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Way back when it was spring, I was planning on submitting a piece for Somerset Studio’s ‘winter’ theme. I started creating this paper that I was going to use as a background for….something.

I wasn’t able complete the background paper, let alone the project itself, in time to submit it. As a matter of fact, I only just finished my background paper within the last couple weeks.

So here it is….

layered paper

layered paper

And a couple close-ups…

layered paper

layered paper

layered paper

layered paper

I wanted to create a spare but layered look using black, white, and ivory as my palette. I started with a piece of watercolor paper, and sprinkled some coffee on it to start (gets rid of that blank white paper staring back at me). Next came pieces of paper I tore from a pamphlet from Opera Philadelphia, which was ivory, black, and grey, with a little red. After that I added layer upon layer upon layer of paint (Liquitex Basics), stamping (using found stamps like corks, pencil erasers, and small plastic lids), pretty tape (Tim Holtz), glitter glue (Tim Holtz), German scrap, and lace. Lots of layers. I think I got a little carried away….

I had always intended for this background paper to be cut into smaller pieces, so I added the German scrap and lace with that in mind.

Here are a couple pictures…these show the paper I tore from the Opera Philadelphia pamphlet:

beginnings of layered paper

beginnings of layered paper

layered paper - beginning

layered paper – beginning

I’ve now decided to make an accordion book, which I have never done before. For years now I’ve wanted to make a project incorporating some of the lines from Tori Amos’ song Winter. I thought that would be fitting with this paper and its original intention.

So that is my current project. At least the one that I am focusing on, since I have at least five other projects started!

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So I did not finish my Christmas ornaments to submit to Somerset Studio. I realized there was simply no way I could get them done in time to get them to California by the 15th. I did not manage my time well, and I worked on other things when I should have been working on my ornaments. oh well. I’m disappointed, but I will finish them and save them for next year instead. I really like how they are coming along…what do you think?

pink&glitter ornaments

deck the halls

pink cheer

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black clouds

What a snowy day! I don’t remember it snowing this much in October before. I do love the snow (I am a crazy weather-loving girl, that’s for sure). We lost power for about two hours, after we got back from food shopping. Around four o’clock I realized, it’s going to be dark soon – I better make my inchie before I’m forced to do it by candle light. Of course 15 minutes after I finished it the power came back on.

There’s nothing like losing power to make one realize how blessed we are to have it. First of all, our modern society can’t function properly without it. Secondly, it opens up a whole new world of possibility.

Anyway, I cut out the background paper and used some Distress Ink on it. Same thing for the words. I added a black Swarovski crystal, and Stickles glitter glue around the edges.

Have a great day!


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too busy.
The first two weeks of April are very busy for me at work – I have to put in a lot of overtime, with the result that I get very little accomplished at home. I’m still trying to get back on track! I’ll try to get caught up here…

chocolate beyond belief.
Marc and I celebrated our 6th anniversary a few weeks ago. He bought me a box of John & Kira chocolates. Or, I should say, a box of heavenly deliciousness.

heavenly chocolates

Have you ever had John & Kira chocolates? If not, I highly recommend them. They are utterly divine. On the surface they appear ordinary – squares of chocolate filled with flavored ganache. Raspberry, mint, anise, bergamot, coffee, strawberry – simple flavors. But – oh my! Words fail to describe the experience of eating one. The flavors are delicate yet intense; the chocolates are light, yet creamy and decadent.

The garden mint is to die for. I think it is the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever eaten.

And lucky for me, because the chocolates are freshly made with no preservatives, it is recommended to eat them within a few days. And that, my friends, is a recommendation I am most happy to oblige.

marie paper!
I was in Michael’s the other day searching for some antique silver jump rings to finish my Polyshrink jewelry (my never-ending Polyshrink jewelry project!) and of course I had to look around a bit. And guess what I found?

Marie Antoinette paper!
marie antoinette paper!

I know it’s hard to see in this photo – Lily was assisting me with my photo shoot – but the papers are gorgeous! It’s called the Mademoiselle stack, by DCWV. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. At first I wasn’t going to buy it because it was $20 and I didn’t have a coupon and I refuse to buy something at a craft store that’s more than $10 without a coupon. But then, I noticed the sale sign – all paper stacks 40% off! yay!

And this one was the last one they had. Obviously it was meant to be mine.

a plethora of supplies
I realized the other day that I have purchased quite a few art supplies so far this year. What I am going to do with them all, I am not yet sure.

Aside from the Marie paper, here are a few other items I’ve purchased recently.


From lower left we have Tim Holtz keyhole thingies (that’s the technical term), the Tim Holtz mini attacher, Liquitex paints, and Tim Holtz typewriter letter charm kit. ok, I can explain all the Tim Holtz stuff. See, AC Moore just recently got in all this cool TH stuff. How could I resist? umm, I couldn’t.

Some other items I’ve purchased – TH sanding block, charcoal pencils, canvases, and a couple other TH products.

Now if I could just find the time to use all of these wonderful things….

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new goodies
I bought some new goodies from AC Moore (and I finally got an AC Moore rewards card – I might as well put my shopping to good use!):

First, some beautiful 12″x12″ paper by Basic Grey, called Porcelain.

porcelain paper by basic grey

Isn’t that so pretty? I immediately thought it would be great for springtime birthday cards.

