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who knocks?

So here it is. My last Halloween inchie. Yay!! I’m so happy to be done. I loved creating these, but they have been rather time consuming. I would love to do Christmas inchies….next year!

Anyway, I’ve known for at least the past two weeks that I would use these words in my last inchie. They are fitting, I think, for October 31st. I applied Distress Inks and Glimmer Mist to the background paper, and Distress Ink to the words. I smeared Stickles glitter glue in black soot over the left side and just a tiny bit on the right side. et voila! c’est fini!

I’m amazed at how many times (which was most of the time, really) I had no idea what I was going to make. I often felt tired and uninspired. And yet usually all I had to do was look through my pre-selected supplies, particularly the words or papers, and within a minute or two I would feel inspired and energized with an idea. I’m very pleased overall with my inchies. I think they turned out better than I could have imagined. As a collection they are cohesive and look like they belong together, and yet still each one is unique and has its own story to tell.

Here they all are together, in no particular order, except that the first one is first. (funny how I wish I could go back and make that first one again. I could make it better now that I have some inchie experience under my belt!)

all together now

And, in case you’ve been burning with curiosity as to what the backs look like…

halloween inchie

I couldn’t very well just leave the back plain, now could I? How boring! Generally I pressed the back into my antique linen Distress Ink, then sometimes I also sprayed it with walnut ink. For the past few weeks I’ve been spritzing the back with Glimmer Mist too. And I ran the edges over my walnut Distress Ink, and depending on my mood applied more or less of the walnut Distress Ink over the back.

And that’s that. I hope you have enjoyed my inchies. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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it's the great pumplin, charlie brown

I love this inchie – it turned out so cute! Originally I was going to go with another idea (which I now forget), but then I remembered that I wanted to use this pumpkin rubber stamp (by Hot Fudge Studio). I can’t do Halloween inchies without a pumpkin, right?

Lily assisted me with this one. I started working on it in the afternoon, and of course she wanted to see what I was doing (normally I do my arts and crafts after she’s in bed, for good reason). She asked if she could help, so I said sure. We started with a piece of ivory cardstock (I just love ivory cardstock – it’s so versatile). She applied the antique linen Distress Ink, and helped to spritz it with walnut ink and Glimmer Mist. And then she stamped a whole bunch of pumpkins. We experimented with several different inks (Versacolor black, Colorbox copper, and walnut Distress Ink). The pumpkin I chose was done in the Versacolor black ink.

I cut out a piece of decorative paper and heavily applied Distress Inks. I also spritzed the inchie blank with Glimmer Mist before adding anything. The words of course have Distress Inks applied (I have such a newfound love of Distress Inks that I have in the past couple weeks purchased them in fired brick and peeled paint).

I am just so pleased with this inchie. Every time I look at it I smile. I wish I could find that Charlie Brown special on tv. I know I looked for it last year too and I couldn’t find it then either.

Have a wonderful Halloween!


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black clouds

What a snowy day! I don’t remember it snowing this much in October before. I do love the snow (I am a crazy weather-loving girl, that’s for sure). We lost power for about two hours, after we got back from food shopping. Around four o’clock I realized, it’s going to be dark soon – I better make my inchie before I’m forced to do it by candle light. Of course 15 minutes after I finished it the power came back on.

There’s nothing like losing power to make one realize how blessed we are to have it. First of all, our modern society can’t function properly without it. Secondly, it opens up a whole new world of possibility.

Anyway, I cut out the background paper and used some Distress Ink on it. Same thing for the words. I added a black Swarovski crystal, and Stickles glitter glue around the edges.

Have a great day!


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modern halloween

This inchie is a bit different than the others, I think, in terms of style. I loved this grey ribbon. Originally I was going to use some words, but that didn’t look right. Then I was going to glue the crystals next to the ribbon, but that didn’t look right. So again I went for simplicity.

I cut out the background paper, and applied a bit of Distress Ink. I glued on the ribbon, wrong side up because it wasn’t as shiny as the right side. And then I glued on the crystals. Oh, and I spritzed the inchie blank with Glimmer Mist first.

Thanks for stopping by!


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creepy crawlie

I’ve gotten way behind in posting my inchies again! Here is number 27. I really wanted to use this spider rubber stamp. I started with a piece of ivory cardstock, and used Distress Ink and Glimmer Mist on it. I stamped the spider with black Versacolor ink, and glued two Swarovski crystals over the body. I used Stickles glitter glue around the edges. I thought about adding a word, but it seemed like too much. Better to keep it simple!



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7 witches

So this inchie is my “redo” of inchie #24. I thought of adding the word “witches” after #24 was done. I loved the idea, and decided to use it for another inchie. And here it is!

I am a bit disappointed though that the word is not more noticeable. I wish I had cut it a bit bigger and not put so much ink on it. oh well. I still like it.

I used a piece of decorative paper, edged with Distress Ink, for the background. I stamped the 7 on cardstock, and heavily spritzed both it and the word with pearl Glimmer Mist. Lastly I added Stickles glitter glue in black soot (I love this color!) around the edges.

I’ve wondered if I should try some different techniques, but at this point I feel like my inchies are a cohesive collection, and don’t want to disrupt it. I think I have been able to come up with an original idea for each one (this one excepted!) while using the same techniques, and therefore I don’t feel limited in my constant use of Distress Ink, Glimmer Mist, and Stickles. Actually I have never used these particular supplies so much before, and am just in love with them!

Have a glimmery day!


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yes or no?

I can’t believe I made it to number 25! Almost there now….

For this inchie I used decorative tape for the background, with Distress Ink applied of course. First I spritzed the inchie blank with Glimmer Mist. Then applied the tape, and then I glued on the words (again with the necessary Distress Inks!). And finally, an edging of Stickles glitter glue in fired brick.

I didn’t intend to use words so much. I do love using words in my work though. I hope that each inchie, whether it contains words or not, tells a story. Or at least suggests a story.

I did manage to work on some other projects this past weekend. I tried out some finishing techniques on my practice soldered pieces. And I am working on redoing my memo board. I put a coat of ivory-colored paint over the whole thing. It looks better already!

Thanks for stopping by!


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