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It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The questions is: What are we busy about? – Henry David Thoreau

Here is the card I made for my grandmother:

Grammom\'s Birthday Card

Grammom\'s Birthday Card

It turned out pretty well. I really need to get some more rubber stamp alphabets. I only have a few, and I didn’t feel that the one I used for the card had entirely the right look, but it was the best choice out of the small selection I have.

I sewed all of the papers onto the card and didn’t use any glue, except for some glue dots that I used to hold the papers in place while I sewed them down. I’m trying to cut down on using glue in my paper arts and crafts – I’ve never been a big fan of it. It always distorts the paper! Of course sometimes it’s necessary. But if I can find another way to attach things – whether through sewing, the use of eyelets and brads, or staples, then I will leave the glue behind. I think it’s more challenging that way, and it also adds textural and visual interest to the piece.

And I find that I love sewing on paper. I poke the holes first, to make it easier, and I used DMC cotton embroidery floss. Some people use sewing machines instead of sewing by hand, which is perfectly fine, but I prefer to sew by hand. It’s my nature – I simply must do everything in the most difficult, time-consuming way possible.

While I’m on this topic, I was watching the Carol Duval Show a few weeks ago, and one of the featured projects was an evening bag made from a video tape mailer (if I remember correctly – the memory is a bit spotty these days. It was some sort of small cardboard box, at the very least.) and beautiful velvet ribbon. The ribbon was attached to the box using a strong double-sided tape, and then additional trims were added, again using the tape. Now, looking at the finished bag, you would never know that tape was used, and they were really lovely. But tape? I was shocked, quite frankly. I wouldn’t dream of using tape in that fashion. Especially with that gorgeous ribbon!

I guess if you need to just throw something together….but even still I’d rather do without than use tape. To me, there’s no challenge in that, no skill or craftsmanship required (other than being able to line things up properly), and not really even much thought needed. Is that snobby? Probably. But if a project doesn’t draw blood, sweat, and tears from me, then why bother? I want to suffer for my art!

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