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It feels like it’s been forever since I posted…I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long. Things have been a bit crazy in April – I have a new position at work which requires some after-hours work just to keep up with everything. I’ve hardly done anything creative. I really want to get back on track with my artistic goals.

Some good news…my recycled magazine page bows will be published in an upcoming issue of Greencraft magazine! I was very happy to receive that news…now I just need to write the article.

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Happy New Year! To me, the new year represents a new beginning, and I love an opportunity for a new beginning. I try to view each day even as a chance at a new beginning and a fresh start.

I completed my artistic goals for 2013. I’m a very goal-oriented, to-do-list kind of person. I like to have a feeling of accomplishment, and crossing finished items off of a list gives me great satisfaction. I think goals are very important – I don’t want to simply drift through life. I want a plan, and I want to accomplish something worthwhile. That doesn’t happen by accident.

I must say I failed miserably with my 2012 goals. I’ve hardly done any arts and crafts the last couple months – I’ve been very busy at work and haven’t felt very motivated at home to work on my projects. But it’s a new year, so I will leave 2012 behind and look forward to 2013.

I have 18 goals for 2013 – ambitious, but I like to aim high and give myself way too much to do!

Here are my artistic goals. Perhaps they can inspire you to create some goals yourself, or if you have some, perhaps you would like to share?

1. Bead one ornament.
2. Do a journal page every day/every other day for a month.
3. Buy one piece of art.
4. Buy and start Tangie’s Photoshop course.
5. Buy the Tangible Planner and accessories.
6. Finish buying metal-stamping supplies.
7. Buy resin and start using.
8. Make Julian’s scrapbook.
9. Submit 3 to 4 projects.
10. Finish going through Photoshop.
11. Continue practicing soldering.
12. Art & craft with Lily once a month.
13. Add Christmas things to Flickr (or put everything on Pinterest?)
14. Bead something from a magazine.
15. Take a class.
16. Blog twice a month at least.
17. Blog updates – new background, page for publications, signature, fancy photos, about me, update sidebar (quotes)
18. Continue working on digital projects

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Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of What If I’m a Mermaid?.  I thought I would take a moment to revisit my very first post.  I had written a list of goals which I hoped to achieve through my blog, or online art journal as I preferred to call it back then.  I can say that I have pretty much failed at all seven of my goals.

1.  Mark my artistic creations, endeavors, hopes, dreams, failures, and accomplishments.   – ok, I do some of this, but I could go deeper.

2.  Share with other women the struggle to maintain a “room of one’s own” when one has so many other responsibilities to tend to.   –  I have spoken of this a bit.

3.  Share my art with others.   – I have accomplished this one!

4.  Put myself and my work out into the world.   – This also I have accomplished.

5.  Challenge my creativity.   – I have done this a bit, with a couple challenges, such as the Halloween inchies I did last year.  Actually I think that’s the only challenge I’ve done!

6.  Meet new people.   – I would say that I have accomplished this in a general way.  Blogging has given me an opportunity to learn about topics and see things from different perspectives.

7.  Allow those interested in my work an opportunity to learn more about my processes of thought and creativity.   – I do speak a bit about my process but I could certainly explore that more.

Here are my new goals:

1.  Share my work, dreams, failures, accomplishments, and processes.

2.  Challenge my creativity via special projects.

3.  Encourage others to explore their creativity.

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So how does 2011 stack up? Not as wonderful as I was expecting, but I keep high hopes, and I am willing to give 2012 everything I’ve got.

Here were my favorite occasions:

1. Celebrating my 40th birthday with my family at one of my favorite restaurants, Fountainside.
2. My niece Gwen’s 5th birthday party.
3. Our anniversary dinner at Augusto’s – delicious!
4. My son Julian’s 20th birthday dinner at another favorite restaurant, Maggio’s.
5. Camping at Black Moshannon with my dad’s and stepmother’s families.
6. My daughter Lily’s 5th birthday party at Bounce U.
7. Lily’s graduation from pre-school.
8. My cousin Carla’s wedding (to husband Curt).
9. Going to Dutch Wonderland with our brother-in-law Ed and niece Gwen.
10. Staying at my dad and stepmom’s cabin in Dushore, and checking out the Dushore Days festivities.
11. Attending the Bezel Boot Camp class, taught by Kim St Jean, at Bead Fest.
12. Our mini vacation in Ocean City MD.
13. Lily starting kindergarten.
14. Thanksgiving – one of my favorite holidays.
15. Seeing Tori at the Academy of Music.
16. Winning the Cornerstone award at work.
17. My brother-in-law Darren’s cd release party, and the dinner that I treated Marc to at Chifa beforehand, to celebrate his birthday.
18. Christmas – my favorite holiday.
19. Celebrating my nephew Owen’s first birthday.

And so here we are. It would seem that 2011 was pretty good then. And 2012? I am still working on putting together my goals, but I expect great things to happen, for all of my family and myself. I can’t wait to see what the days hold!

Wishing you a very happy New Year!


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out of focus
I am all over the place when it comes to my art&craft work. I’m trying to learn Photoshop. I want to experiment more wih collage. I want to make more jewelry and learn metalworking techniques. I want to try drawing.

I feel rather scattered.

I didn’t used to be like that. When I did my beadwork, that was all I did. Beadwork.

