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I was inspired to make these anklets when I saw my sister-in-law wearing anklets at their fourth of July party. When I saw hers I thought, I need some anklets. I haven’t worn them in years. So it was about time, right?

I used sterling silver chain and findings to make these. The blue stone charm was made by an artist on Etsy; unfortunately I don’t know who because I decided not to keep the business card that came with it. The cross charm is sterling silver and I got it from Artbeads. I made the pearl charm with a freshwater pearl and sterling silver wire. Once I had the anklets assembled I let them bathe in a liver of sulfur solution until they were nice and dark.



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Continuing with the tradition I started on my 40th birthday, I bought myself a birthday gift. Jewelry, of course. And continuing with tradition I chose to support an artist on Etsy. When I saw this beautiful necklace by Danita, featuring her drawing of Marie Antoinette, I knew I had to have it. I am very familiar with Danita’s work, since she is a regular in the Stampington magazines I obsess over. Her lovely figures are simple, yet alluring and mysterious. And the eyes! Amazing.

I just adore my new necklace!

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I decided to take a few of my Polyshrink fragments and make some necklaces. Just simple designs – I don’t like to make the pieces too complicated or fancy because the fragments are so small and delicate. I want them to be the focus.

I’m creating a necklace set for each fragment. One necklace will feature the fragment and the other will be complimentary, with just beads.

Here is the one I’ve finished so far….


And on me…

fragment necklace

I might keep this one for myself! But I’m working on others for my currently non-existent Etsy shop. I wish I could think of a good name for my shop…I’m not so good at coming up with clever names for things. oh well!

Have a lovely day!


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This post is rather late, seeing that my birthday was over a month ago, and we’re on the verge of spring, but I really wanted to share this necklace, so…

Last year when I turned 40 I decided to buy myself a gift (or gifts) and I ended up buying a few pieces of jewelry from different artists on Etsy.

I thought this would be a good tradition to continue, so this year for my 41st birthday I bought this necklace from Wearable Art by Jude

a tree in winter

I had contemplated buying this last year but didn’t. So I decided to get it this year. I really love it!

me in the winter

This necklace reminds me of a teaching by Joyce Meyer. She said there are times in your life when it seems like nothing is happening. You’re not getting anywhere, things are not working, and you’re ready to give up. Like a tree in winter, you feel bare and dull, empty and lifeless. But don’t be deceived! Inside, there is new life preparing to burst forth at just the right time.

So just hang in there!


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new jewelry
I received one of the necklaces that I bought for my birthday.

This is Tarnished Past

by talula

by talula

My lovely new necklace is made from an antique rhinestone shoe clip and an antique skeleton key, connected with antiqued brass chain, with a little bit of antique lace tied on one side. I just love it!

I got it from Talula on Etsy – I really love her jewelry. She’s got many other pieces that I wouldn’t mind having!

And the presentation was just gorgeous!

it's all in the presentation

My necklace arrived in this beautifully decorated box. Inside was shredded music paper, and the necklace chain was wrapped around an old miniature playing card. Just darling! I truly felt like I was opening a gift.

The name of this necklace drew my attention during my initial search for birthday jewelry. Tarnished Past – this speaks to me of all the mistakes I’ve made in my life (and there are so many!) – I do feel as if I have a tarnished past. But the key represents redemption – it unlocks the door to a new life. And there is hope!


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let’s try this again
I added another item to my Etsy shop:

Melora earrings

This is the first item in my November 1919 line, which comprises jewelry that has an antique look to it.

I have been thinking lately of not selling any of my work right now, because it is so hard to find the time to take photos, edit them, and put the items online. Plus I haven’t sold anything (yet), although to be fair I’ve hardly tried. I only have two items in my shop right now, and if I were a buyer I wouldn’t stick around that shop very long.

But this weekend for some reason I suddenly felt excited about it my shop again and trying to sell my things, so I’ve decided not to give up yet and to put more effort into my humble little shop.

I really would love to sell my things, even if I could just make a bit of extra money to help support my creative addictions. Plus I just do not know what to do with all the stuff I make! My creations deserve better than to be stuck in a box, never seeing the light of day again.

Time to roll up the sleeves and get back down to business.

sew sew sew

I finished reading the Summer 2008 volume of Sew Somerset. After reading this particular magazine I always have a desire to get out my box of fabrics and start creating. I love to sew, mostly by hand, but the machine is good too. I’d like to make some cuffs, ATCs, and someday books. Maybe I’ll at least start looking through my fabrics…

My favorite articles were:
Vintage Bling Brooches, by Victoria Gertenbach

The Nature of My Heart, a gorgeous fabric book by Susan Edmonson and Kristin Steiner

Fabric Notepads, by Audrey Hernandez

Voices: Vintage Photo Album, an adorably clever book by Patricia Bober

Embellishing with Fabric, written by Alisha Fredrickson

The Softer Side of Magnet Boards, by Cynthia Grove Robinson

Love Theodore ATCs, by Karen O’Brien

~sweet dreams~

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meet rosalie
rosalie - wirework necklace
I added a new necklace to my Etsy shop – Rosalie. Rosalie is a wirework necklace made from sterling silver wire, lampwork beads by Mari Johnson, Czech fire-polished beads, and sterling silver bead caps. It’s a pretty little necklace, perfect for spring and summer.

digital art?
So Saturday I decided to work on some digital art. I have a digital art membership at Artella, so each month Marney sends digital backgrounds, clip art, and tutorials and some other stuff. It’s really cool. Until I actually tried to do something with it. Then the realization hit – I have no idea what I’m doing! I don’t know what to make, and I know very little of Photoshop.

It probably didn’t help that I was listening to Tori’s album at the same time. Trying to listen to that and read and understand a Photoshop tutorial at the same time is probably not a good idea.

I have so much to learn. I did put something together but it was pretty pathetic, so I’ll spare you. I’ll try again this Saturday and see what happens. Stay tuned!

~sweet dreams~

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