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It’s been a while since I posted…I have no good excuse really, I just have been really busy (I really dislike that word!) or something I guess. I have plenty to post about though, that’s for sure!

So one of my goals for this year is to submit four items to magazines. My Christmas ornaments fell through, I did submit my encouragement cards but I haven’t heard anything so I’ll take that as a no. And last Friday I mailed some new ATCs – I call them the “sunshine happy sparkle” sisters.

three sisters

I made these for the “aqua” theme for an upcoming issue of Somerset Studio. I’m pleased with how they turned out, although it was not easy to get them done in time – they had to be in California today.

When I thought of the color aqua, I thought of children, happiness, bright colors, summer, and fun. Then – and this is how crazy inspiration often is – I was walking down the hall at work thinking about sparkly things (hey, I need a break sometimes from all the numbers I work with!), and then I noticed how sunny and pretty it was outside, so I was thinking about sunshine sparkles. Somehow that turned into sunshine happy sparkle (which sounds like a Japanese interpretation). And suddenly the idea popped into my head to make the ATCs featuring three sisters named Sunshine, Happy, and Sparkle.

I wrote a little story about the sisters and printed it onto tissue paper, which I glued onto the ATCs (I used premade watercolor paper ATCs). I painted over that with aqua, then stamped over that. I printed out the photos and colored them with pencils. And of course I had to add some sparkle with stick-on rhinestones. I put masking tape across the bottom, and I inked over the tape a bit to dull down the black. Et voila!

I think they turned out cute, and definitely captured what I was aiming for.

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One of my annual artistic goals is to buy a piece of artwork by another artist. Artwork in this case would be something that I can hang on the wall, since I don’t really have anywhere else to put it.

Anyway, in December I bought my first piece of artwork, this lovely print called “Two of a Kind”by Emily Winfield Martin…

two of a kind

I just adore Miss Martin’s work. There is something intriguing and endearing about her whimsically odd fairytale figures. I particularly love this piece; it is very sweet and intriguing – I would love to know the story of these two figures. I love the pale hair of both, and how the girl’s eyes are red like the bunny’s, but it looks perfectly natural instead of weird. And the little star in her hair is a perfect touch.

Miss Martin has an Etsy shop – The Black Apple. If you like my lovely print be sure to check out the rest of her work!

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