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A couple weeks ago I noticed the leaves were subtly changing color. They were not quite so green, not quite so vibrant anymore. And I knew fall was on its way. Of course to me it feels like it should still be July. But October – October! – lurks around the corner. And once October hits it’s a steady slide toward the big three – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I am simply not ready to deal with all that!

To ease into the coming onslaught of the cold weather and its accompanying festivities, I thought I would do a give-away, and offer a pretty piece of jewelry. After all, jewelry makes everything better, right? I think so.

So here is a bracelet I made. It is 7&3/8″ long including the clasp. The wire, chain, and clasp are sterling silver. The beads are Czech fire-polished glass and hematite. Each bead is attached to the chain with a wire-wrapped loop. This bracelet has a great feel and a nice weight to it.

wirework bracelet

wirework bracelet

Simply leave a comment on this post and you will be entered into the drawing. On October 15th I will randomly select a name, and that person will receive the bracelet. Good luck!


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Chicken soup with rice anyone? Last night I purchased Really Rosie from itunes for my daughter. I remember seeing the movie in school, and I loved the songs, and even to this day I can remember parts of Chicken Soup with Rice. So I burned a copy for her but I’ve already listened to it twice today, and I could just play it on repeat forever. What great fun songs, so catchy but intelligent too. Carole King is perfect as Rosie and her piano-playing is wonderful. I love this album! Ok, maybe I bought it for myself too. Lily may be a little young for it, but at least she’s listening to good music.

American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures (from Carole King to American Idol – these are the times we live in), and I think we should all have at least five guilty pleasures. This is one of the few shows that I watch live, rather than recording it and watching it later, and since I always have to be doing something with my hands that means enforced beading time. So I started working on my Irina bracelet again. I first started working on Irina in the fall of 2006, and I’ve been working on her here and there since then. She started out as a bangle, but then I decided that I’m not really a bangle person. So I took the bangle apart and am now working on a new design. I am planning to submit Irina to magazines as a potential project article.

During this week’s American Idol episodes I came up with a really pretty, and hopefully unique, design – it has an antique look to it, which fits my aesthetic. Here is a picture of what I have so far:


I’m using only Czech fire-polished beads for this project, in blue and silver. I love Czech fire-polished beads; they are one of my favorite types of beads.

First I used brickstitch to create two individual pieces of beadwork. I
then sewed these together, putting the blue beads in the middle. I need to determine the best way to sew the pieces together – it’s a bit tricky, but it’s just a matter of trial and error. And the individual pieces of brickstitch are so pretty in themselves, I think I will try extending them into another bracelet.

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