The vocals and music are lush and warm, and it’s definitely her “lightest” album in terms of sound. I don’t know why, but certain of her albums I will only listen to during certain seasons.

~bon soir!


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digital art galore
I picked up my first copy of Somerset Digital Studio (at AC Moore, using my 40% off coupon, of course – those magazines are expensive!).

Somerset Digital Studio - Autumn 2009

So far I have merely paged through, but I am completely in awe of the artwork in this magazine. It is beautiful, amazing, and stunning.

With every page I turned two thoughts kept popping into my head:
1. wow!
2. how’d she do that?!

I really want to learn more about digital art, but it’s daunting trying to learn Photoshop on my own. Plus I have my usual time issues. But this magazine is filled with inspiration and enough how-to’s to get me on my way.

Neat stuff!

happy birthday
Last weekend we went to a birthday party for the son of a friend of ours (he turned three). It was at a local park; it was a bit chilly outside, and cloudy, but luckily it was not too bad.

Here are a few pictures:

Lily enjoying the chocolate birthday cake.
Lily eating cake at Dakota's party

Lily at the playground.
Lily on the swing.

Lily, asleep on the way home. (She took a long nap too – yay!)
Lily, asleep on the way home.


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Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art. Any sort of pretension induces mediocrity in art and life alike. – Margot Fonteyn

We had my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party last Saturday. I think she really was surprised. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and all went well. My mom loved her necklace, which I will have to borrow so I can take a picture of it. She also loved the birthday crown I made, which was the project I mysteriously mentioned a bunch of times in previous posts. Here are a couple pictures from the party:

My Mom dancing with Lily.

Gwen wearing the birthday crown I made for my Mom.

Gwen and Lily, strutting across the dance floor, up to no good I’m sure.

And here are some pictures of the birthday crown. I used it as a means to celebrate my mom’s creativity and generous spirit.

I am going to write a tutorial on the crown. I have an idea for another one, which will give me the opportunity to perfect the technique and work out any glitches.

I took a few pictures of the gift box I made for the necklace. Of course I didn’t take any pictures of the necklace before I put it in the box.


So I finally got my Two Little Girls on All Hallows Eve back. It came just the other day. I haven’t seen it since April, so I’m very happy to have it back. I’m going to hang it in my studio. It’s a nice piece, but not extraordinary. Although considering the short amount of time in which I had to make it and my relative inexperience in the world of collage, I think it’s good. But no matter, like I said someday I’ll have something in Somerset Studio. Which leads me to….

…the special Marie Antoinette publication. I came up with an idea a couple nights ago while in the shower – a copy of a portrait of Marie Antoinette surrounded by a “frame” of inchies that tell her story through words and portraits of the important people in her life. There’s got to be lots of lace and sparkle, too, of course. But I really want to tell the whole story, and not focus on only the glitz and the glam. I’m going to start working on this right away. I only have a few weeks to get it done!

I also signed up for an ephemera swap at Artella. I don’t have a large collection of ephemera since I’ve only been collecting things for a short time, and I’m picky about the sorts of things I save. Some people will save anything – I only like the pretty things. I just hope the person who gets my baggie likes it. My baggie has to be in the mail by the 22nd.

And because I have so much time on my hands, I signed up for a self-paced course, also from Artella, entitled Alphabetter Muse Workshop. I get to meet a variety of new muses who will lead me on a journey of artistic and personal discovery. I thought it sounded fun and it was on sale and it gives me the opportunity to do some journaling, so hey, why not? I received the first lesson but I didn’t start it yet because I want to buy a pack of ivory cardstock to print the journal pages on, and a pack of nice pens for writing and doodling on the pages.

No wonder I always feel so creatively scattered. But I find it impossible to focus on only one thing. Maybe I should just embrace the chaos.

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So I finally finished the book project! Yay! It has consumed my life for the past three weeks, which is why I’ve had no time to post any new entries. Yesterday we had a surprise party for my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to make something special to commemorate the occasion, so I made a sort of scrapbook of their lives, from when they were children up to the current day. Of course it took six times as long as I thought it would to make, and I think I probably spent about 50 hours on it. I am not completely happy with it, but I think it turned out quite lovely and I certainly learned a lot in the process.

I wasn’t able to scan it because it wasn’t done until one o’clock in the morning on Saturday, but I will borrow it so that I can scan it and post the pictures here and on my website.

The party was really wonderful – my in-laws had no idea and were completely surprised. They thought we were taking them out to dinner. My husband Marc, my sister-in-law Erin, and my brother-in-law Darren all did an amazing job with the preparations, the decorations, the food, and the entertainment. Everyone had a delightful time. Anyone who knows my parents-in-law knows what a wonderful couple they are – sweet, loving, kind, thoughtful – and it was so nice to be a part of the celebration. I will post some pictures once I have a chance.

I have a whole bunch of things to write about and I will get into all those things in the coming weeks. So look forward to future entries on these fascinating topics: the wonderful gifts I received from my Mom for my birthday, a review of The Russian Album by Anna Netrebko, the online class at Artella that I took, and the new issues of Belle Armoire and Somerset Studio.

ok, that’s all I have time for now. Good night!

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