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A few weeks ago we drove 3 hours north to hang out with my family for a few days in beautiful Dushore PA. Then we drove 3 hours south to Ocean City MD to hang out with my husband’s family.

Here are some photos from Ocean City:

My husband’s family surrounds all of their traditions with food, and Ocean City is no exception. Thrashers fries and Fractured Prune doughnuts (both pictured above), crabs, Fishers popcorn, Wockenfuss, and Dumsers are all necessary accompaniments to the experience. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure there would be any experience if not for the food!

Dushore was lovely and peaceful. We checked out the Sullivan County fair (demolition derby!) and took a ride on the Hiawatha riverboat, which takes a little tour on the Susquehanna River. We also went to a wonderful antiques place called the Red Barn (I’m not sure if that is the exact name, but it’s a red barn).

Of course I had to buy something. There was no way I was going to leave without treasures. There was so much to choose from – dishes, kitchen utensils, linens, knick knacks, jewelry, clothes….I finally settled on some fantastic women’s magazines from the 1930s, a couple ladies’ club books (so cool!), and (bestill my heart!) vintage sewing accessories. Take a peek….

Aren’t they fabulous? I have an idea to make some tags with the ladies’ club books. I just adore old stuff!

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sea and crabs and doughnuts – oh my!

We were in Ocean City MD over the weekend. This was our fourth year there.

Because Lily started kindergarten on Tuesday, we only stayed from Saturday to Monday.

We did decide, however, that we will never leave on Labor Day again, because instead of the usual 3-hour ride, it took 5 hours. Five long – very long! – hours. Five hours in a car + a 5-year old = a meltdown for all involved.

It was a good time though. Hurricane Irene seemed to have left little damage. I thought the beach was a bit chilly – the wind was relentless! My one disappointment was that there were no shells to be found. I managed to gather a few fragments, but that was it.

We ate at Harrison’s Harbor Watch on Saturday night and then “walked the boards” as my mother-in-law says. I forget what restaurant we ate at on Sunday, but it was very good. We took Lily to the Jolly Roger amusement park after.

And what has quickly become a new tradition, we had to get doughnuts from the Fractured Prune. Delicious! Freshly-made, hot, with a variety of glazes and toppings to choose from – I highly recommend them!

My husband and I always go for a walk along the beach at night. It’s an interesting experience – mesmerizing, disorienting, and mysterious. When it’s really dark, you can see so many more stars than we can see at home (I remember when I was little I could see the Milky Way, just at home. It’s so built up now, you’re lucky you can see 20 stars at night.)

Jupiter was in full force again, as it was last year – so big and bright! It’s amazing, how a planet so far away from us, can be so bright and beautiful.

The ocean is so fascinating. The rhythm, the colors, the smell. I love it all.

It’s like a dream that we were even there.

But here are some photos to prove it.

Lily was really into digging.
let's dig!

On Monday we spent a short time at the beach, so that we could fly Lily’s kite and say good-bye to the ocean.
let's fly!

Lily, flying her kite. That lasted a few minutes. She was more interested in the water.
let's fly!

And of course the ocean.
to the sea

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