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So once again I have gotten completely off-track with posting on my blog. My goal was to post at least twice a month, so I suppose I can still achieve that for May…where has May gone anyway? Quite frankly, I feel like it’s still April. And it’s almost June. Time marches on, and I’m continually scrambling to keep up with it.

I recently purchased Tangie Baxter’s Photoshop for Mixed-Media & Art Journaling workshop from Scrapbookgraphics.com, in my continuing quest to learn Photoshop so I can create some decent digital art. As soon she introduced this workshop I knew I had to get it, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve almost completed the beginner’s workshop (I bought the bundled pack containing all three workshops – beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and I have learned so many helpful tips. I so enjoy working through the lessons – I really look forward to it, and once I start it’s hard to stop. I can’t wait to move on to the other two workshops. I consider myself an advanced beginner, so some of the stuff in the beginner workshop I already knew, but I wanted it anyway because there’s always more to learn.

I would love to try her Art Journal Caravan workshop. Since it runs for a year however I’m not sure I can make the commitment of time that would allow it to be reasonable to do. I may consider it for next year.

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Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of What If I’m a Mermaid?.  I thought I would take a moment to revisit my very first post.  I had written a list of goals which I hoped to achieve through my blog, or online art journal as I preferred to call it back then.  I can say that I have pretty much failed at all seven of my goals.

1.  Mark my artistic creations, endeavors, hopes, dreams, failures, and accomplishments.   – ok, I do some of this, but I could go deeper.

2.  Share with other women the struggle to maintain a “room of one’s own” when one has so many other responsibilities to tend to.   –  I have spoken of this a bit.

3.  Share my art with others.   – I have accomplished this one!

4.  Put myself and my work out into the world.   – This also I have accomplished.

5.  Challenge my creativity.   – I have done this a bit, with a couple challenges, such as the Halloween inchies I did last year.  Actually I think that’s the only challenge I’ve done!

6.  Meet new people.   – I would say that I have accomplished this in a general way.  Blogging has given me an opportunity to learn about topics and see things from different perspectives.

7.  Allow those interested in my work an opportunity to learn more about my processes of thought and creativity.   – I do speak a bit about my process but I could certainly explore that more.

Here are my new goals:

1.  Share my work, dreams, failures, accomplishments, and processes.

2.  Challenge my creativity via special projects.

3.  Encourage others to explore their creativity.

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tori amos

I’ve been meaning to post about Tori’s new album, Night of Hunters, for about a month now, but because of work and other time constraints – and inchies! – I haven’t had a chance.

It certainly is different from her prevous work. The music is really beautiful and so is her voice. I think Tori achieved her goal of presenting an epic song cycle about one woman’s journey, while touching on the themes and archetypes that are typical of classical music. The blend of story, lyrics, and music is done very well.

I have to say, I thought it was so funny – on the cd wrapper there was a sticker that said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the cd presents the journey of a woman whose story is only unravelled after traveling to mythic Ireland! Naturally. That’s where I unravel all of my stories.

The songs do present the story as myth. There are all sorts of creatures about – Annabelle, a shape-shifting creature of duality, the Star Whisperer, Cloudriders, the Fire Muse and the Seven Sisters.

There is also much mention of nature on this album – the sun, moon, stars, sea, trees, sky; nature serves as a secondary character. When I listen to the songs I imagine everything taking place outside, and much of the piano music gives a feeling of running or flying.

A delightful surprise is her daughter’s appearance on the album as the aforementioned Annabelle. Miss Hawley also appeared on Mid Winter Graces, but to a much lesser extent than on Night of Hunters. She has a great voice; it presents an interesting contrast to her mom’s. Miss Hawley sings on several songs, most notably Job’s Coffin (one of my favorites), where she sings pretty much the entire song.

I love the cd book, which is an actual little book (I have the deluxe version). The photographs are a bit stylized (they remind me of the photos for Abnormally Attracted to Sin) but are beautiful and complement the songs. I love her clothes too!

One thing that I have always loved and appreciated about Tori is her need/desire to take her art in different directions, a clear characteristic of a true artist. Each of her albums is different, and you never know what you’re going to get! She is quite brave in that regard, because when an artist tries different things, there is always the risk of disapproval from the fans. And certainly for Tori several of her albums have been received in a not-so-happy manner from some of her fans. However I have always loved her work, and I can’t imagine her creating anything that I wouldn’t like. The basic themes that she is concerned with are always there, as well as her poetical and metaphorical lyrics.

Also I know some of her fans are tired of the themed albums, but I don’t mind them at all. I appreciate the extra work she puts into them, and I feel like it gives my brain more to play with! I like that she wants to create a whole world for her albums.

