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getting it together
I started reading The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. It’s really good. I have especially enjoyed the chapter Motivation, which encourages writing an artistic vision and determining long- and short-term goals. I took the time to write my own artistic vision and goals.

Some of my long-term goals (over the next 2 to 5 years) include participating in art retreats and classes, learning to solder (perenially on my to-do list), submitting my work to various magazines, creating mixed media jewelry, and further exploration of digital art.

My short-term goals (from now through July) include submitting a couple things to magazines, spending a half-hour per week on digital art, updating my sadly-neglected flickr page, and making a scrapbook for my son.

The other chapter that I’ve really enjoyed is the one called Planning, in which Miss Cole describes the art action plan. Basically you take your short-term goals and break them down into individual steps. You then plan for the coming week which steps you will do each day, taking into consideration how much time you have. So I made an art action plan for the past week….and failed utterly at accomplishing pretty much everything that was on my plan. The only things I got done were a blog post and some things for Mother’s Day. The blog post took way longer than I was expecting. I am hopeful however that my art action plan for this week will fair better.

prom time!
So yesterday was my son’s girlfriend’s senior prom, and today is his. He decided to go with an all-white tux with a blue vest and bowtie to match her dress. They make a lovely couple, don’t they? She is very sweet. I have to say these pictures don’t do them justice.

This is yesterday, at her house.

Also yesterday, at her house.

This is from earlier today, at our house.

and finally
I did manage to fit in a little digital play this past week, with this photo that I took of Lily. She’s wearing her new favorite Disney princess nightgown and a pair of my shoes.


I played with the color a bit and applied a filter to get the “drawing” look. I think it turned out very nicely!


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