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For the last few years I have wanted to be more creative for the holidays, and to do holiday crafts with Lily. I was trying to figure out something for Valentine’s Day when I found this great idea for Valentine vases on Pinterest. Take a Mason jar, stick a doily on it, and secure with a ribbon. et voila! Simple, quick, and oh-so-cute vases. Lily and I made a bunch last weekend. I was so thrilled for such an easy project – I had everything we needed, and even threw in some K&Company embellishments I had purchased last Valentine’s Day (and wondered what I would ever do with!). I bought flowers Wegman’s and set up my Valentine vignette on the dining room table. It looks so pretty!

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I was so happy when I saw these growing in our yard…




Aren’t they so pretty?

I noticed the trees at work have begun to bud…the birds have been chirping away…and there’s a freshness in the air.

Spring is here! And welcome to a season of new beginnings!


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Here’s what I’ve been working on lately – a fascinating glimpse into my studio!

my worktable

I’ve done a late of rearranging and reorganizing in my studio over the past few months, with the result that I’m now actually able to use my work table as….a work table! gasp! There was always so much junk on top – it was that sort of place in the house where I would just put stuff. But not anymore!

So the little piles of circles to the right are going to be paper flowers for my encouragment cards. And the stuff in the middle is going to be a mini collage I’m creating to make into a soldered pendant. I’m going to do three pendants to start with, and this is the first. I chose three phrases to work with – “she was a star of known luminosity”, “be cast into the sea”, and “kooky and meticulous” – and then I chose three photos of vintage women and a variety of decorative papers to go along with them.

I don’t have anything to share for my Photoshop Friday. The previous Friday we went to Dutch Wonderland – it was so hot, by the time we left I was not feeling well, and when we got home all I could manage to do was sit in front of the tv and watch the new episode of Project Runway. This past Friday I did some stuff with the spot healing tool and patching, but I don’t have anything interesting to show for it!

I do however have some photos from Dutch Wonderland to share…

Lily, Gwen, Marc, and Ed on the roller coaster. They went on five times! Ed and Gwen are in front of Marc and Lily.
up and up

Marc and Lily about to go down the hill.
here we go!

Marc and Lily out for a drive.
beep beep!

Gwen and Lily on the whip.
whip it!

my little birdie
I have managed to do a little bit of drawing….it was really fun! Here is my picture. It’s very simple, but I like it.

sing little bird

I sketched it in pencil first, and then outlined it with a Sakura Pigma Micron pen. And finally, I colored it in with Prismacolor colored pencils.

thanks for stopping by!


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our garden in the window
I have always loved the idea of having a garden. Note I said “idea”. I have visions of myself tending to my gardens – planting, watering, weeding, gathering. However, if I have a green thumb, there has never been any evidence.

I have fond memories of my grandmother’s house; she always had gardens – flower gardens all around the house and around the trees, a vegetable garden – with corn! I thought that was so neat. Along with the more usual tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, carrots, string beans, etc. There was a strawberry patch and peach and pear trees in the backyard. I always thought it was so cool. My grandmother would make canned peaches and tomatoes, and make delicious zucchini bread.

I have inherited none of that talent.

When we bought our house several years ago, I was so excited to see a couple flower gardens already in existence. Unfortunately with the birth of Lily. any time for activities not directly related to our immediate survival was eliminated, and Nature has thus been allowed to reclaim those gardens.

But Lily is a bit older now; I have a few extra minutes of free time every week, and when I was at Wegman’s about a month ago and saw they had some gardening kits, my dreams of tending the soil were reawakened. I couldn’t resist. I ended up buying a strawberry-growing kit complete with soil, seeds, and a mini greenhouse. I mostly bought it for Lily. Mostly.

A few weeks later I bought a tomato-growing kit, and a couple weeks after that Lily brought home from school a sugar snap pea seed. Or was it a pod? It was kind of big for a seed. See, that’s how much I know about growing stuff!

And now we have a little garden on our window sill.

our little garden

Here are the strawberries…


And the tomatoes…


And the sugar snap peas…

sugar snap pea

The sugar snap pea and tomato plants desparately need to be potted. That will be the next step – if they survive that, then perhaps there is some hope for my wanna-be green thumb.

And how about you, dear readers? I would love to hear about your gardening adventures!


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