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I’ve been working on some mini collages to make into soldered glass pendants.

Here are the collages, so far…

mini collages

The one at below left is Star of Known Luminosity – this one is done. The next one clockwise is The Sea. And the last does not have a name yet; it’s a photo of Marilyn Monroe, very early in her career (a photo taken for The Asphalt Jungle). I’m using a line from a Sylvia Plath poem for her. She’s my favorite!

I apologize for the not-so-great photo…it was the best I could do at the time!

Thanks for stopping by!


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a holiday for all occasions
Look what I got…the new issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations. Looking through this magazine makes me want to decorate for holidays more often.

holidays & celebrations

And here is my Mom’s crown. Looks great, doesn’t it? The photograph is beautiful.

birthday crown

And lucky for me they didn’t mention it was for her 60th birthday!

glamour girl
I finished reading Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed, by Michelle Morgan. I thought it was a bit lacking in detail and too speculative at times. However the personal remembrances of Marilyn were great, particularly those of Bill Pursel, who knew Marilyn when she was still Norma Jean. There are a lot of great pictures too.

When it comes to Marilyn, it seems impossible to get the whole story. One books says this, another says that, this person says one thing, another says something different.

I’d like to read another Marilyn biography. I’m still deciding which book though. There are so many! (I wonder what she would think of all this obsession and fascination with her?) In the meantime I’m reading The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath, edited by Ted Hughes. I don’t like her early poems so much; they are rather formulaic and stilted and archaic-sounding (I can’t imagine where she got some of her words!). But starting in the late 1950s I like them much better – they sound more natural, and you can hear her voice coming through. And of course the Ariel poems are totally amazing.

simple pleasures
So I’m still working on my tags to submit to Somerset Studio. I wanted to have them finished last weekend. So much for that. I really really need to finish them this weekend, since they need to be in California by next Friday. I’m not sure if I will have time to make the other project. I’ve felt rather unmotivated lately to work on the tags. I want to, but I have this fear that I’m going to mess them up. Plus I feel tired, and frustrated at my lack of time. And the fact that I have to work this weekend does not help. Complain, complain, complain. Anyway, here is one tag. I like how it’s coming along. There are freshwater pearls sewn along one edge, and emboidery floss wrapped around the other edges.

she loved her sewing maching


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a lifetime supply of crepe paper

I ordered some items from Blumchen. I just couldn’t resist! Plus I needed some stuff for my current & upcoming projects.

And I needed Lametta tinsel trim! ok?

I got some crepe paper. I’ve never used crepe paper in my work, but I thought it would be fun to try. When I looked at the packages (I got about five colors), I realized that each package contains a 7&1/2 foot length of crepe paper! um, that will last me the rest of my life I think. Maybe I’ll give some to Lily.

carbon made

I mentioned before (back in December) that I bought this book as a Christmas gift for myself:


Then for Hanukah my mother-in-law bought me this one:


So I decided this will be my year of Marilyn.

I’ve been a fan of hers since I was about 16, and I have several pictures of her hanging in my studio. I don’t remember at all how I became interested in her. She just had that inexplicable “something” about her – a combination of beauty, vulnerability, innocence, triumph, and trajedy – that simply draws people to her. I’ve read many books about her but none in a very long time, probably about 18 years.

I started reading The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe and it is utterly fascinating and compelling. I’m up to the point where Norma Jean is seven and her mother has just been (finally) diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and committed to an institution. What a sad and tragic life Norma Jean had, even by the age of seven.

This book is extremely detailed, so much so that I wonder how the author managed to get all this information! I can’t remember any other Marilyn book I’ve read with this level of detail, or one that examined so well the people in Marilyn’s early life.

It’s unfortunate that my reading time is right before my sleep time – I find it very difficult to put this book down!

40 is on the horizon
I have now entered the last year of my thirties, as my 39th birthday was on Saturday. I have reached the point in my life where I’ve started measuring it in decades. I have enough now that I can do that. I find myself looking forward to my forties but a bit apprehensive at the same time about growing older. I don’t think of myself as old, and I certainly don’t think 40 is old. But after 40 comes 50….and that’s really weird to think of myself as 50. I wonder what I’ll be like?

Anyway, I really do think my forties will be my best and happiest decade yet.

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merry christmas to me!
So I decided to buy myself a few Christmas gifts. I’ve been good, right? Well, kind of anyway. But these are necessities! And I’ve always felt that a Christmas gift should be something useful.

Anyway, I needed a new book to read. And books are a necessity in my life. I read a little before I go to bed – I wish I had more time but that’s how it is these days. I especailly enjoy biographies of women. I was looking around on Amazon and on a whim decided to look at books about Marilyn Monroe. I’m a big fan of hers, since I was about 16, and I’ve already read tons of books about her. But it’s a been a while, and I found this book:

Marilyn Monroe – Private and Undisclosed, by Michelle Morgan.

I read some of the reviews and it sounded good, so I bought it. It’s a beautful book, heavy (I’m going to develop some arm muscle reading that in bed!), with a lovely layout and cool photos. I couldn’t resist skimming through it, and many passages are remembrances of her by the people that knew her. I’m so glad I bought this, and can’t wait to read it (gotta finish my current book first though).

And my other gift to myself….

my darling tori

Tori’s new album, Midwinter Graces. And anything Tori is a necessity.

Lest you think this is a holiday album, this is Tori. So it’s a winter solstice album. I have to say it’s a bit strange to hear Tori singing some of these songs, but it’s really growing on me. Her albums either I love immediately upon the first listen, or they have to grow on me. This one is growing. I particularly like Star of Wonder, Harps of Gold, Winter’s Carol, Our New Year, and of course, Pink and Glitter.

~shower the world with pink~

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So here is my re-organized studio. I love my new table – it is just perfect. It has shelves underneath, two drawers, and the top part you can either put up or down, plus it has see-through bags and loops for more storage. I still need a chair though…



I was able to put all of my boxes (that I use to make embellished boxes for gift-giving) in my bead cabinet (which had a prevous life as my mom’s china cabinet) and I was also able to stack the bins containing my rubber stamps, inks and other coloring agents, embellishments, and future jewelry projects, on top. This freed up a lot of room on the floor, which is where all that stuff used to be, and eliminated all of that clutter.

Then there are my meager, but beloved, decorations – my Marilyn pictures, my 2007 Wizard of Oz calendar (which will remain hanging up because I like the pictures). I recently realized how un-creative and un-artistic my studio looks (I decided to call it my studio even though it’s only a corner of a room. “Studio” sounds more serious than “play area”.) so I want to start displaying some of my work as well as other things I find inspiring, like these beautiful cards I found at Wegman’s featuring the artwork of Alphonse Mucha.


This is The Precious Stones: Amethyst, 1900, and Documents decoratifs, 1902.


And this is The Arts: Music, 1898.

I just love these. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but there is a generous amount of glitter on each card. I’d never heard of Alphonse Mucha before I picked up these cards; I’ll have to do some research and find out more about him and his work.

And the final touch to my studio would be the removal of the wood paneling (someday…) Wood paneling was apparently the wall covering of choice for the previous occupants of our house, because it’s everywhere, and I really hate it. It’s the antithesis of artistry. oh well. Someday it will be gone, and that will be a very happy day indeed.

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