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hello again!
Once again I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted. ok, maybe more like three weeks. whatever. That’s a long time for me. I haven’t been working on much, which is probably the main reason for my lack of posting. Plus I’ve been super busy at work. Those are my excuses.

vintage delightfulness
I found this great website – Vintage Design Resource – chock full of vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry components. yummy! I ordered the Immaculate Ring Vintage Jewelry Kit and a length of chain. For starters!

bookmarks – why not?
For Somerset Studio’s literary theme I decided to make two collaged bookmarks, representing two of my favorite books – The House of Mirth and The Custom of the Country, both by Edith Wharton (one of my favorite authors). I’m not making much progress however because of printer issues. Almost all of the elements I’m using need to be printed out. Right now they’re trapped in my computer! Time is running out; I really wanted to get them done this weekend.

I’m afraid with the themes I tend to be very literal in my interpretation – is there a lack of creativity on my part? I wish I could be more abstract in my thinking.

time – why can’t we be friends?
oh time! I start off the year full of enthusiasm and eager to start on my goals for the year. Unfortunately the first two weeks of January are very busy for me at work, and I quickly start to feel as if I am accomplishing nothing. But the busy time has passed, so now I can focus on the other parts of my life! I have a variety of goals for the year, many of which involve re-organizing certain things around the house. I have some personal goals as well, and of couse my artistic goals. So I’ve got plenty to do!

I feel as though I did not accomplish much last year, in artistic endeavors (well, in pretty much all endeavors), and looking back at my posts from last year, I see that that feeling is correct. I did more than I remember, but not as much as I would have liked.

But that’s cool. Another year, another 365 days of opportunity! (minus 25.)


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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. – Cecil B. DeMille

Right now I’m working on a birthday gift for my sister. Her birthday was in
March (I’m just a little behind!) but we’re only just going out
to celebrate tomorrow anyway, so I guess it’s ok. Unfortunately I don’t
think I will have it done in time, unless I work on it tonight. I really
wanted to work on my green carnelian project, but I may have to put that
aside. It’s just frustrating, because I haven’t had a chance to work on
it since February.

I’ve also started making the invitations for Lily’s birthday party in
June. Her dress is black and white, so I decided to go with black, white,
and pink for the invitations. I also bought this really cute birthday
party rubber stamp set a month or so ago, so I’m going to use some of
those stamps. Here is a sample that I worked up last week.

Sample birthday invitation

This is one side…this is the other.

Other side of sample birthday invitation

This side is a bit messy, but I just wanted to work out the design and layout. I’m going to embellish both sides with pink glitter glue and pink stars.

For Mother’s Day I am making everyone bookmarks. I’ve had this one particular idea in my mind for bookmarks for a while. They are going to be based on a Tori Amos song called “Mother Revolution” (perfect for Mother’s Day). I love this song, and the image I get of mothers (and potential mothers) gathering together to have a cup of tea while planning a coup d’etat appeals to the revolutionary in me. The background of the bookmarks will have the lyrics, and I will attach a vintage-looking picture of a mother and child, add the words “mother revolution”, tie on some pretty ribbons and beads, and voila! Bookmarks with an undertone of insubordination.

I would like to make cards, too. If I have time. I think I do, but we’ll see. Nothing crazy, just elegant simplicity.


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