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I finally – finally! – finished the May page in my calendar journal. I’m overall pleased with it…

mixed media calendar page

mixed media calendar page

mixed media calendar page

mixed media calendar page

I started the June page – so far I painted it pink. And it’s going to have black designs. Other than that I have no idea what I’m doing. I chose green for May because my son was born in May, and the birthstone is emerald. My daughter was born in June, but the birthstone is pearl. I’m not doing a pearl page. So I chose pink instead. Funny how I never cared much for pink before Lily was born. Now I love it!

In non-arts & crafts related things, I finished reading Emma, by Jane Austen. I adore Emma! I loved this book – I hated to put it down. One thing that I particularly loved about Emma was her honesty in looking at herself and the mistakes she made. She was quick to acknowledge when she was at fault, and determined to change her ways.

I started reading Daniel Deronda by George Eliot. I haven’t read any George Eliot for a few years, and I’ve never read Daniel Deronda. I like it very much so far. I like Gwendolen a lot – I admire her ambition to be something more than the status quo, even if she doesn’t necessarily have the means to do so. Or even know what it is that she wants to be, other than fabulous!

And Project Runway…I was disappointed that Wendy and Andre left so early. I remember loving Wendy’s designs from the first season, and Andre is such a character. oh well. I’ve still got my Kayne and Josh!

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