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Lily gave me this adorable little vase with paper flowers in it.

so cute!

Julian gave me a box of Godiva chocolates – yum! And Marc gave me John and Kira chocolates, and a box of their fruit gels. I was very happy to receive the fruit gels, as I’ve been wanting to try them. Don’t they look so pretty?

fruit gels

And of course their chocolates are the best – simply divine!

Thanks for stopping by!


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only five episodes of american idol to catch up on
I am soooo behind in everything it seems! Since getting back from Vegas it’s been rather difficult getting back into the swing of things. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without posting.

The last few days have been so lovely outside – spring is surely on her way. The snow is all melted, birds are making their way back here, the air smells fresh. I can’t wait to put away my winter coat! It seems like it’s been cold forever.

back to business
Anyway, I finished my digitally-altered book and submitted it to Artella’s contest. Click here to check it out. I’m pretty pleased with it. I think it came together really well.

I also attended an online class hosted by Marney (of Artella) and Annette, who designs many of the “papers” in the digital studio packs. The class was about making professional and polished-looking digital background papers (I guess they’re not really paper per se, but to me that’s what it is. Intangible paper.). I’m starting to realize that a lot of digital art is taking something ordinary and simple and applying different styles, layers, patterns, etc, using Photoshop (or whatever photo-editing software you prefer). So maybe this digital art thing is within my grasp. Now if I just had more time….

I’m having a lot of time issues again – feeling like I have way too much stuff to do, and hardly any time to myself. I keep going over everything I do, and I really don’t know what to cut out or change. oh well, I guess I’ll get it one of these days.

Anyway, the class was pretty cool. Annette makes such beautiful papers; I have admired her work for a while.

tactile art
I decided to scrap the mother’s day project I was working on. Once we got back from Vegas I knew there was no way I could make the March 1 deadline, and though I could certainly finish it and submit it for another deadline, I just am not feeling it. I still sent the birthday crown that I had made for my mom’s birthday (I am no longer allowed to say which birthday as I have gotten in trouble for mentioning it previously!) So we’ll see how that goes.

I have a ton of things to write about, not even counting our trip! So stay tuned for lots more rambling.


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my lovely ladies
Artella is having another digitally-altered book contest, so I decided to join the fun and create my second book. I finally settled on an idea. It’s not ideally my first choice. My first thoughts centered around creating The Ladies Revolutionary Society handbook for Victorian women, but time and a lack of digital ephemera and digital skills has put that idea on the shelf (for now!). Instead I’ve decided to keep it simple, which is probably the smart thing to do.

I’ve made it a habit for the past couple years to jot down interesting phrases. I’m going to use vintage photographs of my lovely Victorian ladies, add some digital ephemera, and choose an appropriate phrase for each lady. That’s it. And really, that’s about all my skill level can handle right now. I’m using the How to Write Letters for All Occasions book, which I also used for my first book. You can check out my first digitally-altered book here if you like.

and while we’re at it
I’m also working on a couple things to send to Somerset Holidays. Well, I haven’t actually started working on them physically, just in my head so far. I have one concrete idea and one or two ideas that are not quite there yet. The ready-to-go idea is a collage celebrating Mother’s Day. I got the inspiration from some Dresden corners that I have, and in the strange and mysterious way that inspiration works, as soon as I saw them this photograph flashed into my mind:

catherine and baby

This is an old family photo of Carrie and Birdie Seare, on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. I love this photograph – it’s so lovely. Anyway, once the corners and photo came to me, the rest of the idea fell into place. I just need to decide on some words.

I have an idea for Halloween ornaments too, but that idea is a bit nebulous still. I was also thinking of asking my Mom if I could borrow the birthday crown that I made for her 60th birthday. It’s for a good cause, right?

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girls rule
I’ve been working on my Mother’s Day cards. I’m so happy with how they have turned out – I wish I had made one for myself!

I have a new idea concerning Mother’s Day, inspired by my Girls Rule stamp by Tim Holtz, which I am implementing through these cards.

an official proclamation
I decided that Mother’s Day is too exclusive. We need a day to celebrate all women. Therefore I am renaming this year’s Mother’s Day. It will now be known as Girls Rule Day.

Here are some pictures of the cards.

This is very close to life-size.
Girls Rule - Mother's Day card

And the inside…
Girls Rule - Mother's Day card, inside

Each card features that adorable little girl, and inside I have written five reasons why the recipient rules. Each recipient has her own list, since each has her own particular strengths. Although I did put that last item on each card.

back to basics
I’ve also been working on a simple necklace with the leftovers from my bronze pendant necklace. I have an idea for a bracelet too, if I have enough of a certain bead. We’ll see!

