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just a little word.
I finished the cards I was working on, the ones I was originally going to submit to Somerset Studio for their “simple pleasures” theme, but then ran out of time to finish them. I’m very happy with how they turned out. I’m calling them my “encouragement cards” – pretty little cards to give a word of love, hope, and encouragement to someone.

encouragement cards

I’m going to make organza bags to put them in. I envision these cards as little gifts – throw a chocolate or perhaps a small trinket in the bag, too, and voila! I’m not quite sure if they fit in with the Somerset Life style, but I’m going to give it a try. I’d like to sell these on my Etsy shop (whenever I get it up and running again!). They’re pretty simple to make, but turn out so lovely. The flowers are circles of scrapbook papers, dry-brushed with gesso, then cumpled up and unfolded, layered on top of each other, and fastened with a brad. The cards are about six inches by almost three inches, and have Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist on them. The backs are pretty scrapbook paper.

I think the world could use a little more encouragement.

what inspires you?
Artbeads is currently accepting submissions for their “What inspires you?” beading contest. There are two categories – beaded necklaces and other beaded items. The contest is open up through November 22, and then on November 23 the voting will be opened to the public. Basic guidelines – you need to submit two photos, one of your work and one of the inspiration; you need to write a short paragraph about your creation; and half of the supplies must come from Artbeads.

Good luck!


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a contest for beaders
I just wanted to mention a contest called Use the Muse II, created by Scarlett Lanson. Scarlett has a regular column in Beadwork magazine and has placed in some prestigious contests herself. She created this contest as a way to encourage others to join the fun!

Each entrant receives the same selection of components and beads, plus a mystery bead (the Muse) that must be kept a secret and must be used in the final piece.

Kits must be ordered by June 27th, and are limited in number, and July 18th is the deadline.

~bead away~

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When I came home from work on Friday, I noticed a magazine sticking out of the mailbox. I thought nothing of it until I got closer and read the word “Artful”. Immediately I knew what it was, and what it meant. I grabbed it out of the mailbox (leaving the bills for my husband, of course) and hurried inside. I threw my stuff down, tore off the plastic wrapping, turned to the table of contents, and then to page 141 –

(bottom right corner)

oh. my. god. yay! My blog banner. In the latest edition of Artful Blogging! oh my god! yay! double yay! I can’t even say what it means to me – that people, and not just any people, but Stampington people, think that something I made is good. The Stampington family of magazines only showcase the most fabulous work by the best artists. Not that my banner is fabulous, but to be included in such a high-quality publication, and one that I look up to so much, means everything to me. Of course I think all the other banners shown are better than mine, but still. My banner is in Artful Blogging. yay!

And…my digitally-altered book took third place in the Artella contest. The two books I mentioned previously that I said were amazing took first and second, and they absolutely deserved it. But my little book got third place, and I’m very happy with that. It’s wonderful to know that other people not only liked my work, but liked it enough to vote for it.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to make anything. Am I wasting my time? What is the point? And then I’m so frustrated all the time now too, because of the lack of time I have in which to make anything! But then my banner is in Artful Blogging, and my digitally-altered book won third place in a contest, and I thank the universe and am very grateful, and take it as a sign that I am doing what I am supposed to do.

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I’ve been reading Beadwork August/September 2007 (I’m just a little behind on this magazine!). The master class article in this issue is by Marcia DeCoster.

She discusses her “concept of small component design” – creating beaded components which can then be sewn together in different ways to form pieces of jewelry. I love this idea – a single component would not take too long to make, and would be easier to experiment with. Marcia’s work is beautiful – delicate and lacy, and very textural.

One of my mom’s birthday gifts is finished – the one that is something I’ve never made before. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, all things considered. I was inspired by a certain book, but the item I made is my own design and I didn’t use any instructions from said book. Which in hindsight may not have been the best idea. It is far from perfect, and if I did it over again, I would do many things differently. But it’s pretty and sparkly, and in the end, isn’t that all that really matters? If the edges are a little crooked, throw some glitter glue on it! If the papers don’t quite meet in the middle, throw some glitter glue on it! No one will ever know the difference. I think many problems in life could be solved with a little glitter glue.

The digitally-altered book contest is now officially open for voting on Artella. Most of the entries are lovely. There are two in particular that I think are fabulous, in terms of artistic vision and creativity – Everything and Anything, and Notions. These two books are amazing! I’m going to vote for one of them, but I haven’t decided which one yet. I’ve never been the kind of person that could vote for herself, and quite frankly, these two books are better than mine anyway. But mine is pretty good, I think.

Thanks again to Erin for the title of this post – I’m not sure I got the words exactly right, but that was absolutely hilarious. Well put!

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Letters can be one of the most powerful and far-reaching influences in your life, if you let them be. – Lillian Eichler watson

So I sent my digitally-altered book off to be converted, and it is done! It is such a wonderful feeling to finish a project. Check it out – Standard Book of Letter Writing – and let me know what you think.

Of course there are a couple things I’m not entirely happy with – one of which is a glaring error that I could kick myself for. But over all I love it, and being the first time I’ve ever done anything of this sort, I think it turned out great.

And I entered my book into the contest at Artella. I think it’s pretty good – but we’ll see. The entries that won the first contest were amazing.

wish me luck!

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