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My plan was to post about our holiday adventures as they happened. ha ha! I don’t know why I ever think I will have time to do that. Between work and preparing for the holidays, I’ve hardly had time for anything!

But I still wanted to share some photos. We had many adventures – we went to Longwood Gardens, saw The Nutcracker, and made a gingerbread house. Buster, my daughter’s classroom mascot, visited with us for a weekend.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

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I just realized it’s almost a month since my last post! I don’t know what happened…too many things to do all the time, plus I’ve been having issues with getting decent photos to post (that’s why this post has none!).

Anyway, I decided to scrap my “pink Christmas” ornaments. I’m not completely happy with them – they’re a bit messy looking, they’re too big, and I’m just not loving them anymore. I still love the “pink Christmas” idea though, so I wanted to come up with another idea…

And I thought of making an inchie garland. I really like this idea – I so enjoyed making my Halloween inchies last year, and would love to make Christmas inchies. It will take a lot of inchies to make a decent-sized garland! But I think it would be so cool. I am not planning on having this done for Christmas, at least not Christmas this year!

Other than that I haven’t even done much arts and crafts. I’ve been working on my soldered pendants, and hopefully will have those posted soon. I’ve been trying to clean up my art space – it is so messy that I feel depressed every time I look at it. Time time time – I need more!

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So I did not finish my Christmas ornaments to submit to Somerset Studio. I realized there was simply no way I could get them done in time to get them to California by the 15th. I did not manage my time well, and I worked on other things when I should have been working on my ornaments. oh well. I’m disappointed, but I will finish them and save them for next year instead. I really like how they are coming along…what do you think?

pink&glitter ornaments

deck the halls

pink cheer

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odd & end #1
I saw my first opera! (This was a few weeks ago). It was Manon Lescaut, about a young woman whose desire to live the good life leads to (what else) tragedy. It was very good – I like the second act the best. The singing was in Italian with English translations, which definitely helped a lot.

to the opera!

Afterward we ate at this restaurant, Barbuzzo. The food was delicious! But the most delicious thing I ate was the dessert – budino. It was a type of pudding in three layers – crushed chocolate cookies on the bottom, then some kind of creme fraiche type pudding, topped with a layer of salty caramel goop. It was amazing. We only got one and split it. I regret that decision very much.

odd & end #2
I’m working on some Christmas ornaments to submit to Somerset Studio. Here’s what I have so far:

pink and glitter

I cut strips of paper and glued them to a piece of cardstock to create a new background paper to use. Then I dry-brushed gesso on it and spritzed it with glimmer mist. The theme is “pink and glitter”, inspired by a song by Tori Amos. Each ornament (I’m making three) will have a phrase in the center, and will have beads and fringe. That’s the plan, anyway!

odd & end #3
Still working on my April page in my calendar journal…

journal page

This green paper will be cut into the journaling squares. I splattered it with white acrylic paint.
splattered paper

At this point I’m wondering if I want to use it for 2012 or save it for next year. I enjoy working on it and it’s a great way to try out techniques, but it’s a lot to have to do in my limited amount of time. I definitely will not do this again next year!

Have a great day!


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So how does 2011 stack up? Not as wonderful as I was expecting, but I keep high hopes, and I am willing to give 2012 everything I’ve got.

Here were my favorite occasions:

1. Celebrating my 40th birthday with my family at one of my favorite restaurants, Fountainside.
2. My niece Gwen’s 5th birthday party.
3. Our anniversary dinner at Augusto’s – delicious!
4. My son Julian’s 20th birthday dinner at another favorite restaurant, Maggio’s.
5. Camping at Black Moshannon with my dad’s and stepmother’s families.
6. My daughter Lily’s 5th birthday party at Bounce U.
7. Lily’s graduation from pre-school.
8. My cousin Carla’s wedding (to husband Curt).
9. Going to Dutch Wonderland with our brother-in-law Ed and niece Gwen.
10. Staying at my dad and stepmom’s cabin in Dushore, and checking out the Dushore Days festivities.
11. Attending the Bezel Boot Camp class, taught by Kim St Jean, at Bead Fest.
12. Our mini vacation in Ocean City MD.
13. Lily starting kindergarten.
14. Thanksgiving – one of my favorite holidays.
15. Seeing Tori at the Academy of Music.
16. Winning the Cornerstone award at work.
17. My brother-in-law Darren’s cd release party, and the dinner that I treated Marc to at Chifa beforehand, to celebrate his birthday.
18. Christmas – my favorite holiday.
19. Celebrating my nephew Owen’s first birthday.

And so here we are. It would seem that 2011 was pretty good then. And 2012? I am still working on putting together my goals, but I expect great things to happen, for all of my family and myself. I can’t wait to see what the days hold!

Wishing you a very happy New Year!


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Bring your torches
Bring your torches
With every candle raised
With every lantern flame
Light after light
In every village
Welcoming home
Every friend
Christ is born
O come behold Him
Mary calls us to adore Him
hush, hush
Such a lovely mother
hush, hush
Such a lovely Son
Bring your torches
Bring your torches,
Jeanette, Isabella.

-Jeanette, Isabella

Merry Christmas!


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I’ve been busy making sure all of my required Christmas movies and shows are recorded on our DVR. I probably should just buy them. Somehow I never get around to it though.

Here is my list of necessary holiday viewing:

1. Elf – this movie has, quite deservedly, become a classic. It’s wonderful, and Will Farrell is perfect as Buddy the Elf.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I love Clark’s never-ending quest to give his family the perfect traditional, old-fashioned, Christmas. The mix of silliness and sweetness is perfect.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life – this is what I watch on Christmas Eve, after everyone has gone home from our annual Christmas Eve get-together. I do find it to be a bit long and tedious. But the ending is totally worth it, and Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are so great together.

4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – only the original will do, from when I was little. The story of a reindeer and an elf who simply want to be accepted for themselves. Pure classic.

5. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town – ditto.

6. Peanuts Christmas – what’s a holiday without Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, and the rest of the gang?

7. A Christmas Story – simply the best. It just is not Christmas without this movie. It’s such a lovely, heartwarming story, and it’s set in the 40s so I love all the vintage stuff. And the ending…it doesn’t get any better.

Christmastime is here.

No matter what holiday you celebrate at this time of year, I hope it’s a joyous one.


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