My favorite songs on Night of Hunters include Shattering Sea, Snowblind, Battle of Trees, Fearlessness, Job’s Coffin, and Nautical Twilight. I think my most favorite though might be Star Whisperer. I don’t know yet who exactly the Star Whisperer is, but I’m very intrigued. I love the lines “why have you locked up your sky? Night sky whisper me back to life.” And there’s something about the music and lyrics and her voice – it’s all very dramatic and I just love it. It’s my song.

Have a wonderful day!


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Finally, after many years of putting it off, I have picked up a soldering iron and melted some solder. I’ve been working on some mini collages to sandwich between glass, but I’ve been itchy to just try it out already. So I decided to do some practice pieces with microscope slides. And good thing. Because it’s a lot harder to do than I had anticipated.

My first attempt is a mess (top). Blobs of solder everywhere! My second attempt (bottom) is better, but still needs a lot of work.

poor microscope slides!

I can do the tinning ok, but adding a bead of solder is not going so well. Neither is adding a jump ring. On my first attempt the jump rings kept falling sideways! I’m sure with more practice though I’ll get the hang of it.

making it mine.
Somerset Studio has a new feature called Make It Your Own, by Michelle Ward. I love this idea, and am excited to see what topics Ms Ward covers.

In the inaugural article she discusses some differences between art and craft. I enjoyed her take on it: “We have heard the question asked, “What is the difference between art and craft?” I think one answer might be that when you make it your own, it’s art. When you follow directions, as you would a recipe or copy a project from a magazine, then that is craft. Personalizing, interpreting, and then processing through your own filters is art.” (Somerset Studio, July/August).

I think it makes perfect sense to put your spin on things – as Ms Ward said, it’s perfectly fine to use purchased embellishments or papers in your work. But paint them, stamp them, cut them, add glitter glue, scuff them – make it look like they’ve been through your hands. I can’t wait to start applying this principal more often in my own work.

Thanks for visiting!


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but is it art?

A scene from AbFab: Eddie is just getting the first look at her new collection of very expensive, very modern art (in other words, a bunch of crap). The art is in her sitting room, which is also the place where her recently deceased father’s body has been brought for viewing in his coffin (unbeknownst to Eddie). Eddie and Patsy walk about the room admiring the art and come to Eddie’s father. They stop abruptly. Patsy: Is it art? Eddie: I think it’s my father. Patsy: But is it art?

so is it art or what.
Bravo has a new show called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. I think it’s so cool they have an art-related reality show.

It’s certainly interesting. I have my favorites. I can’t say that I came to the show a huge fan of modern art. I think a lot of modern art is not that good – artists think they can do whatever they want, make whatever they want, give it some superficial meaning, and call it art. I suppose however there is good and bad art in every genre, and it’s easy to see that many of the artists on Work of Art are talented. I’m gaining a new appreciation and a desire to learn more about the history of art.

Art is very subjective in a way – what one person loves another will hate. I think as a basic foundation there at least needs to be a certain level of quality, and there needs to be some kind of skill involved. I think true art hits you – in your mind, your heart, your gut – or all three.

Some of the work on Work of Art has been wonderful. And some has been – not. One of my favorites pieces so far was Abdi’s computer guy – I thought there was something so touching about it, so human, so alive-seeming. Abdi is one of my favorite artists too – he is very talented. His paintings are so energetic and dynamic, and his sculpture work is thoughtful and powerful.

I did not get the performance art though. Perhaps it’s just not my thing. I like Miles – his work has a quietness about it that I like.

I was glad that Jackie (I think that’s her name) won this week, with the car challenge. I thought her piece was clever and drew you in – there were different levels to its interpretation which made it really interesting to look at.

I love Simon too!

no art here however.
I, on the other hand, have not done much artistically in the past few weeks. I feel like I am accomplishing nothing this year. It’s already July. I better get moving and get some stuff done!


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not giving up
I’ve got a plan. A brilliant plan! To finally delve into all the different artistic endeavors that keep swirling around in my head. A way to feel like I’m making progress and acheiving my goals.

I decided to write down, upon realization that yet another year has (almost) gone by and i still haven’t learned to solder, all the artistic endeavors that I’ve been dying to try out. See:

That’s everything. Some are things I’ve already dabbled in a bit but not to the extent I’d like. Some I’ve never done at all (yet!)

And here’s the plan. I will choose one item from my list and work in it, focus on it, and study it, until I feel that I have reached a point where I am satisfied with it. And then I’ll move on to another one. To start with I am choosing Polyshrink, which I’ve already been working with this year.

So that’s the plan. Will it work? Or will I get sidetracked like usual? I’m going to be optimistic and believe that it will work.

And I declare, this very day, that by the end of 2010, no matter what, I will know how to solder!!!! (soldering is next after polyshrink)

wish me luck!

~feeling organized~

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