Some gold-glitter alphabet stickers by K&Company.

k&company gold glitter alphabet

Cute but with a vintage-look Halloween rubber stamps by Hampton Art.

hampton art - halloween stamps

And the newest Somerset Memories.

somerset memories - autumn 2009

a rainy day kind of girl
The other morning, as I was driving to work, I remarked to myself what a perfect, lovely autumn morning it was. It was raining a bit, a little chilly, and the wind was blowing the leaves around. The leaves are still changing colors, so they were red and yellow and half-green. Rain makes the colors of nature more vibrant and rich, and I loved the contrast of the dark tree trunks against the bright leaves. Pretty!

~singing in the rain~

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ooh les fees!
My little French fairies are all done.

La Fee Francaise ATC

La Fee Francaise ATC

La Fee Francaise ATC

I’m pleased with how they turned out. I restrained myself in regards to adding embellishments – originally I intended to add lots of crystals. But it didn’t look right, and I didn’t want the fairies to be overwhelmed by too much sparkle (did I just say “too much sparkle”? heaven forbid!)

La Fee Francaise ATC - detail

They ended up with a simplicity and subtlety that I’m really happy with.

La Fee Francaise ATC - detail

dreams of paris
I started my other aubergine project as well. I found the absolute most perfect picture to use.

she dreams of paris

Isn’t she wonderful? I just love her!

I got the new July/August issue of Somerset Studio (50% off coupon again. AC Moore knows what I like!)

Somerset Studio - July/August 2009

Lots of color and flowers in this issue, as well as the usual gorgeous-ness. It has been added to my magazines-to-read pile.

get ready for the holidays
I received a copy of my article that will be in the next issue of Somerset Holidays. Lovely, of course, thanks to the beautiful layout and photos. It’s so exciting to me, and I feel that it’s just the beginning.

details, details.
The wind blowing the rain so hard there was a mist coming in our front door. Thunder and lightening. Lily screaming in delight over her new flip-flops.

~off on my way~

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somerset holiday, here i come
I have some exciting news to share – the vintage Halloween party favor sacks that I submitted to Somerset Studio have been chosen as a how-to article for Somerset Holiday! I’m so happy about it – it’s my first real article and something that I’ve dreamed of for years. I am so grateful that I have such wonderful magazines that I can submit my work to, and that they think my work is something worth publishing.

My article is slated for the September 2009 issue. I started writing it yesterday – I’ve never written an actual article before, so I’m a little nervous about it. I’m sure it will turn out ok, though.

I had a lot of faith in my Halloween party favor sacks – I never like to brag, but I know when I make something that’s really good, and they turned out really good. I’m so happy they get to have a turn in the spotlight.

in other news
I have several magazines that I’ve finished reading in the past few weeks. I’ll start with my favorites from Marie:

Antoinette, Garden des Secrets, by Lonnie Bullington – Miss Bullington created a Marie paper doll using a technique called paper tole. This technique involves creating a 3-d paper doll by cutting out various layers of the attire. It’s a really neat technique that I’d like to try out sometime.

Antoinette, Garden des Secrets, by Lonnie Bullington
Antoinette, Garden des Secrets, by Lonnie Bullington

Paper Shoes, article by Connie Govea Stuart, artwork by Sherry Murphy, Rebecca Stohlman, and Connie Govea Stuart – simply exquisite paper shoes.

Paper Shoes, by Connie Govea Stuart and Sherry Murphy
Paper Shoes, Marie, article by Connie Govea Stuart

Queen Marie, by Margaret Field
Miss Field created two beautiful collages. I love her generous use of
lace and other trims.

In the Dessert Garden, by Betty Parker Knowles
This piece is simply fabulous and so original. I love the figure, and the flowers blooming with desserts, and the subtle yet intricate background. Just perfectly done.

In the Dessert Garden, by Betty Parker Knowles
In the Dessert Garden, by Betty Parker Knowles

Vintage Bling Cuff, by Nerissa Alford
This bracelet is so awesome. I love how Miss Alford colored the metal, and the crystals and the cameo add the perfect touch. Totally cool.

Under the Spell, by Nancy Gene Armstrong
Miss Armstrong used four different techniques on the same portrait of Marie to create her collages. Each one is so gorgeous and really cool looking.

Madame’s Portrait Book, by Nancy Piper
This idea is so wonderful – Miss Piper used portraits of Marie and her children and created a simple yet oh-so-elegant “photo album” of sorts. I really love this idea, and I’m thinking of doing something similiar, although I’d like to use portraits of everyone who was important in Marie’s flife. Miss Piper’s book is so beautifully done and such an original idea. Very cool.

Madame’s Portrait Book, by Nancy Piper
Madame's Portrait Book, by Nancy Piper

Marie Antoinette & the Fashion of 18th Century France by Barbara Dunford
I love this book because it is one of the few pieces in this magazine that address the actual history and life of Marie Antoinette. Don’t let the title fool you! The first several pages do showcase fashion, and beauty, but the last two pages….Miss Dunford has taken some time to learn about the end of Marie Antoinette. No More Pain and Solitude conclude the tragic story of Marie. Coming at the very end of the magazine, I think they are most appropriate.

Marie Antoinette & the Fashion of 18th Century France by Barbara Dunford
Marie Antoinette & the Fashion of 18th Century France

I was a Queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains; take it, but do not make me suffer long. Marie Antoinette

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