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Finally (finally!) I finished the June page in my calendar journal book. It took a long time for me to get around to completing this page (as in, I started it some time last year. I can’t even remember when!). It seems these days that I have less and less time for my arts and crafts. Or maybe I’m just not using my time wisely. At any rate, I have hardly made any progress on my goals for this year. But I’m hoping to turn that around during the next six months.

Anyway, here is the page. I created the background by layering paint and rubber stamping. To create the journal squares I stamped on white cardstock and then cut out the squares.

I’m going to challenge myself with the July page and use colors that are rarely in my palette…orange and yellow. I want it to be elegant though. When I think of orange and yellow I don’t normally think of elegance. We’ll see how that turns out.

I don’t particularly plan out these calendar journal pages; I start with a vague idea and progress from there. I use paint, ink, and rubber stamps to create the backgrounds. It’s fun to do but takes me sooooo long to finish a page. I just can’t seem to focus on one project at a time. I need to have at least 3 projects going, and usually more than that.

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