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I’ve been working on a drawing in my journal (a Canson watercolor paper pad). Here it is so far:

simply believe

The words are from a Bible verse (of course I can’t remember which one). Jesus was telling his disciples, if only they would simply believe…everything would be so much easier!

I started by sketching everything in pencil. I then traced all the outlines with a Pigma Micron pen, and colored in with a black Sharpie (I recently bought a set of fine-point Sharpies in a bunch of colors. They’re very pretty and I love working with them, but they really stink! I try not to breathe them in too much.). It’s not bad, I think. The “if” got a bit smeared. I’m going to color in the background with watercolor pencils. It needs a little color.

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Here’s what I’ve been working on lately – a fascinating glimpse into my studio!

my worktable

I’ve done a late of rearranging and reorganizing in my studio over the past few months, with the result that I’m now actually able to use my work table as….a work table! gasp! There was always so much junk on top – it was that sort of place in the house where I would just put stuff. But not anymore!

So the little piles of circles to the right are going to be paper flowers for my encouragment cards. And the stuff in the middle is going to be a mini collage I’m creating to make into a soldered pendant. I’m going to do three pendants to start with, and this is the first. I chose three phrases to work with – “she was a star of known luminosity”, “be cast into the sea”, and “kooky and meticulous” – and then I chose three photos of vintage women and a variety of decorative papers to go along with them.

I don’t have anything to share for my Photoshop Friday. The previous Friday we went to Dutch Wonderland – it was so hot, by the time we left I was not feeling well, and when we got home all I could manage to do was sit in front of the tv and watch the new episode of Project Runway. This past Friday I did some stuff with the spot healing tool and patching, but I don’t have anything interesting to show for it!

I do however have some photos from Dutch Wonderland to share…

Lily, Gwen, Marc, and Ed on the roller coaster. They went on five times! Ed and Gwen are in front of Marc and Lily.
up and up

Marc and Lily about to go down the hill.
here we go!

Marc and Lily out for a drive.
beep beep!

Gwen and Lily on the whip.
whip it!

my little birdie
I have managed to do a little bit of drawing….it was really fun! Here is my picture. It’s very simple, but I like it.

sing little bird

I sketched it in pencil first, and then outlined it with a Sakura Pigma Micron pen. And finally, I colored it in with Prismacolor colored pencils.

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let’s change directions.
I decided a little while ago to change directions in my digital art attempts. I thought, hey, maybe I should actually take the time to learn Photoshop before I start diving into tutorials. Perhaps then I might have some inkling of what I am doing!

So to that end I’ve been reading through the Help section and learning quite a bit. I haven’t gotten into the fun stuff yet (like the filters and tools) but I’m getting there.

I bought some kits from Scrapbookgraphics a little while ago too – how could I resist? I have to be ready when the day comes that I can finally play and create digital art.

And I just love Scrapbookgraphics. They have the coolest stuff!

I bought Fairy Tea Party, by Ellie Lash (this one is for playing with Lily – I’ll start teaching her Photoshop now, so she’ll be an expert by the time she’s eight!). Fragments and Inner Artiste, by Lorilei Murphy (Rosey Posey Studio), and Industrial Velvet by Tangie Baxter.

Perhaps someday I will be able to create my own digital kits.

beadfest here I come!
One of my goals, starting this year, is to take one class every year. And I’m excited to say that I have registered for a class at the upcoming Beadfest Bead and Jewelry Show in August. I will be attending Kim St. Jean’s class, Bezel Bootcamp. I get to learn how to solder with a torch and create my own bezel!

There are so many intriguing classes being offered; there were several I was interested in, and one in particular, creating a cuff from etched pieces of metal. It was so gorgeous! But I thought Bezel Bootcamp was a more appropiate fit with my other jewelry goals for the year (that being to learn how to solder, albeit with an iron). I’m eagerly looking forward to the class, and I hope I learn a lot.

In my last post I mentioned how I’ve recently had this strange urge/desire to draw, although I’ve never thought of myself as being talented in that area.

Well…I got the new (May/June) issue of Somerset Studio

somerset studio

…and inside was this article by Colette Copeland….

and you can too!

….in which she writes about how she never thought she could draw until, as she writes, “then one day, just like that, I woke up from this self-imposed and mystifying “I can’t draw” belief. I grabbed a pencil and started to draw. I became so hooked that I would have drawn on the walls if I didn’t have the self-control to curb the urge. The more I did it, the better I became at it. So, for those who think they can’t draw but who want to, I encourage you to try it! It’s the only way you’ll know if you can or can’t, and if you want to or don’t want to.”

I am taking this article as a sign that I may not be way off with this drawing thing. Maybe I can do it, maybe I can’t. As Ms. Copeland said, the only way to find out is to try.

And I just adore her artwork in this article – her birds are so charming!


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halloween in july
I have exciting news…my vintage Halloween Party Sacks, which were featured in volume three of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations, will be included in an upcoming issue of Handcrafted magazine! The issue is due out in July. What a lovely surprise!

then by all means draw
I’ve had a strange urge recently to draw. Strange because I have no drawing abilities. I’ve never considered myself gifted in that area. But I have felt unusually inspired by Somerset Studio lately – all of the lovely & intriguing painting and drawing contained in its pages. And some of that artwork – the artwork that is simpler and childlike – I look at and think, I could do that. So I’d like to try my hand at it.

To that end I have purchased a ridiculous quantity of supplies – water-soluble colored pencils, regular colored pencils, graphite pencils, drawing pencils, pastels, and four (four!) books of paper. I’d like to get some watercolors too.

drawing stuff

Thank goodness I can get these supplies at AC Moore, with their weekly 40% off coupon!

I am keeping this quote from Vincent Van Gogh in mind: “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

victorian glam
I finished my glammed-up paper bags and mailed them off to Somerset Life. I think they turned out very nicely, but I am a little concerned that they are too simple in design. I needed to decorate them though in a way that was quick and easy. I like them, anyway. I call them my Victorian-Glam Paper Lunch Bags.

victorian-glam paper bag

victorian-glam paperbag

victorian-glam paperbag

They are simple to make: generously spray the bag with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (it’s hard to see this in the photos, but believe me, those bags are glimmering!), stamp all over a bunch of times with different colors of ink, and apply self-adhesive jewels. Easy!

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