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thanks to the queen
I just found out that the crown I made for my Mom’s 60th birthday (yes Mom, I said it again – 60!) has been published in the latest Somerset Holidays & Celebrations! yay! I’m certainly not bragging, but that crown did turn out so cute! My Mom will be thrilled when she sees it! And I’ll be in big trouble if they put that I made it for her 60th birthday!


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Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art. Any sort of pretension induces mediocrity in art and life alike. – Margot Fonteyn

We had my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party last Saturday. I think she really was surprised. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and all went well. My mom loved her necklace, which I will have to borrow so I can take a picture of it. She also loved the birthday crown I made, which was the project I mysteriously mentioned a bunch of times in previous posts. Here are a couple pictures from the party:

My Mom dancing with Lily.

Gwen wearing the birthday crown I made for my Mom.

Gwen and Lily, strutting across the dance floor, up to no good I’m sure.

And here are some pictures of the birthday crown. I used it as a means to celebrate my mom’s creativity and generous spirit.

I am going to write a tutorial on the crown. I have an idea for another one, which will give me the opportunity to perfect the technique and work out any glitches.

I took a few pictures of the gift box I made for the necklace. Of course I didn’t take any pictures of the necklace before I put it in the box.


So I finally got my Two Little Girls on All Hallows Eve back. It came just the other day. I haven’t seen it since April, so I’m very happy to have it back. I’m going to hang it in my studio. It’s a nice piece, but not extraordinary. Although considering the short amount of time in which I had to make it and my relative inexperience in the world of collage, I think it’s good. But no matter, like I said someday I’ll have something in Somerset Studio. Which leads me to….

…the special Marie Antoinette publication. I came up with an idea a couple nights ago while in the shower – a copy of a portrait of Marie Antoinette surrounded by a “frame” of inchies that tell her story through words and portraits of the important people in her life. There’s got to be lots of lace and sparkle, too, of course. But I really want to tell the whole story, and not focus on only the glitz and the glam. I’m going to start working on this right away. I only have a few weeks to get it done!

I also signed up for an ephemera swap at Artella. I don’t have a large collection of ephemera since I’ve only been collecting things for a short time, and I’m picky about the sorts of things I save. Some people will save anything – I only like the pretty things. I just hope the person who gets my baggie likes it. My baggie has to be in the mail by the 22nd.

And because I have so much time on my hands, I signed up for a self-paced course, also from Artella, entitled Alphabetter Muse Workshop. I get to meet a variety of new muses who will lead me on a journey of artistic and personal discovery. I thought it sounded fun and it was on sale and it gives me the opportunity to do some journaling, so hey, why not? I received the first lesson but I didn’t start it yet because I want to buy a pack of ivory cardstock to print the journal pages on, and a pack of nice pens for writing and doodling on the pages.

No wonder I always feel so creatively scattered. But I find it impossible to focus on only one thing. Maybe I should just embrace the chaos.

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