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new ideas
I actually got an idea for another digitally-altered book the other day. This is the first digital art idea that has come naturally, as opposed to my being forced to come up with an idea for an Artella contest. I’m taking this as a sign that this digital art stuff is taking root.

Anyway, the idea is to use (again) my beloved vintage photos of women and pair them with lines from Tori songs – similar to my Sweetie Darling book I did recently. Tori has so many great lines I could easily do 10 books, but we’ll keep it to one for now.

And since I attended the second part of Artella’s Polished and Professional Pixel Papers class, I will attempt to create my own background “papers” (but I’ll still use a book for the foundation).

The class was a few weeks ago – it was so interesting and instructive. It’s so incredibly helpful to be able to watch someone do stuff in Photoshop. Now I know about drop shadows and using layer styles, and just those two things can add so much to one’s digital art.

So that’s my idea. Now to find the time to do it…..

the beautiful life
Lookie what I have….the new issue of Somerset Life.

somerset life

It’s beautiful, as always, and, as always, I want to jump into the pages and live there. I’m sure I’d be quite happy! I’m reminded of an episode of AbFab, where Eddie mentions that she is opening a shop. Patsy asks what she’s going to sell, and Eddie replies, “oh, just gorgeous little things!” (hopefully my memory is serving me well here.) That’s what Somerset Life is – a collection of just gorgeous little things, to inspire “authentic and creative living”. Who doesn’t want that? Sounds like the perfect life to me.


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only five episodes of american idol to catch up on
I am soooo behind in everything it seems! Since getting back from Vegas it’s been rather difficult getting back into the swing of things. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without posting.

The last few days have been so lovely outside – spring is surely on her way. The snow is all melted, birds are making their way back here, the air smells fresh. I can’t wait to put away my winter coat! It seems like it’s been cold forever.

back to business
Anyway, I finished my digitally-altered book and submitted it to Artella’s contest. Click here to check it out. I’m pretty pleased with it. I think it came together really well.

I also attended an online class hosted by Marney (of Artella) and Annette, who designs many of the “papers” in the digital studio packs. The class was about making professional and polished-looking digital background papers (I guess they’re not really paper per se, but to me that’s what it is. Intangible paper.). I’m starting to realize that a lot of digital art is taking something ordinary and simple and applying different styles, layers, patterns, etc, using Photoshop (or whatever photo-editing software you prefer). So maybe this digital art thing is within my grasp. Now if I just had more time….

I’m having a lot of time issues again – feeling like I have way too much stuff to do, and hardly any time to myself. I keep going over everything I do, and I really don’t know what to cut out or change. oh well, I guess I’ll get it one of these days.

Anyway, the class was pretty cool. Annette makes such beautiful papers; I have admired her work for a while.

tactile art
I decided to scrap the mother’s day project I was working on. Once we got back from Vegas I knew there was no way I could make the March 1 deadline, and though I could certainly finish it and submit it for another deadline, I just am not feeling it. I still sent the birthday crown that I had made for my mom’s birthday (I am no longer allowed to say which birthday as I have gotten in trouble for mentioning it previously!) So we’ll see how that goes.

I have a ton of things to write about, not even counting our trip! So stay tuned for lots more rambling.


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a reprieve.

The heavens have taken pity on me and extended the Artella digitally-altered book contest deadline to March 1st. yay! I still have four pages left to complete. We’re going to Vegas next week for a few days, and I still have my Somerset Holiday projects to get ready (which need to be mailed right after we get back), so I can really use this extra time on the book.

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far. I love my ladies, as I call them. I just need to think of a good title.

Here are the other pages I’ve completed, in no particular order:





the end


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cookies for a cause
I finally joined up for my first round at bakinggals. I joined the site in December (or maybe November) but because it was close to the holidays I put off making anything. But it’s time now to put my mixing bowl where my mouth is. The team that I joined is sending baked goods to a young man stationed in Iraq. I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies (his favorite). I’m nervous about mailing them – I hope I can package the cookies properly so that they arrive in a good and edible condition. I just really hope that he and whomever he shares them with enjoy them.

the best laid plans
I finished my collage – the one that I wanted to put on the cover of my calendar book. That is, until I tried to attach it to the cover. Glue didn’t work. Double-sided tape didn’t work. So I decided to scratch that idea and to solve the issue of the ugly cover, I simply cut it off. And as for the collage, I decided to keep working on it some more. I attached it to another piece of paper to serve as a background and added stitching in several places. I think it’s looking even better now.

this fire

I love the photo. She is perfect for this collage and the feeling I wanted to convey. The words are from the Paula Cole song Tiger, and read: “Where do I put this fire? This bright red feeling? This tigerlily down my mouth – it wants to grow to twenty feet tall.”

I’m going to sew some pearls on the left side, and then all that will be left to do is add holes at the top and some ribbon or chain to hang it.

