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A few weeks ago we drove 3 hours north to hang out with my family for a few days in beautiful Dushore PA. Then we drove 3 hours south to Ocean City MD to hang out with my husband’s family.

Here are some photos from Ocean City:

My husband’s family surrounds all of their traditions with food, and Ocean City is no exception. Thrashers fries and Fractured Prune doughnuts (both pictured above), crabs, Fishers popcorn, Wockenfuss, and Dumsers are all necessary accompaniments to the experience. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure there would be any experience if not for the food!

Dushore was lovely and peaceful. We checked out the Sullivan County fair (demolition derby!) and took a ride on the Hiawatha riverboat, which takes a little tour on the Susquehanna River. We also went to a wonderful antiques place called the Red Barn (I’m not sure if that is the exact name, but it’s a red barn).

Of course I had to buy something. There was no way I was going to leave without treasures. There was so much to choose from – dishes, kitchen utensils, linens, knick knacks, jewelry, clothes….I finally settled on some fantastic women’s magazines from the 1930s, a couple ladies’ club books (so cool!), and (bestill my heart!) vintage sewing accessories. Take a peek….

Aren’t they fabulous? I have an idea to make some tags with the ladies’ club books. I just adore old stuff!

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We spent this past weekend at my Dad & Stepmom’s house in Dushore, PA. It’s really lovely there and so pretty – nothing but trees, fields, hills, farmland, and creeks everywhere. As well as strange noises in the night!

We ate breakfast as usual at the Jolly Trolley in town. We also checked out an arts & crafts show, played in the creek, went to the Sullivan County Fair (and saw our first demolition derby!), and spent some time at Lake Jean in Rickets Glen State Park.

Here are some photos…

This is the field across the road from my Dad and Stepmom’s house.

lovely field

Lily in the creek.


A prize-winning rooster at the Sullivan County Fair. He really was quite beautiful!

prize-winning rooster

And some prize-winning cows.

prize-winning cows

This is the demolition derby at the Sullivan County Fair. It was neat; I think I could have watched the whole thing! It goes on for hours – it started at 6 and when we left at 9 it was still going strong.

demo derby!

demo derby!

demo derby!

Here’s Lily – I took this photo while we were at the demolition derby. She looks so beautiful!


And here is Marc and Lily, on the beach at Lake Jean.

at lake jean

We started on our journey last Friday, and stopped at Knoebel’s on the way. It was so nice! We really love Knoebel’s. It wasn’t very crowded, which was great. Lily went on her first “grown-up” roller coasters, the Twister and the Phoenix. She loved the Twister; not so much the Phoenix.

All in all we had a great time. It was my Dad’s 65th birthday on Labor Day, so it was nice to spend this time with him.

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dushore days.

in the middle of nowhere.
Sometimes the middle of nowhere is a delightful place to be. This past weekend we went up to my dad & stepmom’s house in Dushore PA, about 3 hours north of here. The second weekend of August is when the founder’s day celebration is held, complete with a keg-rolling contest and an outhouse race. And let me just say how entertaining kegs and outhouses can be.

But first, I have some exciting news….my Polyshrink jewelry was chosen for an article in an upcoming issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry!! I’m extremely pleased and happy. I put in a lot of work and time on those pieces. And now they will have their chance to shine.

Anyway, back to Dushore. Picture lots of big hills, covered in either fields of corn, fields of wildflowers, or woods. Dirt roads. Some paved roads. Farms. Deer, chipmunks, rabbits, a wild turkey. One traffic light in the entire county.

My dad and stepmom’s house is really cute – there’s a huge backyard, and a creek runs along the property. My dad built a small deck overlooking the creek, and you can walk down to the creek and splash around if you like. There’s a fire pit – who doesn’t love sitting around the fire at night? With a glass of wine, of course. Or a mojito if you’re my sister and brother-in-law.

It’s very peaceful and beautiful. The kind of place where you have no choice but to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Here are some pictures:

Gwen and Lily checking out the creek.
let's explore

Marc and the girls at the creek.
down at the creek

Lily and Gwen running around the backyard.
get that ball!

Lily and my dad on the tractor.
poppop & lily

Gwen petting a goat from the pet parade (there was also someone with a piglet – so cute! and a woodchuck!)
a little goat

Gwen participating in the kid’s outhouse race.
go gwen!

Lily participating in the kid’s outhouse race. I was surprised she did it – I think seeing Gwen do it and the prize of candy upon completion were motivating factors.
go lily!

The next three pictures are a few of the outhouses that participated in the grown-up outhouse races. Each team had to run with the outhouse up the street, around the monument, and back down the street to the finish line. Some of the outhouses were quite imaginative. This one is the Philly Phlushers.
philly phlushers

This one was the Poohsuit of Happiness.

And here we have the Dushore Poolice. All of the potty jokes got to be a bit much for me, but it was cute.
dushore poolice

On our way up on Friday we decided to stop at Knoebel’s for a few hours. I’m so glad we had a chance to go there – it’s such a great place and I really love it. I don’t go on any rides, of course, but I still enjoy it.

Here are a few pictures of the more adventurous members of the family…

Lily on the Italian trapeze.
italian trapeze

Marc and Lily on the whirly thing.
whirling around

And Marc and Lily on the kiddie coaster.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!


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