Now that I’ve entered this mixed media/collage/digital art world, techniques, ideas, and inspiration are rushing at me all at once and I want to grab it all. I don’t want to miss anything, and I want to do it all.

Is that asking too much?

There are so many techniques I want to learn and supplies I want to play with – metalwork, digital art, fabric, lace-making, beeswax, resin, painting, drawing, precious metal clay.

And I feel so pressed for time – the artful life is passing me by. I feel like I’m always five steps behind everyone else. I find it difficult to focus on just one technique or medium – is this normal? Maybe I should just go with it.

I do believe though, that if I simply keep taking it all in, learning everything I can and doing everything I can with the time that I have, that one day, some day, it’s all going to come together into something wonderful.

dancing star


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hello again!
Once again I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted. ok, maybe more like three weeks. whatever. That’s a long time for me. I haven’t been working on much, which is probably the main reason for my lack of posting. Plus I’ve been super busy at work. Those are my excuses.

vintage delightfulness
I found this great website – Vintage Design Resource – chock full of vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry components. yummy! I ordered the Immaculate Ring Vintage Jewelry Kit and a length of chain. For starters!

bookmarks – why not?
For Somerset Studio’s literary theme I decided to make two collaged bookmarks, representing two of my favorite books – The House of Mirth and The Custom of the Country, both by Edith Wharton (one of my favorite authors). I’m not making much progress however because of printer issues. Almost all of the elements I’m using need to be printed out. Right now they’re trapped in my computer! Time is running out; I really wanted to get them done this weekend.

I’m afraid with the themes I tend to be very literal in my interpretation – is there a lack of creativity on my part? I wish I could be more abstract in my thinking.

time – why can’t we be friends?
oh time! I start off the year full of enthusiasm and eager to start on my goals for the year. Unfortunately the first two weeks of January are very busy for me at work, and I quickly start to feel as if I am accomplishing nothing. But the busy time has passed, so now I can focus on the other parts of my life! I have a variety of goals for the year, many of which involve re-organizing certain things around the house. I have some personal goals as well, and of couse my artistic goals. So I’ve got plenty to do!

I feel as though I did not accomplish much last year, in artistic endeavors (well, in pretty much all endeavors), and looking back at my posts from last year, I see that that feeling is correct. I did more than I remember, but not as much as I would have liked.

But that’s cool. Another year, another 365 days of opportunity! (minus 25.)


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has it been that long?
It has been forever since I last posted, or feels like it, anyway. I was so busy with Christmas preparations that I couldn’t take time for my poor little blog. I wanted to post something on Christmas day – photos, well wishes – yeah right. I don’t know why I think I’ll have time to post on holidays.

Christmas was lovely and wonderful – truly one of my favorite times of the year. This year I developed a new appreciation for Andy Williams’ Christmas songs. Lily got a ton of stuff, as usual – some of which I have hidden away for now.

Marc gave me a Kindle which I have slowly been exploring (a couple days ago I bought the complete works of Jane Austen for $1.00!). I never thought I wanted a Kindle, which is usually the case with me and new technological forms of media. But I have to say, the Kindle has awakened in me a renewed enthusiasm for reading. Lately I have hardly read anything; my bedtime habit of reading for ten minutes or so before sleeping has been laid aside for the past couple months. With my Kindle however I’m feeling excited about reading again. Of course there’s still a question of finding the time to read, but the Kindle is so light and slim, so portable, and so perhaps will offer possibilities for fitting reading into my daily life that I didn’t have before. So anyway, I really love it.

over in the arts and crafts room
The only thing I’ve been working on, arts & crafts-wise, was a jewelry set (necklace, two bracelets, and a pair of earrings) that a woman I work with asked me to restring. The beads were just my style – black and crystal facetted glass and silver beads. I threw in some beads from my collection too. It was enjoyable to rework the jewelry because she pretty much let me do as I pleased with it. Most of the beads had fallen off the wires, so it was impossible for me to know what the pieces originally looked like.

I didn’t take any pictures of the pieces, but I thought they turned out lovely, full of sparkle, and most importantly, my co-worker seemed very pleased with them.

So now it’s back to my Polyshrink jewelry, which I would love to finish in time to submit for the summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. The deadline is January 15th, which is iffy. I have to take mail time into consideration, which means I need to have the pieces done and packed for mailing on January 5th. yeah, that is not happening. oh well. There’s always the fall issue!

That’s ok though, because I probably should work on my submission for Somerset Studio’s literary theme, which is due in February if memory serves me correctly (which it often doesn’t). Always another project waiting in the wings!

goals – good and bad
I did terribly on my goals for 2010 – both my personal goals and my artistic goals. As usual I gave myself way too much to do (I insist on thinking I am super woman. not!) I’m disappointed that I didn’t accomplish more. But 2011 is a new year, and a new opportunity, and I will happily take every opportunity that comes my way.

I’m going to attempt to be more realistic in what I can accomplish in a year.

And in 2011, I will absolutely, positively learn how to solder!

$8.47 for a year of organization
Along with having my 2011 goals prepared, I have purchased my new calendar book. I love it – it’s just like the one I had for 2010 but smaller. Filled with fresh, clean, unwritten pages – who knows what this year holds? What will my pages be filled with?

I can’t wait to find out!


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