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We spent this past weekend at my Dad & Stepmom’s house in Dushore, PA. It’s really lovely there and so pretty – nothing but trees, fields, hills, farmland, and creeks everywhere. As well as strange noises in the night!

We ate breakfast as usual at the Jolly Trolley in town. We also checked out an arts & crafts show, played in the creek, went to the Sullivan County Fair (and saw our first demolition derby!), and spent some time at Lake Jean in Rickets Glen State Park.

Here are some photos…

This is the field across the road from my Dad and Stepmom’s house.

lovely field

Lily in the creek.


A prize-winning rooster at the Sullivan County Fair. He really was quite beautiful!

prize-winning rooster

And some prize-winning cows.

prize-winning cows

This is the demolition derby at the Sullivan County Fair. It was neat; I think I could have watched the whole thing! It goes on for hours – it started at 6 and when we left at 9 it was still going strong.

demo derby!

demo derby!

demo derby!

Here’s Lily – I took this photo while we were at the demolition derby. She looks so beautiful!


And here is Marc and Lily, on the beach at Lake Jean.

at lake jean

We started on our journey last Friday, and stopped at Knoebel’s on the way. It was so nice! We really love Knoebel’s. It wasn’t very crowded, which was great. Lily went on her first “grown-up” roller coasters, the Twister and the Phoenix. She loved the Twister; not so much the Phoenix.

All in all we had a great time. It was my Dad’s 65th birthday on Labor Day, so it was nice to spend this time with him.

Thanks for stopping by!


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