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Happy New Year! To me, the new year represents a new beginning, and I love an opportunity for a new beginning. I try to view each day even as a chance at a new beginning and a fresh start.

I completed my artistic goals for 2013. I’m a very goal-oriented, to-do-list kind of person. I like to have a feeling of accomplishment, and crossing finished items off of a list gives me great satisfaction. I think goals are very important – I don’t want to simply drift through life. I want a plan, and I want to accomplish something worthwhile. That doesn’t happen by accident.

I must say I failed miserably with my 2012 goals. I’ve hardly done any arts and crafts the last couple months – I’ve been very busy at work and haven’t felt very motivated at home to work on my projects. But it’s a new year, so I will leave 2012 behind and look forward to 2013.

I have 18 goals for 2013 – ambitious, but I like to aim high and give myself way too much to do!

Here are my artistic goals. Perhaps they can inspire you to create some goals yourself, or if you have some, perhaps you would like to share?

1. Bead one ornament.
2. Do a journal page every day/every other day for a month.
3. Buy one piece of art.
4. Buy and start Tangie’s Photoshop course.
5. Buy the Tangible Planner and accessories.
6. Finish buying metal-stamping supplies.
7. Buy resin and start using.
8. Make Julian’s scrapbook.
9. Submit 3 to 4 projects.
10. Finish going through Photoshop.
11. Continue practicing soldering.
12. Art & craft with Lily once a month.
13. Add Christmas things to Flickr (or put everything on Pinterest?)
14. Bead something from a magazine.
15. Take a class.
16. Blog twice a month at least.
17. Blog updates – new background, page for publications, signature, fancy photos, about me, update sidebar (quotes)
18. Continue working on digital projects

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