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grown-up shrinky-dinks
I’ve been playing with polyshrink the last few evenings. So far I have sanded and stamped. I haven’t shrunk anything yet.

One problem that I always seem to have is the ink not drying. I plan to stamp on both sides of the polyshrink, so if the ink is still wet in spots it will smear if I turn the piece over to stamp the other side. I think in this instance I may have put too much ink on the stamp.

At this point, since I have let the piece sit for several days now, I think I will dab the wet spots with a paper towel and proceed with stamping the other side. I’ve decided this particular sheet is going to be for practice, so if it gets a little messed up that’s ok.

Most likely tomorrow night I’ll be doing some shrinking, so I’ll post some pictures over the weekend.

vintage brass goodness
I also received my order from Accessories Susan – antiqued-brass bead caps, beads, chain, and findings for some vintage-style jewelry I have in mind to make.

have a delightful day~

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