I was thinking of taking this piece to work to hang at my desk. I’ve been wanting to have some of my art at work – just to have something nice to look at. (Why everything in our building must be shades of black, brown, gray, and beige, I don’t know. yuck!) But then I’m afraid that people will actually look at it and ask about it. I don’t like talking about my art much – too personal. And then I’m afraid that it’s not professional to have something like that hanging at my desk.

So for those reasons I think I simply must take it to work and hang it up for all to see!

I finished reading the Autumn 2009 issue of Somerset Digital Studio. I enjoyed it very much and definitely will get future issues. I’ve got a whole bunch of new resources to check out now. One thing that surprised me about a lot of the art was that it wasn’t as complicated as I had thought. Some of the pieces of course were very complex, but a lot of them too were very similar to what I do now, in that I take a bunch of elements and stick them together, adjusting size and color, etc, as necessary. So there is hope for a novice like me. Very cool magazine.

Also in my digital world, I have started working on my digitally-altered book for the Artella contest. I have my photos picked out, along with appropriate phrases for each, and I completed one page so far.

manifesting perfection

I think it turned out well. Now I just have 8 pages left. And I really need to get them done by the end of this weekend. This will be interesting!


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my lovely ladies
Artella is having another digitally-altered book contest, so I decided to join the fun and create my second book. I finally settled on an idea. It’s not ideally my first choice. My first thoughts centered around creating The Ladies Revolutionary Society handbook for Victorian women, but time and a lack of digital ephemera and digital skills has put that idea on the shelf (for now!). Instead I’ve decided to keep it simple, which is probably the smart thing to do.

I’ve made it a habit for the past couple years to jot down interesting phrases. I’m going to use vintage photographs of my lovely Victorian ladies, add some digital ephemera, and choose an appropriate phrase for each lady. That’s it. And really, that’s about all my skill level can handle right now. I’m using the How to Write Letters for All Occasions book, which I also used for my first book. You can check out my first digitally-altered book here if you like.

and while we’re at it
I’m also working on a couple things to send to Somerset Holidays. Well, I haven’t actually started working on them physically, just in my head so far. I have one concrete idea and one or two ideas that are not quite there yet. The ready-to-go idea is a collage celebrating Mother’s Day. I got the inspiration from some Dresden corners that I have, and in the strange and mysterious way that inspiration works, as soon as I saw them this photograph flashed into my mind:

catherine and baby

This is an old family photo of Carrie and Birdie Seare, on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. I love this photograph – it’s so lovely. Anyway, once the corners and photo came to me, the rest of the idea fell into place. I just need to decide on some words.

I have an idea for Halloween ornaments too, but that idea is a bit nebulous still. I was also thinking of asking my Mom if I could borrow the birthday crown that I made for her 60th birthday. It’s for a good cause, right?

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I finished my latest Polyshrink bracelet (I posted a picture of it unfinished last week).

Polyshrink bracelet

I love how it turned out – the chain and pearls make it so elegant. I plan on making more components (still haven’t thought of a better word) and buttons after I finish my Russian pendant necklace.

french fairies
I’ve started working on my submission for Somerset Studio’s “aubergine” issue. The word “aubergine” makes me think of France (I don’t like eggplant). I decided to make a set of three ATCs depicting vintage French fairies.

vintage ladies

These are my fairies, wingless, but that will soon be remedied. My initial inspiration for this project was my desire to use sealing wax in a project, but now I’m not sure that I’m going to use it. I’m thinking the seal may be too large, but I might get the supplies anyway and try it out.

more fairy play
I started a new digital art piece using one of the “pixel packs” from my Artella digital art membership. Here it is so far:

fairy play - digital art

Not much to look at – yet. I really admire those who can do intricate digital art – I aspire to be at that level someday. For now I would call my style (and ability) digital collage, because basically I just stick stuff on a background. I guess that counts for something, right?

small moments
Trees tossing in the wind outside the windows at work. Sitting in my car at lunch reading.

~playing with the fairies~

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meet rosalie
rosalie - wirework necklace
I added a new necklace to my Etsy shop – Rosalie. Rosalie is a wirework necklace made from sterling silver wire, lampwork beads by Mari Johnson, Czech fire-polished beads, and sterling silver bead caps. It’s a pretty little necklace, perfect for spring and summer.

digital art?
So Saturday I decided to work on some digital art. I have a digital art membership at Artella, so each month Marney sends digital backgrounds, clip art, and tutorials and some other stuff. It’s really cool. Until I actually tried to do something with it. Then the realization hit – I have no idea what I’m doing! I don’t know what to make, and I know very little of Photoshop.

It probably didn’t help that I was listening to Tori’s album at the same time. Trying to listen to that and read and understand a Photoshop tutorial at the same time is probably not a good idea.

I have so much to learn. I did put something together but it was pretty pathetic, so I’ll spare you. I’ll try again this Saturday and see what happens. Stay tuned!

~sweet dreams~

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