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Lily gave me this adorable little vase with paper flowers in it.

so cute!

Julian gave me a box of Godiva chocolates – yum! And Marc gave me John and Kira chocolates, and a box of their fruit gels. I was very happy to receive the fruit gels, as I’ve been wanting to try them. Don’t they look so pretty?

fruit gels

And of course their chocolates are the best – simply divine!

Thanks for stopping by!


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I’ve been working on two projects – my encouragement cards and my soldered pendants.

Here are some paper flowers that I am making for the encouragement cards. They are so fun to make! I use a brad to attach the pieces.

paper flowers

And my soldered pendants…I’ve been working on mini collages to sandwich between the glass pieces…

this is my favorite so far (front and back)…

known luminosity

and this is another one I’m working on. I haven’t cut out the background paper yet – I like to plan it out first for placement.

kooky & meticulous

years go by
So…tomorrow is my daughter’s last day at her daycare. Next week she’ll be starting kindergarten. She’s been at this daycare since she was three months old (I’m not proud of this; I mention it merely for perspective). It’s a big deal for me. Three days a week, every week, for the past five years I’ve been dropping her off and picking her up. I’ve known every classroom and all the teachers. All of her friends and some of their parents who happen to be on the same schedule as me. We’ve been to their birthday parties. Not only have I seen Lily grow up here – I remember Ellen, one of her best friends, in the baby room with Lily, and thinking that they were the two cutest babies in the room. I think this might be a bigger deal to me than it is to Lily. She will eventually forget the daycare, while I will never drive by without remembering this time in my life. The struggles. The tears. The guilt. The gratitude. The thankfulness.

Dropping her off, and picking her up. Sometimes racked with guilt, especially the first couple years. Happy when she ran off with her friends. Concerned when it seemed like she was uncomfortable or unhappy. Sometimes with tears in my eyes – happy tears because I was thankful she was happy there and had friends; or sad tears because I felt guilty and I wished I could stay home with her. Sometimes totally stressed out, because I left work a little late, and I had to be there by 6pm when they close, and I didn’t want to be late or to have Lily be the last kid there.

It is the end of one season, and the beginning of another.


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