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So last night (Saturday) I had the pleasure of an empty house. My in-laws took my daughter for the night, my husband was out with his brother, and my son was at his dad’s. It was just me, and me alone. Oh joy! Oh rapture!

I am a most solitary creature at heart.

I worked on a couple Christmas presents, and have them almost finished. During which I watched an episode of The Universe, an episode of Ruby, a bootleg Tori concert, two Doctor Who episodes, and Absolutely Fabulous – White Box (but only part of it). I even steamed an artichoke – just like old times.

The Universe is a show on the History Channel, and I absolutely love it. As I have mentioned before, I am fascinated by the universe, the stars, the solar system, galaxies, anything that has to do with outer space. To examine these things – oh, I wish ever so that I had become an astronomer or a cosmologist. I think that is my dream job. To examine the workings of the universe – it’s like touching the divine. And learning the inner workings of life.

Ruby is one of my new favorite shows. It chronicles the weight loss efforts of an-over-500-pound woman, Ruby. She is so sweet and beautiful, and she has such a lovely personality – I root for her, and want her to lose the weight. I hope she does.

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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. – Cecil B. DeMille

Right now I’m working on a birthday gift for my sister. Her birthday was in
March (I’m just a little behind!) but we’re only just going out
to celebrate tomorrow anyway, so I guess it’s ok. Unfortunately I don’t
think I will have it done in time, unless I work on it tonight. I really
wanted to work on my green carnelian project, but I may have to put that
aside. It’s just frustrating, because I haven’t had a chance to work on
it since February.

I’ve also started making the invitations for Lily’s birthday party in
June. Her dress is black and white, so I decided to go with black, white,
and pink for the invitations. I also bought this really cute birthday
party rubber stamp set a month or so ago, so I’m going to use some of
those stamps. Here is a sample that I worked up last week.

Sample birthday invitation

This is one side…this is the other.

Other side of sample birthday invitation

This side is a bit messy, but I just wanted to work out the design and layout. I’m going to embellish both sides with pink glitter glue and pink stars.

For Mother’s Day I am making everyone bookmarks. I’ve had this one particular idea in my mind for bookmarks for a while. They are going to be based on a Tori Amos song called “Mother Revolution” (perfect for Mother’s Day). I love this song, and the image I get of mothers (and potential mothers) gathering together to have a cup of tea while planning a coup d’etat appeals to the revolutionary in me. The background of the bookmarks will have the lyrics, and I will attach a vintage-looking picture of a mother and child, add the words “mother revolution”, tie on some pretty ribbons and beads, and voila! Bookmarks with an undertone of insubordination.

I would like to make cards, too. If I have time. I think I do, but we’ll see. Nothing crazy, just elegant simplicity.


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 Our Christmas tree, featuring a menagerie of ornaments, with everything from handpainted glass to Homer Simpson on a sleigh.
So we had a lovely Christmas. Lily is too young to know what’s going on, but she did help open a few presents. Here are some scenes from the morning.
This is Julian and Lily in front of the tree.  Lily was not in the mood to sit, and Julian looks half asleep still.  This picture does not do him justice – he’s much cuter than this!
Here is Lily playing with one of her new toys. I got this from One Step Ahead; it’s this toddler puzzle thing, with pieces that fit into other pieces.  She seems to like it.
This is Lily with our Homer Simpson Santa. There’s a button you push and he says different things. She loves him, for some reason!
I received many wonderful gifts. My hubby gave me a lighting studio so that I can finally take some decent pictures of my work. I can’t wait to try it out.  He also gave me a bunch of Tori Amos bootlegs from her recent tour – he knows he can never go wrong with anything Tori. Julian gave me a nice cozy electric blanket. Lily gave me a box of Jacques Torres chocolates. These are handcrafted gourmet chocolates, and they are to die for. Check them out:
I also got two beautiful rings from my Mom. They were made by Tiffini Electra X. She makes art with a vintage look, and uses antique papers and images in her work. Neat!  As soon as I can get a chance, I will take a picture of them in my new lighting studio. 
What else? Oh, a couple gift cards for Joann’s – one of my favorite places. And a daily beading calendar, which I took to work to have something nice to look at and to remind me of my creative life that exists beyond the office walls.

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Thanks to the Christmas spirits I did manage to finish the important things. 

Here are three bracelets that I made as gifts.  They are simple wirework bracelets, but the beautiful beads make them stand out. 


This was for my sister-in-law.  I love these bracelets; they are from my June Second collection.  I really have to make one for myself.



This was for my sister.  Aren’t these beads gorgeous?  They make me think of the ocean. 



And this was for my mom.  I made this to match a necklace that I made for her several years ago.


I also managed to finish the two gift boxes I had been working on.



I had intended to take a picture of all the gift boxes together once I packed the jewelry pieces inside and tied ribbon around the outside, but of course I forgot until Christmas Eve when I got home at 4pm, and by then I was far to tired to gather them all together. What a shame, because it would have been so pretty! oh well, maybe next year!

I am so exhausted from the holidays.  I have a lot more to write, but it will have to wait.  It is almost 11 now, and I’ve got to get to bed.  Good night!

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