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happy birthday!

So another year has gone by; and here I am another year older. When I turned 40 last year, I had high hopes. They didn’t quite pan out. But 41 could be the best year ever!

Yesterday I watched the “Birthday” episode of AbFab. I think I will watch that every year for my birthday. I totally love when Edina’s mom says “and when will you be 50 dear?” She knows just how to get to the heart of the matter. And really, is 40 such a big deal? Or 41. 50, on the other hand….

I made the above little birthday collage; everything is from the Fairy Tea Party collection by Ellie Lash, from scrapbookgraphics.com.


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four decades

Two things have been in my head as my fortieth birthday has been approaching….

“…years go by will I still be waiting for somebody else to understand
years go by if I’m stripped of my beauty and the orange clouds raining in my head
years go by will I choke on my tears til finally there is nothing left
one more casualty you know we’re too easy
easy easy
….but what if I’m a mermaid
in these jeans of yours with her name still on it here
but I don’t care ’cause sometimes
I said sometimes
I hear my voice
and it’s been here
silent all these years.
I’ve been here –
silent all these years.”

Tori Amos, Silent All These Years


A scene from the Birthday episode of Absolutely Fabulous, wherein our heroine Eddie turns 40, rather ungraciously. I have to paraphrase a bit as I can’t remember all the words and I’m too lazy to go get the dvd and find out what they are.
Beau: “She’s (Eddie) not taking turning 40 very well, is she? I wish I could tell her it’s really no big deal. When I turned 40 I felt happy and secure. No matter what your age you’re still vibrant and beautiful….”
Eddie’s mom (she’s a little evil): “And when you will be 50 dear?”
At which point Beau has an anxiety attack.
Beau’s husband: “She hasn’t started 50 therapy yet!”

Love that scene!

Today I am 40 years old.

Last night was my party, at one of our favorie restaurants, Fountainside, with my family. It was a wonderful time, the food was delicious, and the company was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted for my birthday – a lovely evening with my family, to celebrate my special birthday.

And today has been a mixed day (in other words, a normal day). I have spent a ridiculous amount of time making a German chocolate cake, from an issue of Food Network Magazine. I knew it was a bit complicated, but…..hours have been spent on this cake!

My Mom gave me a gift certificate for Joggles for my birthday, so of course I had to immediately spend it. I ordered a bunch of stuff from my wishlist – some paints, glitter glues (naturally!), rubber stamps, a book, and some other miscellaneous yet delightful items.

My husband bought me a new laptop – the lid is matte purple! It’s so pretty. I received a beautiful Swarovski dragonfly pin from my in-laws, along with other lovely gifts from my Dad and my sister and brother-in-law.

I wanted to buy something special for myself for my birthday too – so I decided to buy some jewelry. I wanted something unique and handcrafted, so I went to Etsy. I’ve ordered two necklaces so far, and there’s a ring I would like to buy also. All from different artists. And all very different styles.

One necklace is called Paris Perfection, and represents the dreams I have for the rest of my life. The other necklace is called Tarnished Past, and represents a new beginning. The ring does not have a name, but it’s a stunning garden ring, complete with dragonfly, bee, flowers, Swarovski crystals, and a pink opal glass stone. It would represent transformation. To me, anyway!


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new ideas
I actually got an idea for another digitally-altered book the other day. This is the first digital art idea that has come naturally, as opposed to my being forced to come up with an idea for an Artella contest. I’m taking this as a sign that this digital art stuff is taking root.

Anyway, the idea is to use (again) my beloved vintage photos of women and pair them with lines from Tori songs – similar to my Sweetie Darling book I did recently. Tori has so many great lines I could easily do 10 books, but we’ll keep it to one for now.

And since I attended the second part of Artella’s Polished and Professional Pixel Papers class, I will attempt to create my own background “papers” (but I’ll still use a book for the foundation).

The class was a few weeks ago – it was so interesting and instructive. It’s so incredibly helpful to be able to watch someone do stuff in Photoshop. Now I know about drop shadows and using layer styles, and just those two things can add so much to one’s digital art.

So that’s my idea. Now to find the time to do it…..

the beautiful life
Lookie what I have….the new issue of Somerset Life.

somerset life

It’s beautiful, as always, and, as always, I want to jump into the pages and live there. I’m sure I’d be quite happy! I’m reminded of an episode of AbFab, where Eddie mentions that she is opening a shop. Patsy asks what she’s going to sell, and Eddie replies, “oh, just gorgeous little things!” (hopefully my memory is serving me well here.) That’s what Somerset Life is – a collection of just gorgeous little things, to inspire “authentic and creative living”. Who doesn’t want that? Sounds like the perfect life to me.


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So last night (Saturday) I had the pleasure of an empty house. My in-laws took my daughter for the night, my husband was out with his brother, and my son was at his dad’s. It was just me, and me alone. Oh joy! Oh rapture!

I am a most solitary creature at heart.

I worked on a couple Christmas presents, and have them almost finished. During which I watched an episode of The Universe, an episode of Ruby, a bootleg Tori concert, two Doctor Who episodes, and Absolutely Fabulous – White Box (but only part of it). I even steamed an artichoke – just like old times.

The Universe is a show on the History Channel, and I absolutely love it. As I have mentioned before, I am fascinated by the universe, the stars, the solar system, galaxies, anything that has to do with outer space. To examine these things – oh, I wish ever so that I had become an astronomer or a cosmologist. I think that is my dream job. To examine the workings of the universe – it’s like touching the divine. And learning the inner workings of life.

Ruby is one of my new favorite shows. It chronicles the weight loss efforts of an-over-500-pound woman, Ruby. She is so sweet and beautiful, and she has such a lovely personality – I root for her, and want her to lose the weight. I hope she does.

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