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a little cosmic flavor
Look what I bought:

Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Tori Amos

A new Tori album always makes me happy. I haven’t been able to listen to it a whole lot yet, but I like it so far. Usually I have to listen to her new albums a few times before I can really get into them, because her albums are all so different from each other, in terms of how they sound. This one has a techno-undertone to it, in contrast to her last album, where she really rocked it out, in contrast to the album before that, which was lush and gorgeous-sounding.

So far I’m really loving Welcome to England. Some other songs too, but they’re all kind of jumbled in my head right now.

yummy magazine stuff
I finished reading the premier issue of Somerset Apprentice.

Somerset Apprentice - Premier Issue

I liked it well enough. I thought some of the instructions could have been more detailed (I always crave more details), and for some of the artwork I wish there had been more photos to go along with the instructions, but taken as an introduction to various mixed-media techniques, it’s very good. My favorite projects were:

In the Dog House by Donne Goldstein, page 20
Grace Within by Anni Schwabe, page 32
Two Souls by Becky Shander, page 42
Turquoise Bird Trio by Sara Naumann, page 58
Mini Memories by Connie Govea Stuart, page 82
Little Canvas Shrine by Amarie Hill, page 98

small moments
Watching the cute baby ducks that live in the creek behind our neighborhood. A guy on a motorcycle on our street, waiting while some of the neighborhood ducks finished crossing the street. Eating delicious Lindt chocolate I received for Mother’s Day.

~visiting the edge of the milky way~

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