~happily creating~

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my new jewels
I finished my new necklace featuring the lovely bronze pendant I got from Artbeads.

The Heart Has Reasons - necklace

I used antiqued-brass findings, freshwater pearls, red and bronze Czech fire-polished beads, and antiqued-brass beads.

I wanted to go for an antique, asymmetrical look, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. These pictures really don’t do the necklace justice – it’s much prettier in real life!

The Heart Has Reasons - necklace, close-up

It’s surprisingly difficult to design an asymmetrical necklace because balance between the two sides still needs to be maintained. It took me about 2 to 2&1/2 hours to design and complete this necklace, and probably half of that time was spent staring at it and trying out different combinations of beads and chain.

The Heart Has Reasons - necklace, close-up

I also wanted to be careful not to draw attention away from the pendant, but to use the beads to add subtle additional interest as well as a bit of color and sparkle.

Of course I had to make a matching pair of earrings – just something simple to complement the necklace.

The Heart Has Reasons - earrings

And here I am, wearing my new jewels.

My new jewels

there’s no escape from mother’s day
I was not planning on making anything (as gifts) for Mother’s Day. Then my Muse said, “um, no. Here’s an idea. Now do it.”

My Muse is very bossy. I better do what she says! (And to be fair to my Muse, it is a good idea!)

~following the Muse~

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Oh! Do not attack me with your watch! A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch. – Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

I’ve come to the realization that when I am making a project that has to be done by a certain date, as for a birthday or anniversary present, or a magazine submission, I won’t finish the project until the day before or the day that it needs to be done. This has been true 90% of the time. And it doesn’t seem to matter how far in advance I start. I started the book for my in-laws anniversary in the middle of February, and still did not finish until 1 o’clock in the morning the day of the party. I started the Mother’s Day bookmarks on the Wednesday before and I finished the last one on Mother’s Day. Same goes for the Mother’s Day cards I made. Apparently, unless I start a project six months before it needs to be done, (and I certainly am not organized enough to think that far into the future!) I think this is the way it will have to be. Everything always takes much longer than I think it will, even when I specifically allot more time for that very reason.

My mom’s 60th birthday is this year, in October. Of course I am going to make her a special gift – I have a vague idea of a necklace in mind. I am going to start it in June. Other than having decided that I am going to use some beautiful lampwork beads (which I have yet to purchase) I don’t know exactly how I’m going to make the necklace. I will however try to design something that can actually be finished in the allotted time without my having to stay up past midnight for two weeks before the party to get it done in time. So we’ll see how that goes.

Here is the Mother’s Day bookmark I made for myself. I kind of messed up with cutting the bookmarks out and I didn’t leave quite enough room for this one to be the proper width. The background words are supposed to go all the way to the edge. When I realized I had messed up my first thought was to not bother making it. But I rarely make anything for myself these days, so I decided to just do it anyway.

Mother\'s Day Bookmark

The ribbons are from Joggles. They are simply divine! I have to buy some more. I think these were from the Special Effects collections.

And here is one of the finished invitations for Lily’s birthday party.

Birthday Invitation

Birthday Party Invitation

I think they turned out cute.

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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. – Cecil B. DeMille

Right now I’m working on a birthday gift for my sister. Her birthday was in
March (I’m just a little behind!) but we’re only just going out
to celebrate tomorrow anyway, so I guess it’s ok. Unfortunately I don’t
think I will have it done in time, unless I work on it tonight. I really
wanted to work on my green carnelian project, but I may have to put that
aside. It’s just frustrating, because I haven’t had a chance to work on
it since February.

I’ve also started making the invitations for Lily’s birthday party in
June. Her dress is black and white, so I decided to go with black, white,
and pink for the invitations. I also bought this really cute birthday
party rubber stamp set a month or so ago, so I’m going to use some of
those stamps. Here is a sample that I worked up last week.

Sample birthday invitation

This is one side…this is the other.

Other side of sample birthday invitation

This side is a bit messy, but I just wanted to work out the design and layout. I’m going to embellish both sides with pink glitter glue and pink stars.

For Mother’s Day I am making everyone bookmarks. I’ve had this one particular idea in my mind for bookmarks for a while. They are going to be based on a Tori Amos song called “Mother Revolution” (perfect for Mother’s Day). I love this song, and the image I get of mothers (and potential mothers) gathering together to have a cup of tea while planning a coup d’etat appeals to the revolutionary in me. The background of the bookmarks will have the lyrics, and I will attach a vintage-looking picture of a mother and child, add the words “mother revolution”, tie on some pretty ribbons and beads, and voila! Bookmarks with an undertone of insubordination.

I would like to make cards, too. If I have time. I think I do, but we’ll see. Nothing crazy, just elegant simplicity.


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