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I finished my “pink star” collage…I think it turned out so cute!

wish upon a pink star

The only thing I wish I had done better is the outline around the lady. First I did it in marker and it was terrible! So I went over it with a charcoal pencil, which helped.

I was debating about the arms…I couldn’t figure out a way to add them that would look good. I decided to look at Ms. Hellmuth’s book (Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected), which was my inspiration for this piece, to see how she did hers, and a lot of her collages feature armless folks. So I figured if that’s good enough for her, then it’s good enough for me too!

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One of my annual artistic goals is to take a class. I had wanted to take a class at Bead Fest earlier this month – there was this one class taught by Mark Lareau that I was particularly interested in. Unfortunately I waited too long, and by the time I decided to register, the class was full. Bummer! He’s got some books out though, so I’ll have to take a look and see if the technique is in one of them.

Anyway, I have all these other arts & crafts books, but I never do any of the projects in them. So I decided to take a day off from work and have my own workshop at home, and try out some new techniques.

I chose Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth.

by claudine hellmuth

I love her retro-whimsy style. Her book has a lot of techniques, and most involve simple, every-day supplies. I only had to buy a couple items to have everything I needed.

Much of the focus of the book is creating interesting & textured backgrounds on which to create a collage. Here are my attempts…

playing with background techniques

It was really fun to try new techniques. These are the ones I did:

Elmer Glue crackle – my favorite!
Masking tape layer
Tissue paper layer
Contact paper shapes
Rinse aid resist
Etching into wet paint
Plastic wrap texture

As noted my favorite was the Elmer Glue crackle. This is so cool!

glue crackle

At first it was not working so well for me. But then I decided to just put gobs of glue on, and I really watered down the paint, and voila!


To me, it’s not a crackle so much as a more organic, almost webbing effect. At least that’s how mine turned out. It was rather warm and humid in my house, and that may affect the results. It’s a very easy technique – you just put a thick layer of Elmer’s Glue-All on the paper, and then lightly brush watery acrylic paint on top. Let dry, and admire!


I also liked using the masking tape, tissue paper, and rinse aid resist techniques.

Here is my masking tape background. You put strips of masking tape all over your substrate and paint on top, and then use a damp paper towel to rub off some of the paint. I’m making this one into a collage, using Ms. Hellmuth’s technique for creating her “poppets”.

wish upon a pink star

My goal is not perfection, or even to make a finished piece. I just wanted to play without worrying about the results. I’d like to make a couple collages with the other backgrounds I created also.

I hope you have enjoyed looking over the results of my “play day”! I highly encourage taking a day off and doing something that you love to do!

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