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I miss my beads. So I decided to make beadwork my “car/vacation project”. I used to always use my own designs, but these days I lean toward making projects from magazines, which is what these bracelets are. The design and creation are simple, and I love how they look.

These bracelets were designed by Nancy Zellers, and were featured in an article in the June 2007 issue of Bead & Button magazine.

I made these while traveling to and vacationing in Beach Haven NJ last week. I plan on making two more bracelets – perhaps a little excessive, as I’m keeping them all for myself! But I really love these beautiful cube beads, and I’m enjoying making the bracelets. Plus we have two more car trips in August/September, and I need something to do on those long rides.

Do you have any projects you work on in the car or on vacation? I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for stopping by!


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About a year ago my Mom bought a Miyuki beaded necklace kit – the Moon Shell Necklace – and she asked me to make it for her.

miyuki bead kit

I just started working on it a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty simple actually. And I am really enjoying working on it. So much so that I’m feeling a desire to do beadwork again. I really miss my beads! I’m thinking of doing some projects from Bead & Button magazine, just to do something. There are always projects that I like, so it would be easy to find things to make.

Beadwork has changed quite a bit since I left off with it. There is much more combining of stitches to create intricate pieces. And a lot more right-angle weave and herringbone stitch (two stitches that I never really got into!). Plus there is constant innovation. I’m amazed at the beautiful jewelry that artists are creating today.

Anyway, here is one of the (unfinished) “shells” for my Mom’s necklace:

little bitty beadwork

It’s done in peyote stitch, which is my favorite.

Have a great day!


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I added another item (a couple weeks ago!) to my Etsy shop

Petra - beadwork necklace

This is a beadwork necklace called Petra. It’s one of my favorites. Take a look if you like!

happy cakes day
And here is a card I made for my sister-in-law’s birthday –

Erin's birthday card - front

Erin's birthday card - inside

I wanted to use some of the clear Inkadinkado stamps I’ve bought, and I wanted to make something happy and evocative of spring.

All the paper pieces are sewn onto the card. I added the flower to cover a mistake – I stamped the “d” backwards. Oops! But I think it turned out ok, even though the flower is a bit awkward in that spot. And there’s also glitter glue of course.

I’m making a similar card for my sister. Whose birthday has already passed. I’m a little behind, as usual!

teeny tiny vacation
My husband and I went to Atlantic City over the weekend – luck was not ours, but it was nice to get away, if only for a night.


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I’ve been working on taking pictures of my jewelry for my Etsy store. There are some great articles there with tips on how to use your digital camera to take close-up shots, as well as how to intentionally make part of the picture blurry and how to get the right exposure. So I’ve been practicing and had some time yesterday, plus the light was good (I’ve already learned that I need to take pictures on a reasonably bright day, in the living room, in the early afternoon).

I pulled out my tray of jewelry, took one look at it, and immediately felt utterly discouraged. First, I have so few pieces. And then they are such a mixture of styles – there’s no cohesion, no vision. I like the pieces just fine. But after all these years of beading – why do I still not have a vision? Or direction? My beadwork is nowhere. I feel at such a loss with it. I don’t know what I’m doing, where I’m going, and I feel no inspiration. I don’t even know what to make anymore.

I put the tray back without taking any pictures, and went into the living room to ponder my dilemma.

Then I thought, wait a minute. I do know what I want to make. I do have ideas. I want to make mixed media jewelry – with glass-enclosed mini collages, shrink plastic, wire, and beads (not necessarily all in the same piece). And I want to use wire and chain and beads to create simple but lovely and delicate jewelry pieces. I have lots of ideas for these. Once I realized this, I felt some enthusiasm and hope returning.

The problem with beadwork is that it takes so darn much time! And time is something in short supply these days. To make a beaded bracelet that would take, say, 40 hours would be dragged out for months, and during that time I’d get nothing else done. My new ideas are not such time-eaters, especially the simpler pieces that I have in mind. I could even finish a piece in a week!

Originally I wanted to open my Etsy store by October 31st (already missed that deadline). Now I’ve decided to push it back to the end of January, maybe even into February. I’m working on a plan to determine what new pieces I can make between now and then (as soon as Christmas gifts are finished). I am going to buy my soldering supplies – every time I’ve had money for them, I end up having to use it for something else. But I’m not putting that off any longer. And I have a few more shrink plastic supplies I need.

I hate putting off opening my store, but I need to be happy and proud of my work, and I need more than a few pieces. The perfectionist in me wins again. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

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I started the second side of my green carnelian bag on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting to start so soon, because I had to order more carnelian cabs from Fire Mountain, which I did earlier in the week. I didn’t think I would have them by Saturday. But when I came home from work there was the package. I took this as a sign that I should start work that evening.

Of course most of the evening was spent ironing fabric and interfacing, sewing the interfacing to the fabric, and outlining the design area with thread. Luckily I had enough time to start sewing around the first cab.


I use size 15 seed beads to sew around the cabs, thereby anchoring them to the fabric.

This cab I bought to serve as a focal point, like a sun. It might have planets, might not. I was also thinking of having a desert area on this side, with brown seed beads and these tiny cabs that I also bought from Fire Mountain. Other than that I have no plans – it will be an adventure!

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