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I have no idea why, but Savoy Truffle has been flitting in and out of my head for several weeks now.

Anyway, I bought some cute rubber stamps at Joann’s on Saturday. I had intended to buy a new magazine, but they were on sale 10% off (why even bother having a sale if it’s only 10%?) so I couldn’t use my 50% off coupon. So I bought these instead:

Birds Galore, by Inkadinkado
Inkadinkado - Birds Galore

I’ve had my eye on them for a while. I can see using a couple of them in my polyshrink jewelry, and they’d all be great to use on greeting cards and tags.

I think I’m slowly starting to have a desire to use birds in my art. It must the Somerset Studio influence – so many of the artists use birds. Plus time spent with Lily watching birds in our backyard. We get a surprising variety, considering our suburban setting.

The punches I ordered from Scrapbook.com arrived last week. I ordered a couple Krylon leafing pens and a heat mat from Joggles. The heat mat will come in handy not only for the polyshrink but also for when I start using beeswax (which will be any year now!). The leafing pens are for coloring the edges of the polyshrink pieces. It gives a nice finished touch.

Then I just need a 1/8″ hole punch and I thought I’d get a large circle punch to make pendants for necklaces too. Good thing I have another 50% off coupon.

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