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sparkle sparkle and more sparkle
I received my latest batch of goodies from Artbeads – this time we were given the opportunity to choose from Artbeads’ wide selection of Swarovski crystal beads and components!

When I first started beading I would never use Swarovski crystal beads – they seemed too hard and cold to me.

Then I came across a beautiful bracelet in one of my bead magazines that was made entirely from Swarovski crystal beads. I thought I would give it a try, and that’s all it took. The incredible sparkle of the beads dazzled my eyes, and I was converted instantly into a Swarovski lover.

So here are some gorgeous Swarovksi pendants:

Swarovski crystal pendant in Ocean Blue, 24mm
Crystal ocean Swarovski pendant

Swarovski crystal pendant in Volcano, 24mm

crystal volcano Swarovski pendant

And my favorite, Swarovski crystal pendant in Red Magma, 23x39mm

crystal magma Swarovski pendant
I also got matching beads for the Red Magma pendant.

And then I also got some lovely little rhinestone flatbacks:

Swarovski crystal flatbacks

Clockwise from the left: Olivine, vitrail light, cosmo jet, and jet nut.

Pretty cool, yes? I have a couple ideas for the ocean blue and red magma pendants, but they need to percolate a bit more before they’re ready to be brought to fruition.

the end of summer
It’s feeling like the end of summer. All the greenery outside seems full and heavy. There’s nothing left but for leaves to start falling. How does time slip by so quickly? It’s getting dark noticeably earlier, and the sun is rising later. Even the birds in the morning are sounding different.

~still sparkling anyway~

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