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i can if i think i can
I’ve been watching the second season of Ruby. Ruby is a woman who at the beginning of the first season weighed close to 500 pounds. The show chronicles her efforts to lose weight; at the end of the first season she had lost about 100 pounds.

I just love Ruby. She is beautiful, sweet, funny – there’s a certain charm and charisma that she possesses. And she is incredibly courageous and inspiring in sharing her life on national TV. I’ve learned so much by watching her, in terms of what life is like for someone that weighs so much. Like when she started swim aerobics and couldn’t find a bathing suit in her size, or the humiliation she suffered when a stewardess told her she’d have to take two seats on the airplane, or trying to find a chair without arms in a doctor’s waiting room.

I think she’s great. And I really love the theme song too!

genuine handcrafted wax seal
So I mentioned before the trouble I was having trying to make a wax seal for my aubergine project. I followed the directions exactly and pretty much every time I ended with wax stuck all over the seal.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when the directions aren’t working for you, it’s time to do your own thing. The directions said to press the seal into the hot wax for one or two seconds and then lift it up. I decided to leave it in the wax for about a minute instead, to give the wax time to harden a bit. I put lots of baby oil on the seal so that it would release from the wax. et voila! A perfect wax seal.

I’m so happy I finally figured it out. Maybe it had to do with the temperature in our house, as we don’t have central air and it was pretty warm when I was making my attempts. But whatever, I’ve got it figured out so that’s all that matters.

girls art night out
Last Saturday I had some of my close female relatives over for a night of nibbling, chatting, and, most importantly, creating.

My mom does all sorts of arts and crafts, my sister does counted cross stitch, my sister-in-law knits, and my mother-in-law dabbles in various crafts. I thought it would be fun to get together and work on some projects.

I had intended to take photos to post, and I even purposely set out my camera so that I wouldn’t forget. But since I have apparently inherited my mom’s “memory”, I of course completely forgot to take any photos.

But we’ll be getting together again, so there’s always hope for next time.

In the meantime, here is the necklace I worked on. I had it started, and I was able to almost complete it that night. I finished it last night.

junque necklace

A lot of the components were part of a charm bracelet that I had purchased as a kit. I got tired of the bracelet and decided to use the pieces to make a necklace. I call this my “junque necklace”.

it’s the little things that count
Wegman’s broccoli cheddar cheese soup. Tazo’s Awake tea. Lay’s potato chips. Chips Ahoy (the little ones in the “snack” bag.) Delish!

~experiencing a night of freedom~


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