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I just realized it’s almost a month since my last post! I don’t know what happened…too many things to do all the time, plus I’ve been having issues with getting decent photos to post (that’s why this post has none!).

Anyway, I decided to scrap my “pink Christmas” ornaments. I’m not completely happy with them – they’re a bit messy looking, they’re too big, and I’m just not loving them anymore. I still love the “pink Christmas” idea though, so I wanted to come up with another idea…

And I thought of making an inchie garland. I really like this idea – I so enjoyed making my Halloween inchies last year, and would love to make Christmas inchies. It will take a lot of inchies to make a decent-sized garland! But I think it would be so cool. I am not planning on having this done for Christmas, at least not Christmas this year!

Other than that I haven’t even done much arts and crafts. I’ve been working on my soldered pendants, and hopefully will have those posted soon. I’ve been trying to clean up my art space – it is so messy that I feel depressed every time I look at it. Time time time – I need more!

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