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ooh les fees!
My little French fairies are all done.

La Fee Francaise ATC

La Fee Francaise ATC

La Fee Francaise ATC

I’m pleased with how they turned out. I restrained myself in regards to adding embellishments – originally I intended to add lots of crystals. But it didn’t look right, and I didn’t want the fairies to be overwhelmed by too much sparkle (did I just say “too much sparkle”? heaven forbid!)

La Fee Francaise ATC - detail

They ended up with a simplicity and subtlety that I’m really happy with.

La Fee Francaise ATC - detail

dreams of paris
I started my other aubergine project as well. I found the absolute most perfect picture to use.

she dreams of paris

Isn’t she wonderful? I just love her!

I got the new July/August issue of Somerset Studio (50% off coupon again. AC Moore knows what I like!)

Somerset Studio - July/August 2009

Lots of color and flowers in this issue, as well as the usual gorgeous-ness. It has been added to my magazines-to-read pile.

get ready for the holidays
I received a copy of my article that will be in the next issue of Somerset Holidays. Lovely, of course, thanks to the beautiful layout and photos. It’s so exciting to me, and I feel that it’s just the beginning.

details, details.
The wind blowing the rain so hard there was a mist coming in our front door. Thunder and lightening. Lily screaming in delight over her new flip-flops.

~off on my way~

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more & more new jewels
I made this necklace to showcase the beautiful Russian pendant I got from Artbeads.

Emerald - russian pendant necklace

Emerald - beautiful pendant necklace

I used one of my favorite types of beads, Czech fire-polished, as well as antiqued-brass chain and findings. Artbeads has a great selection of beads, including lots of beautiful Czech fire-polished.

I’m really pleased with the necklace, and of course I’ll be making a pair of earrings to go with it.

Emerald - necklace

oh aubergine
I decided to make a second aubergine project – a small (approximately 7″x5″) canvas. This will allow me to use the sealing wax and seal, as was my original intention. It will have a photo of a vintage lady on it and be French-themed, and other than that I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing with it. I’ll just find a photo I like and let that be the inspiration.

still playing with the fairies
I worked some more on my digital art piece:

fairy play

It’s getting there. I want to add some words, maybe something about playing with dragonflies.

a spoonful of sugar
My daughter has been watching Mary Poppins (on repeat!) for the past couple weeks. I had bought it for her maybe when she was one, as part of my effort to build up a nice library of Disney movies for her. I’d never seen the movie myself, and I still haven’t seen the entire thing, but I must say I adore that Miss Poppins.

It’s a wonderful movie, with great songs (which are now lodged permanently in my brain) – it’s fun and uplifting. You cannot possibly be in a bad mood after watching the delightful Mary Poppins.

life’s in the details
Enjoying a bowl of delicious cold cherries. Wandering the aisles of AC Moore. Watching Lily play at daycare before she realizes I’m there.

~looking for a carpet bag of my own~

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